Soggy Bottom Blues  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

This is a SECOND attempt to write a post after having lost the first one to a power surge. Please stand by........

O.K., guys, I knew I asked all of you out there in THE Michael's Big Fat Fan Club to chant "Fay, Fay, go away!" and you all came thru for me. I do thank you. That's the good news. The bad news is that my first real attempt (mine, not THE Wife's) at weather magik seems to have backfired. Instead of heading off harmlessly into the gulf to go harass some oil rigs or into the atlantic to go die a dignified death, Fay decided instead to meander up the East coast, stop right next to the Jacksonville area, then veer hard left right across the state, right over the top of Pendragon Hold!

Well, maybe not exactly on TOP of us, but with the eye of this thing just South of us now, we are getting the Northern bands, the "dirty, wet" area of this beast. It has been sitting right off the coast most of the day, as if deciding what to do with itself, and has now slowly edged across Duval and Northern Clay Counties, dumping copious amounts of rain, flooding many communities, and threatening to flood our dirt road that has no real drainage to speak of. I worked my shift at the hospital today, getting off maybe 20 minutes early, hoping I could make it past the lake that would surely be forming near the black top, the same lake that several years ago during another near miss, my old station wagon suffered the affront of a flooded transmission driving through that VERY deep mud puddle. Thank Poseidon, the water had so far only made it halfway across the road, leaving me to circumnavigate a muddy, rutted mess but nevertheless making it home safe and sound.

However........this thing is limping along slowly through the night, and we will be catching the worst of this meteorological abortion as the Northern most and Eastern portion of the storm passes through the area, dumping even more rain, possibly flooding our property and our poor, maligned dirt access to civilization. However, I want to thank our lucky stars for the true nature of this beast, for we have seen stronger wind gusts during the many thunderstorms which have pounded us this summer, and so far our electricity has not been shut off entirely (fingers crossed). If someone has to experience the wonders of tropical meteorology, this is about as benign as it gets.

With any luck, our power will remain on, and the end of the road will be so totally submerged that we will (gasp) be FORCED, (alas) to call out of work until such time that the water recedes and we can make it out onto the blacktop. Knowing MY luck.......what do YOU think? Oh well.............

So, there you have it, the truth of the matter from the front lines here at Pendragon Hold, where yours truly is enduring the indignities of a blow job from a Lady named Fay. May YOUR disasters be as equally open to the joys of sick and twisted metaphor, no harm being done.

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Enjoy work tomorrow.

August 22, 2008 at 12:37 AM

Buffalo, you crack me up!

Well, you know I feel for you. That B*tch is headed OUR way now and we're in the same boat with the road. Only ours is a canal that may or may not flood the road out. Dern, I'll have to stay home. Hate that!

We're working this afternoon putting things up that could stray around the yard, and pulling the boat still in the water, just as a precaution. It's better to do it now, while it's 90° and only N9 instead of tomorrow when we'd realize we should have pulled the boat and it's blowing NNE 20-25 or worse. In this case, I'd rather be overly cautious and have it out than worrying about it cuz we didn't.

Hope you dry out soon. We're in for rain and wind until sometime Monday. Maybe she'll fizzle out before she gets here? She's a slow B*tch isn't she, taking her sweet time?

August 22, 2008 at 3:43 PM

Said it once, will say it again. You can blame the folks at NOAA for naming a hurricane after a faerie. Hope all goes well, have been in my share of Appalachian hurricane remnants, never pretty.

August 22, 2008 at 5:19 PM

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