History, Past and Present  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

History did not stop for me when President Kennedy was shot, when Bobby and Martin Luther were gunned down. It did not freeze when Nixon resigned in disgrace, nor when the Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans. History kept on as Reagan kept poking the Russian Bear, and time marched on as the wall came down between two very different Germany's.

And this week, I am very much aware of History as Barack Obama, a mixed race Senator from Illinois clinched the nomination of the Democratic Party, no less amazing for having wrestled the nod from the first really serious female contender. All that remains to be done is for Obama to ask Hillary to take the V.P. spot, providing of course that she and her husband Bill can behave and not spout something stupid, as they have both been known to do.

This election will prove once and for all wether or not the American electorate can learn from their mistakes. To elect McCain would prove once and for all that the glory days of this nation have come to an end.

On the home front, THE Wife received another round of Botox injections in her shoulder to control her headaches and back pains. I got a good workout with the physical therapist, already sore from what he did to me yesterday, and thankfully I have a one day break before my next round of torture. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I can get back to full duty this weekend.

I've been watching the award-winning series "Planet Earth" which spans something like 5 discs, that I've been renting from Netflix. It's an incredibly beautiful and fascinating documentary about life on this planet, and once again I am reminded that despite my half-century of living on this world, I STILL haven't experienced even half of the wonders it harbors. I can't imagine ANYone, conservative, liberal or whatever, watching this series and not coming away with an understanding of what we stand to lose if we keep on doing what we humans do so well; clear-cut, strip-mine, and destroy everything we touch. But then again, there are people who club baby seals to death for a living. I suppose it takes a soul to have a conscious, and perhaps there are only so many souls to go around. The worst of the worst DO seem to be lacking something in their eyes when you look close enough.

Well, I gotta get out there and tie out the goats and spray some organically nasty stuff on the garden. May your day be a good one, my friends. Blessed be!

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If I were the praying type I would be praying that it isn't an Obama/Clinton ticket.

June 5, 2008 at 11:16 AM

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