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I want to thank all my readers for the protective bubble of good will that you sent us here at Pendragon Hold. I was able to make it home in the middle of the worst of it, thanks to my dirt road not flooding to the extent that I couldn't make it past the new formed lakes all along it's length, and the wind gusts not being strong enough to shove my little Focus off the blacktop. Quite frankly, and no disrespect to Frank, we've seen worst wind gusts and rains from the summer thunderstorms we've had here at the Hold, including a couple of hailstorms you might remember me mentioning awhile back. However, there WAS a moment of mild terror as the large tornado appeared near Green Cove and headed North, skirting the St. Johns River. Later it was reported that no homes were heavily damaged or destroyed, but this thing WAS big enough to have done some real damage before it dissipated.

What's really amazing is that we didn't even lose our power! Oh sure, there were about four or five surges, but only just enough to shut down the air conditioners and computers, no harm done. Many thousands of others were not so fortunate, as they are sitting there with some minor flooding and no power. Maybe they should have have chanting blogging buddies like we did. Thanks, guys!

So what do I get to do this weekend? Pick up a whole bunch of branches and return all the yard stuff to their former places of honor.

Life could be worse.

A whole LOT worse............

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Wow. So glad you all are fine!

Nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award...

August 23, 2008 at 2:05 PM

Just heard on the news that Fay is finally giving up on you. Guess she is over whatever in FL pissed her off.

August 24, 2008 at 12:26 AM

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