Returns Upon an Odd Investment  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Cricket is feeling much better, back on her feed as fine as a feline can be. I know this for she seeks out the company of those who imagine to be more evolved than herself, namely, me. This is a phenomenon I do not understand, for I am a man sworn to loyalty to my dog and his like, not to any worthless cougar wannabe, which have never proven to equal the food we so eagerly supply them, with not one dead mouse in return (not that we are afflicted with rodents to begin with). As has been expressed in times past, I truly feel I am one of few who realizes that man has been conquered by a supposed lesser being, all without his clueless knowledge.

She cuddles upon my lap, and as if by instinct I stroke her back, then scratch with some vigor a special spot near her spine which comically puts this creature into some state of nirvana, which I suspect is just shy of sexual, thankful that I do not want or know how to proceed further in which I might very well suffer the consequences I sometimes have witnessed audibly in the night, those times when I was awoken to such caterwauling, such angry ecstasy that I wonder why one party to this knock-down-drag-out sort of raw sex doesn't always result in at least one fatality. I chuckle at her expression, which I so wish I could share, and then return to whatever other form of entertainment competes for my attention, usually the television, and she returns to being content in my lap.

Tis a strange union, this thing between man and beast, and I wonder sometimes how it came to pass that I am not identified as the beast, for I am the one most likely to cause some drastic harm to another for no reason having to do with the natural order of things, the rule of how all is conducted according to the circle of life. They would call my Cricket an animal, but tell me, what animal conducts the atrocities of the like which now plague those remaining in the region we call Darfor? What animal could orchestrate something so evil as to earn the name Holocaust? What ANIMAL would seek, being capable of self and pain and misery and love and caring and knowing of Shakespeare, the death of others in some way only "different" than them? What animal, in the norm at least, will hunt down it's own when it's own survival dictates that it's own be protected against a harsh world if it hopes to remain in it? Yes, I would consider removing those amongst myself I consider a threat to it's entirety, but who amongst us fits that bill as an entire people? I challenge you to find any such company, and whatever claim you would make to that end, I would stand against it. No, I would gladly be a traitor to my entire species for what it has done against all else that shares this quiet world with us, but I will not single out ONE color, or rational creed, or race, for some special attention for my evil, so proven so effective in it's abilities to know utter darkness.

So I will stroke this cat, and lend it some small and temporary measure of pleasure, knowing that, to my understanding, it knows no gratuity for my charity,yet I know that in some way, the Goddess knows what I have done, and in Summerland, all measures of kindness are returned three fold.

And I will take three fold return of what rests in my heart over any Christian charity.

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There's some good writing going on here, Michael

July 12, 2008 at 11:29 AM

I've been wrestling with this myself lately, the violence of the "natural" world as opposed to the violence created by man against men. Our world is a violent one indeed, when one species survival depends on killing and eating those of another species. I guess the key word here is survival. Real, immediate survival, not some manufactured bullshit that pits nation against nation, religion against religion, man against his Brothers and Sisters.

A violent world it is, but we who have taken control of it have the ability to help, not hurt, cure not kill, bring peace, not war, death and destruction. It is up to us to bring the world back to "order", or we will lose it as it comes to "order" on it's own accord.


July 13, 2008 at 8:30 AM

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