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If you know me, you know I'm a cynic, I question everything, and I always see the glass as half empty, never half full. I know, it's tiring, I need to lighten up, smile more often, chill out. There is good in the world, if I would only shut up long enough to at least try and find it. That's how I am sure everybody sees me and there's not much evidence to the contrary. Matter of fact, I got so constantly worked up about everything that I actually DID get tired of it, and decided to say the hell with it and never complain about any of this shit again; to just chill out and worry about MY part of the spectrum and maybe I would become a much happier human being. I know I would sure as hell make many of my readers happier; reading ME can really ruin a person's day when I'm going at another rant.

Well, guess what.....keep reading and you get to enjoy one more, and might I suggest, really "out-there" rant of epic proportions. Only this is a highly concentrated "rant of epic proportions" which will not last very's not at all long winded and will be over very quickly.

I had this movie, Michael Moore's "Sicko", laying around the house for a couple of weeks now, not getting around to watching it (I rented it from Netflix) because I knew the other two occupants of this household are not big fans of political documentaries, so I was holding out for a nice, "got-nothing-better-to-do" day when I'd be alone, to watch it before putting it back in the mailbox and returning it.

Now, I am not one who falls victim easily to simplistic journalism, knowing there is always more to the story than some of these more "liberal" hollywood types include in their works. I know when something is probably happening only because of the propaganda value it can impart, not because of genuine emotion or intent. I know when people are being used. So let me state upfront that I know damn well that this movie includes all those elements, whether or not Michael Moore would want to admit it or not. That being said........

Halfway through this movie I broke down and started crying. If you are thinking what you might be thinking, than fuck you. This movie tells the truth. It tells a HORRIBLE truth about who we are as a nation and a people. Forget everything I ever said about my pride in being a citizen of this country. FUCK THIS COUNTRY! There, I just exercised my freedom of speech to the maximum extent I can think of. If you don't like it, fine, it is your freedom to do so, and hopefully, like myself and many others, you earned that right by serving this country in some capacity. Not necessarily in the military, but in many ways. Like the people in this movie.

I am sorry if any of my readers are offended by this post. If you consider yourselves Americans, and what that really means, then before you suggest to me that I have done something wrong, I want you to FIRST watch this movie, from front to back, and really THINK about what it says about many of us and the government we have chosen to "protect" us. If you choose to remain convinced that I am some sort of picko-commie-liberal-traitor, then fine, you can keep on thinking that, and may whatever deity you think is going to look after you keeps doing it when you lose YOUR health care, IF you have any. I know for a fact, especially working in the field, that I am one or two hospital visits away from homelessness, even WITH insurance. If you think you are special, then keep thinking that; I cannot nor do I want to waste any more of MY time robbing you of our disillusion.

OK, then, fine, I lied; this rant lasted longer than I intended, and is probably nastier than any I ever wrote before. It IS, I promise, my last one. If and when you return you will be hearing about my petty little triumphs and tragedies, but I truly have no more desire to waste my time pointing out problems with "the greatest country in the world". And no, at least until I can afford to, I will NOT be "leaving it because I don't love it". I was born here. I didn't "choose" to hate my country the way my country seems to hate it's citizens...........

End of rant. Goodnight.

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It is stunning how cavalier the Federal Government is about the health of it's borders on criminal.

There was an excellent program called Sick Around The World (Google it) that dared to compare the Health systems of foreign countries with the unbelievably callous American hodge podge.

700,000 Americans claimed bankruptcy due to the burden of Medical costs last year..the Swiss Minister of Health looked stunned. He said that if 1 person did that it would be a National disgrace and the government would be destroyed.

Now I understand the gist of the pulling yer own wagon American credo and all that siss-boom-ba crapola but a country IS it's citizens. Caring for and Educating them should be the top priority.

If a fraction of the money wasted on the Military was spent on Educating everyone equally then there wouldn't be so many people in poor health. You know that serpent on the Doctor's should be revised to show it swallowing it's own tail because it is a vicious cycle of failures.

Atleast Obama seems to get it and he should utilize Hillary on this one...this is a great opportunity for her to finish what she started.

September 11, 2008 at 4:18 PM

Damn, Michael. You were in fine form. I like it!

Seriously, I saw Sicko over a year ago and watched the extra interviews on the DVD. I caught the PBS program that Don mentioned and I did some research after seeing them. In theory the purpose of government is to protect us when we cannot protect ourselves and to provide for the common good. Unfortunately, our government does not protect us from paid lobbyists and corporate giants. The common good has been redefined as profits for a few. Hopefully, Obama will be elected and things may change slightly in the right direction.

September 11, 2008 at 7:18 PM

I can only imagine that it's a difficult thing for you to say that. It's become a sad place for the aware - part of me is sorry you have had this brutal awakening, the other is extremely glad to have your strength on this side now.

BTW - whenever you have the urge to rant about these things, I for one will be happy to read them. Well not happy at the frustration you're feeling but happy to know that these things are becoming more recognized all of the time... you know what I mean right?

September 14, 2008 at 8:52 PM

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