A Fabulous Fun Fourth and Birthday to Boot  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

It is the day after the 4th of July, our Independence Day, and I am well pleased with myself, for on this grand holiday (which I spent working), I was granted a fine gift, a membership in a band of brothers who share my disdain for fair weather patriotism and who endeavor much as I have done to shine the spotlight of truth upon a terrible fiction that has been perpetrated upon the American people, that being that we are surrounded by enemies that we must rush out to kill, all for Mom, apple pie, and Haliburton. I have been invited to write for a political blog known as "The American Patriot Institute", a somewhat tongue-in-cheek yet dead serious endeavor to share the opinions of a group of veterans of the armed forces who truly have earned the dispensation of their viewpoints. My good friend The Buffalo, a veteran himself, introduced me to this fine crowd of ex-warriors, and to that end I am most grateful. If you wish, you may go over there > to the sidebar, click on the API logo, and visit this blog, which now hosts my introduction as well as my first say in the matter. Even without my loud mouth, I venture it is a fine publication, one I think you would enjoy.

THE Wife and Kid also surprised me with an early birthday card and a practical gift, a compact contraption with a wind-up crank which can light the way, tell the time and temperature, point you in the right direction, and tune you into AM, FM, and the Weather bands on it's radio, should a nuclear strike or hurricane take out the power in the house. I think a hurricane would be sufficient practice, providing it leaves us a house to practice in.

With this holiday weekend we will be spending some precious gasoline to haul down to St Augustine, where THE Wife hopes to find a pair of elusive gargoyles of the proper temperament and size to perch on our arbor/entrance to the sacred circle. You'd be surprised how hard it can be to find one of these creatures of just the right proportions AND price. It will be a close and affordable getaway that we don't get to enjoy that often these days.

Thanks to the technological marvel of the webcam, I was able to have a video chat with Eddy, or young warrior friend now in Iraq. He looks good considering. I want everybody to know that Eddy is over there putting most of his energies into SAVING lives rather than taking them, as he serves as a medic with a field hospital in Tikrit. He has had to assist in the treatment of friend and foe alike, and with the Gods' good graces might not ever have to take a life himself, although their are plenty enough souls running around over there in need of sending along to the great beyond. Please keep him in your thoughts and DON'T LET OBAMA BACK DOWN FROM HIS PROMISES!

And Congress, I swear to all the Gods of ALL pantheons, that if you allow this maniac redneck piss-ant who calls himself president to instigate even MORE shit in the Middle East, I will make it my sworn duty for all my remaining days to see to it that each and every one of you become normal citizens, hopefully with a taste of the American Penal system under your belt for your malfeasance. We didn't elect you to outright ignore how we want our government to function. We want an end to this madness, and we want it NOW!

So, till such time as DUBYA attempts to start WWIII, I shall enjoy my week off and enjoy all those freedoms that my fellow veterans and I swore to protect, and give a hearty salute to those young men who carry on in our stead. THANKS EDDY!

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Happy Birthday, Brother.


July 5, 2008 at 11:23 AM

You gotta seize the moments. That's what makes life sweet.

July 6, 2008 at 12:04 PM


Happy Birthday too. :)

July 6, 2008 at 4:17 PM

Happy Birthday to you!

July 7, 2008 at 3:54 PM

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