Spring Clean for the May Queen  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Spring has damn near sprung here at Pendragon Hold, far earlier than it ought to. Now, that doesn't mean that we have passed the cool weather and occasional mild freeze, but the plants around here have pretty much assumed it's alot later in the year than it really is, as evidenced by this azalea, which normally wouldn't bloom like this till around THE Wife's birthday in March.

It was a beautiful day so THE Wife and I got out into the shade garden, our sacred space, and tidied it up a bit, raking up leaves and picking up fallen branches. This is OUR temple, the place where we talk to the God and the Goddess and ask for a favor or two when we feel the need. Not once have the turned us down. It was here that we enjoyed the sight of the lunar eclipse, a very powerful night for magik, thanks to the "blood moon" we cast our circle under.

Poor Shiloh. We had assumed that he'd been chewing on his own backside due to his painful hip, but I decided to take a closer look, and sure enough it seemed as though he might have been having problems with fleas. I had to shave the poor dog down to his skivvies, and sure enough, his entire back is covered in scabs and sores, and he did have a bad infestation of fleas, which I thought his thick coat was keeping at bay. Poor thing, he now looks like an overgrown Chihuahua on steroids, and he seems so ashamed to be walking around practically "naked". I had to do it, though, because I have to treat his sores with sulfadene in hopes of giving him some relief from the intense itching he has been suffering from. Forgive me, Shiloh, I THINK I know what I'm doing.........

OH, and while we were at it, princess Cricket also go herself a spa treatment in the form of a relaxing combing for fleas while reclined on her back getting her chin rubbed. This feline is shameless, I tell you, SHAMELESS!

I want to thank everybody for their feedback on the poem I wrote. I don't think I should be applying to be the next poet laureate, but nobody said it sucked, so I guess I don't have to give it up entirely. I promise all of you, however, that short of winning the lottery, I WILL keep my day job.

Might I dare say I love thee?
friends far flung and barely known to me
I dare embrace thee for thine being
in your lives that I am seeing
for seeing you so much like me
allows my mind to wonder free
unconstrained by all this life
that keeps me glued to home and wife
I wish for thee the best of all
all the things for which we call
and when thou layest down to sleep
my friendship is all of yours to keep

Blessed be!

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Poor doggie dog. I used to sprinkle a little 7 Dust on my dogs when the fleas nibbled at them.

Considering that everything in this yard is covered with frozen snows....the flowers make me yearn for spring.

Liked the poem.

February 24, 2008 at 11:12 PM

I love azaleas - they are so cheerful. But, yeah, it does seem a little early. (Word verificiation kydyrs - kid years, my current stage of life.)

February 25, 2008 at 6:28 PM


Sorry for being so late and such a twat...did I miss this memo?

I love looking at SPRINGTIME photos and spoiled, happy, furry friends.

Your poem was wonderful...because I know that you sincerely mean what you say.

February 27, 2008 at 12:23 PM

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