A Waterlogged Weekend  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

It's been my experience that nobody posts on the weekends, probably because they have better things to do....like weekend things. I used to do things on weekends, way back when work was a five day thing, possibly some overtime on Saturdays, rarely on Sundays. Now, I work every other weekend, and have an average of three days off during the front or rear part of the week, due to the 12 hour shifts I work, which gets those hours out of the way real quick. You guys, well, I assume that you are still in that nine-to-five trench, getting your forty hours from Monday till Friday and celebrating those two weekend days off by going out and doing something away from the house. If you are young, that might mean PARTAY from 9 PM till the early morning hours after which you somehow make it home alive and spend the rest of Sunday recovering from the overdose of spirits and all the pain and agony that might entail. If you are older, it might mean going somewhere during the daylight hours like a picnic or a hike or a visit to a museum or a few days a local nudist colony........hey, no judgement here! Whatever, we here at the Hold make do with attempting to coordinate our entirely differing schedules to do whatever that might allow, taking vacation time to actually go somewhere of any distance and expense.

So, weekends to me usually mean I don't get to enjoy many new posts from my favorite blogs, because most of you simply are not at home to post to them, leaving me here in the lurch. So, just to get revenge, I am going to post! THERE, that ought to serve all of you right!

Yesterday was spent sort of in a haze, having taken a muscle relaxer to try and deal with a slight back pain I was having, which I am sure I got from pulling large people up in bed at work. Today, I had to put the tarp back up over the alter out in the shade garden/sacred space, pick up some downed wood, return some potted trees to their designated spots in the garden, return the wind chimes to their limbs, and tie the goats out to some areas that needed trimming, before this new batch of thunderstorms moved in and moistened us some more, as if a friggin tropical storm wasn't wet enough!

Right now I'm listening to internet radio, thunder, rain on the roof, and the panting of my brave canine companion Shiloh, who at this very moment is sure he is going to die, despite the many years of thunderstorms he has survived without so much as a scratch. THE Wife is in her Witch Room creating some of the coolest bottles for herbs and potions and what-not, using some cool rub-on labels she and the Resident Twin scored at the local crafts emporium. I am rather intrigued with the talents both THE Wife and THE Resident Twin have displayed with their crafts. Me, all I do is write.

Sly and the Family Stone! I love this station!

This is my Sunday Post. I will be working the next two days. If I don't get in posts during that time, consider that MY weekend.

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You weren't the only one to post. Yours is a whole lot better than the drivel I wrote though.

August 24, 2008 at 8:00 PM

I write on the weekends as well. But then I have the time, come next week classes return and I will post in the middle of the night when all are asleep in their dreamy beds and I am banging my head against the wall because of rather difficult mathematical equations that give me headaches. But it is nice to stop, breathe in deep and click through the pages of those I have missed lately.

Nice post.


August 25, 2008 at 5:20 PM

Send. That. Rain. Here. Please! Nice work on those bottles by the way. Kudos to the feminine spirits of Pendragon Hold.

August 25, 2008 at 6:35 PM

Buf.....you are the Twain to my Springer, so shut up about it.

T......I sucked at math big time! If you get it, you have it made.......I wish you the best!

Kindness......I would ship you a tanker of water if the gas to get it there wasn't so damn expensive! Can I send you wet thoughts instead? Not THOSE kind of wet thoughts.....hehe.....

August 25, 2008 at 10:38 PM

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