The Circle of Life, Here and There  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Once again, the circle of life comes full swing here at Pendragon Hold. One of the two flying squirrels that we adopted, the male Rocky, suddenly and inexplicably passed away yesterday. He was found huddled at the bottom of their cage and was removed to a warmed box with soft towels, but having no idea what ailed him, we could only wait it out, and he expired quietly. Only the Gods know why they choose to call him to summerland, but as always, they have the last word on that subject. This afternoon he will receive the same send-off all our late animal friends have granted. Merry Part, Rocky!

Rocky's erstwhile mate, Natasha, never really seemed to get along with Rocky as well as we would have hoped, and I doubt that they ever had or ever would have mated, so she is left alone now. We can only hope we did not misunderstand their relationship and she does not pass on shortly behind him with a broken heart. Yes, I have entertained the idea of releasing her to "the wild", but I don't think she's had any experience in that regard and would probably fall prey rapidly to anything predatory that exists in the vicinity, if not dying of starvation for never having been taught by wild parents to forage properly. So, she remains with us, where at least she is safe and VERY well fed.

Having won some sort of bonus having to do with her job and her union, the Not-So-Evil-yet-Very-Wicked-Twin has treated herself to a new tattoo, which turned out pretty good in my opinion. She is even going to treat THE Wife to one of her own, and the Head Witch is busy researching the perfect art to adorn her backside with. With something so permanent, it's not an easy choice to make.

If I wasn't so damn allergic to pain myself, I would probably break down and finally get one, but perhaps when I retire and no longer have to face the specter of drug tests, I might self-medicate myself and get one then.

OK, I have been proven wrong, and the Mars Phoenix lander is safely down on the surface of the Red Planet after making a several million mile hole in one. So, tell me, why couldn't the good folks at JPL have sent one of those "ever-ready bunny" rovers to rove on over to the landing site and actually give us live coverage of that lander coming down? Now THAT would have been video to end all video!

Wouldn't it be ironic, though, if in a century or so, the only evidence of intelligent life in this solar system ends up being two hardy little Mars rovers searching diligently for life?

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I have several tattoos. Not one of them hurt. I'm sure there are parts of the body that are more sensitive than others ... knew a guy that had two rearing stallions tattooed on his back, plus a frog and a fly on his equipment, in one long session. I suspect a couple of those hurt.

May 26, 2008 at 2:02 PM

Ouch! I don't believe for a minute that wouldn't hurt. Even getting a tb tine test hurts.

May 26, 2008 at 9:46 PM

Rest in peace dear Rocky the Flying Squirrel!

That tattoo is beautiful! Wow!

May 28, 2008 at 1:11 PM

You're a nice man.
Run Rocky Run.

I am still trying to figure out what and where to get some ink...I suppose I could just wait until I am in the Big House.

The whole Mars landing is being taped in a sound stage in Nevada..just like all of the others. Have you forgotten the American flag waving on the Moon...where there is no 'air'?

May 29, 2008 at 1:26 AM

Well we will start it off with a farewll to Rocky. :( Ive had a many a squirrels and they were always mean. My luck. One bit of advice no matter how long you've owned one they always have that survival instinct built in.
The tat on the lower back. Had to hurt I know because I stopped just where the top of hers is and it hurt like a mother. Women have a higher pain tolerance though.
Wasting our time in space when we have plenty to occupy us here. I can write my own blog on that. Some topics I would to have approved by my command though. You lose the freedom of speech when you serve for those that have it.

June 1, 2008 at 3:14 PM

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