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Posted by Alex Pendragon

Well, it looks like TTEM 1.3 is off to a rip-roaring start, insomuch as it seems that all the bells and whistles are working properly. I know that many of you have NOT had any problems with my comments or links, but a few did, namely my Canadian readers, and since I love my Canadian readers SO much I would give my only begotten son (if I had one) to ensure that their blogger sins were washed away, I decided it was best to start from scratch and restart the blog so that they could enjoy the overwhelmingly cool experience of commenting on TTEM just like all the others.

Also, there was a new setting that I activated that I thought might be wise to use with this blog, that being one that pointed out that this blog sometimes has "adult" content (that content usually being my filthy mouth, or a risque' picture or two) and that one should venture further at the risk of their pristine sensibilities. However, what my readers ended up getting was a notice that their had been complaints about my content and that they should be aware of it, which isn't actually the case. As far as I know, no one has ever submitted a complaint to Blogger, the FCC, the Southern Baptist Convention, OR the United Nations Council on really bad bloggers. So, in the spirit of truth, honesty, and not really diving a damn if anybody is offended by my fucking language, I UNchecked the box, and now you can access TTEM without being bothered by the warning box. I apologize for any irritation you might have experienced by my little experiment.

So, onto the news..........

The circle we were prepared to conduct under the light of a full moon was instead rained out, so we have rescheduled the circle to be conducted INDOORS, yet still while there is a mostly full moon hanging in the night sky over us, albeit behind a curtain of shitty weather. Please do not worry that any positive mental energy you may have expended might have been for naught; we will simply reach out and harvest it and use it tonight. We are allowed to do that because we are Wiccans. Grin.

Also, we here at the Hold have been shocked to hear that Keith Ledger, the Australian actor has suffered an apparently accidental death. We are truly saddened by this tragedy, as we really enjoyed his performance in "A Nights' Tale", one of our all-time favorite movies, as well as "Broke-back Mountain" and other films. We wish him well on his journey to Summerland, where he can recharge, rest up, and try again.

We would also like to announce that yesterday, we received our discharge of Bankruptcy, allowing us a clean, fresh, and hopefully much wiser start with our finances. But, you know, it has set off a phenomenon which REALLY pisses me off, and only goes to demonstrate just how friggin out of control our financial system is in this country.

We received an offer from Capital ONE, one of the credit cards WE HAD JUST DISCHARGED, saying to this effect, "We are sorry we lost you as a customer, and would like to offer you a new offer of credit.....yadda.....yadda......?!?!?!?"


We already proved to the world without a reasonable doubt that high-interest credit cards were the cause of our financial melt-down, and here YOU go wanting to lure us RIGHT BACK INTO another bend-us-over-and-slip-us-a-big-one, promise of a no-interest, high limit credit line which will morph into a billion percent, fees up the ying-yang nightmare we could never hope to overcome the second we are late with one payment by 30 seconds!?


Thank you for demonstrating just what you think of our ability to learn our lesson when it comes to your predatory lending practices.


Breath, Michael, breathe............


The media and the government is hammering into us that we are going into a terrible recession, and that they need to give us poor people free money (free money my ass; it's going to go on our income tax return just like it did last time) so that we can rush out and spend it on shit we don't need so that we can prop up our overspending economy for another year.


What we need is a major overhaul of how this economy operates. Enough of this using our homes as a cash cow to fund spending we can't hope to support. Enough of this using easy yet outrageously expensive credit to buy things our incomes do not support. Enough of this constant need to increase our output and profits when what we really need is a SUSTAINABLE and reasonable economy that doesn't require constant increases in spending on things that shouldn't be manufactured to begin with. And, enough of this despicable shoveling of piles of money into the pockets of greedy CEO's who function more as a drain on our economy rather than as assets to anything other than their own back accounts.

This is the Michael, this is my rant, and I'm sticking to it!

Blessed be!

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I'm afraid we will have to hit bottom before an overhaul can be initiated. And the bottom is where we're headed.

January 23, 2008 at 1:11 PM

"Greedy CEO"? Hasn't the meaning of that phrase become redundant like "female girl"?

January 23, 2008 at 1:50 PM

Yes, and now you are identified in my feedblitz emails as "Blogger: Content Warning."

January 26, 2008 at 11:19 AM

yep, I definitely DO have content issues, don't I? hehe

January 26, 2008 at 11:27 AM

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