Another Day in Paradise........  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Determined to one way or another make up for my lost sleep yesterday, I took an Ambien on top of being tired enough to join the dead, and passed out easily. Today was the first day of a week off I took simply because I wanted to. All I did was tie out the goats (one MUST tie out the goats when one is home not working, no ifs-ands-or-butts), and did one load of dishes, but other than that, didn't do much of anything accept chat with Paul and listen to NPR. I was SUPPOSED to have made an appointment with the eye doctor but I am giving the eye one more chance to not bother me enough to get to sleep tonight without drugs or an entire fifth of rum. If my trust is violated, then tomorrow I make the appointment.

However, I DO have to work on the front porch, which has served us very well for almost 8 years now. It seems the bottom of the ramp I built for wheelchair access to the Hold was never fully completed, and a piece of plywood which had been used in lieu of proper planks has rotted and now I MUST install those planks. That I will gladly do since I have run totally out of projects and am happy to have something to distract me. I might also get around to starting the task of replacing my perimeter fence, which was strung with cheaper welded wire which is now falling apart under the assault of goats and nasty neighbors. This time I shall use more four-by posts set closer together and WOVEN wire, which is more expensive but much more sturdy. Not that we suddenly have money, but I should be able to at least put in about a quarter or a third of the overall length of the fence for "phase one". Unless, of course, the mess on Wall street trickles down to us and our finances are affected.

The girls went out "looking" yesterday and landed themselves some really cute, and cheap, costumes along the medieval vein, at K-mart, of all places. I wanted to show you, but I can't talk them into putting them back on till'll just have to use your imagination. I WILL provide pictures when Samhain rolls around.

Well, I gotta finish this post off. I'm cooking dinner for the girls who both worked, and since I didn't, I'm IT. The cook, that is. Picture me in my "heroic" pose. Got it? stop laughing.

That's the news from Pendragon Hold. May your assets not have vanished, may your jobs be intact, and may your lives amount to much more than the well-being of all those financial wizards who can't seem to find their own asses in the dark.

Blessed be!

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Nice, relaxed day. It's good to take some time off once in a while for no particular reason.

September 30, 2008 at 8:41 PM

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