If Thine Eye Offends Thee.............  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

I am going on my second full day without sleep. I thought I would be all macho, pop a couple of valerian root capsules and tough it out last night with my eye. Yea, right. If I got ANY sleep at all I don't remember it. So this morning I called for an appointment. The voodoo shaman who cut my eye was not available, but one of the other docs was, and was able to see me forthwith. Forthwith being right before lunch, so he had an incentive to see me somewhere in the vicinity of my appointment time, eleven ten, so that the office could get out to lunch.

He peeled back the eyelid and decided that the wound WAS healing as it should, but was doing it slightly unevenly, so that the normally super-slick inner surface of my eyelid was not so super-slick, at least for now. So he offered me some super-lube gel to put in the eye before bedtime, and if that doesn't do the trick, will put in a "bandage" contact lens to shield my eye from the healing surgical site till it heals completely. So, tonight, I lube my eye, pop an Ambien, and hope that drugs and sheer exhaustion overcome the stick-in-the-eye sensation and I can get some much needed shut-eye (pun very much intended).

I am not alone in my misery. The wife's new symptoms weigh heavily upon her as she awaits HER appointment with the brain shaman. This woman has had her share of pain throughout the years, and it makes me feel so helpless to not be able to simply take it away. Yet, she always tells me that "If it wasn't for ME........"

I managed to grab a couple of six foot boards to slice up and lay for the lower ramp, but I need about three more to get enough boards to finish off the ramp. Tomorrow I will get them, chop them up, and screw them down to the frame. Yea, it sure took me long enough to finish, didn't it?

The nights are beginning to cool down now, and soon we will be able to enjoy our tradition of sitting outside by the fire, enjoying the ambience of the sacred space, a tad bit closer to nature. I have always been fascinated by the plasma one can immerse themselves in by staring into the coals of a hard-burnt fire and experiencing the primordial state of pure energy that lives there. Nothing can give or take away life so completely as fire can. The sun giveth us, and a forest fire can taketh it all away. LIfe. What a concept!

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I could barely stomach the Wolf hunting..it's too obscene. Horrible. Cowardly.

When I worked up in Northern Manitoba after High School I made friends with a young chopper pilot.

He would take me up for a spin now and then and he had the best 'Wolf' story.

He said that when you fly over anything in a chopper they bolt..Moose, Bears, Wolves. One day he was buzzing over the local Wolf Pack and the alpha male, a gorgeous black creature, just stopped running.

He said it turned and stared up at him as if to say OK asshole, c'mon down and let's see what you've got? I'm not running anymore.

The pilot said that he got a chill up his spine and he has never seen any other animal do that...I love that story.

Palin will get slaughtered in the debate...
and the media will start gunning her down just like the senseless slaughter that she condones...
the Karmic Boomerang is spinning back at her..
and not a second too soon.

Hope the eye heals quickly and that your lovely wife gets a positive prognosis.

September 30, 2008 at 11:30 PM

I'm trapped between two election campaigns. The Canadian campaign is infinitely more civilized of the pair, and certainly much shorter. I've reached my saturation level. Right now I'm in the "don't give a shit" mode.

You and your lady, hang tough.

October 1, 2008 at 10:35 AM

Our weekend is shaping up to cut and haul firewood. Our crazy neighbor chick cut down a tree and said we could have the wood since they don't have a fireplace. We'll go down there and make a haul home. Or probably several. It's about that time, for a fire in our fireplace. I like these cooler nights.

October 1, 2008 at 12:26 PM

I would rather have flaming pain in my hip than something wrong with my eye. I hope you heal shortly!

October 1, 2008 at 1:06 PM

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