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Posted by Alex Pendragon

When in the course of events, a blog rests in the nether without a post for days on end, one must wonder if the author of said blog has abandoned his audience, or has had something terrible befallen him. I assure you that neither circumstance is the truth of it. I just haven't found anything to grouse about or report upon in the time I've had available since the last installment. Thank you for your patience.

Having finished converting the spare bedroom/sewing room/whatever-it-has-to-be room into a very purple Magik space, THE Wife has been flushing out all the stuff we've had stored in there that needs to be evicted from the Hold, as well as generally clearing up and putting the rest of the house back in order. I have to admit, this woman has a certain talent when it comes to "folk art" and setting a theme. I hope the included photos here can give you some sort of gist as how well she does this. I know that those of keener breeding would find all this somewhat gouache, but it comforts us, and WE are the ones here needing the comfort.

While out perusing the stores and the Salvation Army store, THE Wife and Resident Offspring discovered a perfect gift for me, the one who has a particular affection for anything "Green Man". And, as usual, the Offspring has this uncanny ability to find clothing there that does NOT look like budget store cast-offs. I never could handle frequenting the Good Will or such places, especially flea markets, as I have a Lexis sensibility on a Hyundai budget, which can be crippling for someone finding themselves in the lower middle class. I even decided to start a modest savings account to save for the next iMac computer I'm going to have to replace this model with come time that this one either burns out on me or I can no longer use effectively due to obsolescence. My last computer was the original iMac, a "Bondi-Blue Model" that was state-or-the-art when I bought it, but after a long run that ran well into technical obsolescence, it finally gave up the ghost and I was gleefully "forced" to get this sweet baby, my iMac G-5 flat panel wonder that even now, as powerful and capable as she is, has already been superseded by the new intel models that trump it in power and capability. Next year.......but, I digress........I hate flea markets because for all the "bargains" they claim to promote, I have never seen a more concentrated collection of junk and crap that never should have been manufactured to begin with, considering the precious resources that have been wasted in the process. I dream of a day when our "consume everything" culture can be curbed and we can put this phenomenon to rest once and for all. And yes, my Green Man wind chime probably fits that bill as well.

I am still very disturbed by the incident on the bus in Canada, and as much as I hate using this as an example, it IS a perfect example of a situation that could have been cut short if someone on that bus had been legally armed with a concealed handgun. And why the Canadian police didn't put this animal down as he continued to desecrate the body of his victim is beyond me......I'm sure that in any jurisdiction down here, that would have been more than enough excuse to exercise deadly force, or at least a few million volts of taser.

My problem with my left eye continues. Nothing we've tried so far, including Restasis, has had any effect and I am losing a lot of sleep with my eye drying out and now a new symptom in the form of a lump or bump under my upper eyelid seems to be developing. I have had to take some of my wife's sleeping pills just to get past the sensation. So, I have decided to get serious and have made an appointment with an Ophthalmologist. No disrespect to the "Optometric Physician" I have seen so far, but I think I really need some heavy-weight help here before I either go nuts for lack of sleep or even lose my eyesight. Well wishes are more than welcome.

The goats have had their fill of yard growth (no, we have no real "lawn" here at Pendragon Hold, for lawns are really nothing more than artificial constructs requiring artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and lots of work) and are now back in their pen resting out the rest of the hot and humid day. Lola, the outside cat with identity problems, just plops herself down wherever it strikes her and sleeps thru the heat, while the other animals enjoy the cooler weather here inside. Our daily thunderstorm hasn't happened yet today but the day is not yet over. When I finish here I need to go out and harvest some of these late-season lima beans to serve with whatever I can dig out of the freezer tonight for dinner. Gods, help me, I think I'm a house-husband.........

That's the latest from Pendragon Hold, where the women are strong, the men enduring, and the offspring a bit better than average. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, almost forgot.......(* Nothing In Particular)

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Like the purple. Didn't think I would.

Uh, tune in tomorrow for my take on the bus incident.

August 5, 2008 at 1:34 AM

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August 5, 2008 at 9:24 AM

I agree that it was a horrifying event. But allowing more people to become killers is just not the answer - that's just asking for even more violence.

August 5, 2008 at 5:27 PM

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