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I am rarely in a good mood after watching the evening news, and today is no exception. Before I get to the why and wherefores, perhaps you wonder why I expose myself to daily doses of media if it gets my blood pressure in the upper ranges. Well, quite simply, it's the concept of "forewarned is forearmed". I want to know that killer asteroid is on it's way so I can be hugging my loved ones when it hits. I want to know that the price of something is going to skyrocket so that I can consider alternatives or cutting back. I want to know that the fascist wing of the Republican Party is starting to behave alot like Serbians so I can have my cure for that ready. So what if it all pisses me off? I'd rather be pissed off than pissed ON.

So today a fine gentleman strolled into a Unitarian Universalist Church (full of children, no less) and began to educate the congregation on the operation of a 12 gauge shotgun. A whole bunch of people got hurt badly, one died. The police suspect this might have been a "hate crime". You THINK? I would hate to think someone with Jesus in his heart and love for his fellow man thought killing people in cold blood was a right good thing to do. This church just so happens to welcome your average marginalized amongst us, such as gays. Damn, they must have heard Jesus saying something about loving everybody! How DARE they!? Why, a good BAPTIST congregation would NEVER think of allowing those SINNERS to worship in "the house of the Lord". God would be sooooo pissed, now wouldn't he? So, I imagine, since he couldn't get a crack at a homosexual in a "regular" church, this person, who I have no doubt heard voices in his head telling him to do so, had to go looking for them in a place where (GASP!) they would be welcome to praise God. Can't have people like THAT praising God, now could he........

You might notice that GOD never seems to get around to SMITING people like this. He SMIT those terrible sinners in New Orleans, but a cold blooded murderer? Naw, I suppose GOD allows such nut cases to do their thing according to his "mysterious ways" policy. He didn't interfere with Hitler, Stalin, or that Killer clown, either. Mysterious indeed........

Also, thanks to our new found lust for cooking oils that don't kill us, the indonesian government is allowing the wholesale slaughter of Orangoutangs, pushing them ever closer to the final extinction. There natural habitat is being slashed and burnt and cleared out for cropland for palm, and of course when the happy-go-lucky apes stroll out of their ever-constricting forest to sample a few plants, the farmers freak and chop them up with their machetes. I am starting to associate the machete with the very concept of evil, since it seems that every genocide, ethnic cleansing, wildlife slaughter seems to star this cheap and easy cutting tool. I wonder if all of these people had clauses in THEIR constitutions protecting their right to bear machetes? I would dearly love to pry a few thousand of those long knives out of some cold, dead fingers. I may be Wiccan, but I am not a roll over and die kind of Wiccan, not THIS one. Justice has to figure into the cosmic scheme of things SOMEwhere. Sitting back and being assured that yea, they will get THEIRS, is cold comfort to an extinct race of anything, so please, don't try and comfort me with Karma. It won't comfort the few remaining great apes.

We should have an annual "Kiss a Species Goodbye" day, chronicling the passing of whatever unfortunate animal we drove to extinction that year. We should make a real big deal about it, praising all the actors who made such a distinction possible. Give them plagues and awards and pictures of their smiling faces on a huge billboard and televise it all over the world like they do Earth day. Well, c'mon, if we are gonna act so damn human, might as well celebrate it, right?

Back here at Pendragon Hold, it has been raining every frickin day for the last month at least, and now I am beginning to suspect where all of California's water has gone. It's here. You guys are welcome to come take it back home. We have plenty now.

The PURPLE room is now finished, except for the trim, which THE Wife is doing guessed it.....BLACK. Hey, she's a Witch, what do you expect?

I just made Frozen Pina Colada's in the blender and we'll be watching a movie as soon as America's Funniest Home Videos is over. Knowing my luck, Pina Coladas are indirectly responsible for the demise of some obscure snail somewhere. Sigh, oh well.........Salute!

You have just experienced another episode of "These Thoughts Escape Me". Be assured our security personnel are on the job, rounding those stray thoughts up and putting them back where they belong. Thank you for visiting.

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Two died, one after she'd been taken to the hospital. I attend this UU church now and again (was a member when I lived closer), and it shakes me to my core tha someone walked in and opened fire while the kids were singing.

July 28, 2008 at 6:18 AM

Michael, Michael, Michael. Man, you gotta quit reading, listening to, and watching the news. No good can come from it.

July 28, 2008 at 11:56 AM

I hear you about the news media... I put off listening to it as long as I can. But like you... I would rather get pissed off.

July 28, 2008 at 12:53 PM

i rarely watch the news anymore~~i keep up with interesting news on the internet and then if something i want to know more about i can read more~~news does nothing except raise blood pressure and cause me unneeded anxiety~~

i wish we had some of the rain here in arkansas~~there are cracks in my yard big enough to swallow my cat~~and i am having to water my house(new house is settling a little too much due to the lack of rain) but at least without rain the humidity is only 90%~~it's hitting over a hundred today~~you
can't even take a breath without feeling like you are breathing fire
either too much rain or not enough~~never just right~~

July 28, 2008 at 1:53 PM

Now I'm just sad.

July 31, 2008 at 3:29 PM

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