Cat Colds and Kiddy Cholesterol  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Yesterday I became a tad more fifty-ish and feeling the years but today I was very heartened to hear of the 41 year old woman who not only won her swimming event but set a new WORLD record doing it. In this day and age of 16 year olds being considered over the hill in competitive sports, it is amazing that someone is able to prove that going down hill means you can go faster.

Now they want eight year olds to take cholesterol lowing medicines. This is just more proof that the gene pool is getting pretty damn shallow. More and more people are coming up with more and more health problems that have alot to do with poor genetics and VERY bad diets, as well as piss-poor exercise. Maybe if we withdrew our fat little kids from BK and PS3 and shipped them off to Grandma's farm for some healthy living we might could improve their health immensely. They need to get dirty to jump start their immune systems. They need to outrun some bulls to lose that baby fat that stays with them these days. And they need to eat some fruits and veggies instead of this junk food chock full of nitrates, preservatives, and who knows what else. Besides, there's plenty to keep them occupied instead of standing on the street corner shooting at people.

So far, it's a no-brainer as to who I am voting for. I am not voting for Ralph Nader, not because I don't think he might be our last chance to give the government back to the people, but because the people insist on flash instead of real substance, thus I have to choose the best of the only real choices given us. McCain, well, anybody voting for him just can't seem to get enough anal sex. If you really can't GET IT by now, folks, maybe a country like Zimbabwe would be more to your liking. They can REALLY put it to you over there. As for Obama, I think it's great that we are even having this "first black president" conversation, finally, after all these years, but we really need more than precedent setting right now. We really DO need change, and I'm not talking about that old change from one politician to another. We need someone who truly understands the real threats to this nation, it's constitution, and the world in total. The way Obama keeps hemming and hawing about his platforms lately really makes me nervous, but short of his complete metamorphosis into Jesse Helms, he still has my vote.

Oh, and Jesse? Aren't you glad there really isn't any hell, you lucky and oh-so-dead SOB? Enjoy Summerland while you can; I suspect you will be coming back as a woman in a Taliban village. Karma, the gift that keeps on giving...hehehe

The high price of gasoline just might bring about a social change that is long overdue; a reduction of the workweek, giving people more time to spend with their families and getting more involved in home and community projects. Yes, in some cases this could slightly reduce take home pay, but with the proper adjustments and reduction of energy costs, this may be just what the Doctor ordered for Americans and their hectic consumer lifestyles. Perhaps corporations could take a cue and reduce the output of their factories to supply demand rather than making tons of stuff and trying to sell it to us after the fact. Maybe the auto makers could just put demonstration models of what they have to offer on the lots instead of taking up acres with unsold gas hogs they have to practically give away to move. I for one would prefer to order exactly what I want and get it in a week rather than having to barter and bullshit a car salesman to end up with a lemon I didn't really need.

Our cat Cricket has been down in the dumps lately; we think she has kitty flu, due to the nasty green snot she slings when she sneezes. She is really out of sorts and we really feel for her, but there's not much we can do for her. Hopefully she'll get over this like we humans do in good time and get back to her lazy bum but happy self.

Well, that's about all I can think to litter the literary landscape with right now, so I will let you get back to your reruns, other blogs, or whatever it is that occupies you. My next post will be the Dead Wood version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", so stay tuned.


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YEAAA for old people :) j/k. Obama, because hes black, I feel I owe them that now too, after all weve had to pay them back for all the other shit us evil white folk have done to them, who's Jesse,, and she will be ok.

July 8, 2008 at 12:39 PM

That's not your cat "Cricket." That's my cat "Beta." And I'll work a week of any length, just as soon as I get a real job.

July 8, 2008 at 4:34 PM

When you wade across the gene pool you'll likely not wet your toes.

July 10, 2008 at 1:07 AM

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