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OK, I know that all of you, my loyal fans, have been waiting with that right?.......whatever....breath......for an exciting new episode of TTEM, but I am afraid that instead you are going to have to settle for one of those mundane know, the kind in which I tell you what's been going on since the last post, and you go......."I come here for THIS?"

Seriously, folks, it has been a rather interesting couple of weeks. Last night, I got to meet my youngest cousin for the first time when her and her significant other accepted our invitation for dinner. As I mentioned on my last post, my Aunt June had tracked me down after many years of disconnect, and Angela was THE relative that just happened to be living in the same city/town/locality as me.

It turns out that Angela and Rick, or "Silver", as she likes to call him, also happen to be following the Wiccan path, and so we had some very good things in common right off the bat. Also, Rick happens to be in the Navy, which is the service smart people go for, since we get to stand out to sea and pummel the enemy without getting our fingernails dirty. They are quite the pair and it was a pleasure meeting them.

Yesterday the evil twin's car decided it wanted to go on vacation and conked out on her while she was making a grocery store run. So, we had it towed across the street and parked it at a garage, hoping they can fix what ails the car without charging the poor girl and arm and a leg. She IS getting money back from Uncle Sam, so hopefully it will find it's way into the bank so she can pay for the repair.

We've already had to blow our entire tax return on our property taxes, which together with the new garbage collection fee they imposed on us is actually higher than before our esteemed Governor "cut" our taxes. What a joke; I'm sure this is working out just fine for those folks who own those half-million dollar homes. The same thing will happen with the homestead exemption they doubled. They actually make you SKIP the next 25000 before allowing you the second exemption, which again only helps those with far more expensive homes while not helping us poor folks at all.

Meanwhile, back in the goat pen, my neighbor's pit bull, a friendly little chap with jaws that could snap a telephone pole in two with no effort whatsoever, has been digging under my wire fence and prancing around with the goats. He hasn't made any real attempt to ATTACK the goats per se', but then again, he might have been held at bay by Billy and those wicked horns of his. Whatever, I am out there installing new posts and running some electric wire along the bottom. That should do the trick. I would really hate to have to shoot my neighbor's dog.

Don't ever let anybody tell you that Wiccan ceremonies are immune to hilarity. During our Imbolc service meditation, Lolla, the confused cat, decided to join us on top of the table while we sat, eyes close, hands held in contemplation, while he/she backed into THE Wife's face and rubbed her nose with it's butt! So much for THAT meditation, after we all got over the side-splitting laughter! Hopefully we didn't offend any deities.......

I will be adding a few more links to the list over there >>>>>>>, new reads I am thoroughly enjoying, and hope you enjoy to, if you aren't already.

Well, like I promised you, this post is so exciting you are even now propping up your eyelids with toothpicks to get through the whole thing, but, it was worth it, every word of it, wasn't it? Smile......

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The cat thing - that was funny.

Have you talked to your neighbor about the dog? Hate shooting dogs when it is usually the fault of a person.

February 10, 2008 at 4:16 PM

It certainly was worth it!

February 11, 2008 at 7:30 PM

What are the chances that the long-lost relatives would be on the same spiritual path as you?

The electric fence sounds like a good idea - I ust don't trust a put bull, even seemingly friendly ones.

February 12, 2008 at 11:53 AM

This post is too funny! Great you connected with your relatives and they are fellow followers. Funny about the cat! And I DO come here for the updates. Thanks.

February 14, 2008 at 4:09 PM

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