I Don't Do Memes  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

I'm sure, far back somewhere in the annals of TTEM, I mentioned the fact that I don't do "memes". Hell, to this day I still don't know exactly what "meme" means. Whatever, it seems that each one demands so much exacting rigamarole, it's just to much work for me. So no, I'm not going to waste valuable post font making up a list of things people should know about me, because, frankly, there's not actually anything anybody SHOULD know about me, like, for instance, that I am not a cat person, yet every feline within a mile of me seeks me out, totally ignoring those around me who claim to be cat lovers. Or, that I have this perpetual frown engraved on my face that totally misleads people as to my actual inner demeanor. So, look, get to know me and get over it, because I can't afford to have a plastic surgeon install a nice shiny smile on my keister. And YES, when I exert myself, I have been told I have the "sweetest" smile........And no, you have no need whatsoever to know that I was the first (and I think perhaps only) Personnelman (a navy job description) to report for duty onboard two separate nuclear fast attack submarines, filling in for the Yeomen who normally man the ship's office, due to an extreme shortage in Yeomen volunteering for submarine service. So, in a weird and totally "who really gives a fuck" sort of way, I made history. Just so you know. Not that you needed to.
Oh, and I once sat a world's altitude record in model rocketry for rockets using "B" grade rocket engines. So what if the record was broken by some other numb-nut within two weeks? I was KING for at least that long! Just saying........

Anyway, I don't do memes, and I sure as hell don't do six of them. No less than three of my favorite bloggers tagged me for this exercise in rubbing the letters off my keys, and I am suppose to link to them and do all sorts of chain letter sorts of things but no, let me make this perfectly clear, I DON'T DO this stuff.

Not that I don't appreciate being thought of amongst all the millions of bloggers out there as worthy of being tagged by mad memmers. I suppose I should think of it as making the big leagues. Only, I don't do sports, so no thanks, I'll pass. There are plenty of other more worthy contenders who are at this very moment researching their personality traits and history so that they can do their memes proud.

Moving on, the day approaches that THE Wife sees the neurosurgeon to see just how bad her neck is and what he's recommending be done about it. She's in pain, and quite frankly, I'm stressed, because not only is the woman I love in pain and facing a potentially dangerous surgery that may or may not actually improve her condition, but this is going to put a strain on us financially, due to her being out of work and not having much sick leave or disability insurance to cover the shortfall. We, my friends, are the REAL "Joe the Plumbers"", real, hard working Americans faced with real problems that Republicans don't seem to understand, because apparently, unless you make enough money to make people want to tax you, you must not be a "REAL" American, or at least a conservative's idea of what a real American is. I suppose our lack of desire to be ultra-rich makes us out to be socialists. Whatever, I was born here, my wife was born here, and I don't care whether you like our politics or not.......we have as much right to be here as any suck-ass conservative, rabidly right wing-religious closet nazi.


The above was typed days ago and today we went to the Neurosurgeon, and he suggested that if we want to take a surgical stab at fixing THE Wife's neck, he would prefer that she get a more advanced imaging test which involves a cat scan and a lumbar puncture, so that he can get a better picture of what he is dealing with and what he can do to try and make it better. I told him, fine, he could have his test, as long as he uses Maine Coon cats, and not those damned Siamese. I will NOT have those arrogant cats scanning my wife! Anyway, it will be almost another month before we get around to getting the test, and who knows how long after that to have the actual surgery, if THE Wife decides to go thru with it. Yes, there IS an alternative to surgery: pain killers and SUFFERING!

Helping to distract her from the pain, THE Wife is putting sooooo much energy into our upcoming Samhain celebration, which will include many of her co-workers. The night have gotten somewhat nippy of late, but hopefully, Friday night will not be as cold, and the fire will be warm enough for everybody. THE Resident Twin has burned a beautiful design into a small table-top which will made it's debue this Friday, and here's photographic evidence of her talent for your consideration. The "veil between the worlds" will be thin this night, and sometimes I like to imagine that if only I were a truer believer, I would be able to at least glimpse some essence of my Mom, that gypsy soul who loved me, lost me, and found me again, then left me early to go paint in Summerland. I will not brainwash myself into seeing something that just isn't there, and I am willing to accept the possibility that I lost my Mom forever the day she died, then delude myself with wanting so badly that I psych myself into seeing her ghost. That's how cults find their victims. I intend never to be a victim. But, Michele, if you ARE there, between the worlds, I have no doubt that you know that I love you and miss you.

The Attack of the "Anti-Americans"  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Yesterday, I chambered my round, walked into the voting booth, and fired MY shot
for liberation of my Homeland. Yes, although I reside in "almost" or "fake" or "not-quite" America, and must be "anti-American" due to my strangely "unpatriotic" ability to think for myself, I went to my polling place and DARED to cast MY "terrorist" vote for...........gasp, shudder, OMG!!!!.......a BLACK MAN!

That's right, folks, I and my atheist devil worshipping gay loving pornographer terrorist/leftist/commie/ comrades just might turn this anti-christ loose on the white women of America and force them all to become Muslim sex slaves, raise taxes on 6 year olds, and open up liberal media training camps on our college campuses! Yes! And on top of that, we are going to FORCE every American (well, most of them, anyway) to have health insurance, and maybe get off unemployment and into a real job! SOCIALISM!!!! And despite the fact that Jesus is going to come back right after this election and clean it all up and just shovel all this shit right into the burning lakes of hell, we are gonna FORCE you to breathe clean air, TAKE your toxins and pollution away from you, and maybe even save the planet from global warming! Now wouldn't that be a pisser to all you rapture puppets?

Of course, that means now everybody has to get onto welfare and drive Cadillacs with shag carpet on the dash and Gangsta Bling hanging from the rear view. Yep, and then we will force God out of the class room and back into the churches where his bad ass belongs! Isn't it amazing that mere liberal gay loving baby killers can do that? And here I was thinking God couldn't be fucked with like that! Praise New Orleans and pass the hurricanes!

So, if THIS is the kinda shit you dumb ass retards REALLY believe, then be Afraid, very VERY Afraid, and get your ass down to the voting booth and vote as often as you can. While you are at it, you might want to jump some liberal looking faggot in the parking lot and (with the help of five of your drunk friends, of course) beat him up, just in case he was heading in to vote for that arab. That'll teach those un-American commies not to come around HERE voting!

Why would I encourage you to do that? Because we have ALWAYS had people like you littering the landscape, and you reproduce like rabbits, but guess what, this year we OUTNUMBER your narrow minded asses and your reign of DUH is OVER!

This was an unpaid political advertisement for the election of Barrack Obama, and you're damn straight I approved this message!!!

P.S. There is a perfectly rational explanation for the appearance of this post which appears to be a rant, something I swore I would never publish again. In a moment of weakness, I was possessed by a demon, and since I was temporarily not Wiccan, I also decided not to take personal responsibility for my own actions, preferring instead on insisting that "The DEVIL made me do it"! Thank you and have a nice day.

Weekend Edition: Observations, Pontifications, and News from the Homefront  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

I knew I went into the wrong profession........I had no idea that plumbers would be raking in so much dough they needed special tax breaks just like the ultra rich do. I know I'm going to really miss being trickled on when Obama takes away their big tax cuts.

What really galls me to no end is this constant drumbeat by conservatives that "government" is such a big, horrible, evil creature that is out to destroy all of us. Now wait a second.....I am one of those fortunate ones who actually had a civics class in school (yes, Virginia, they once required us to learn about our own government and how it works) and the way it was explained to ME was that this is a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. No, we do not toil beneath the heels of some royalty; we elect our own representatives to run the government for us and make our lives better. So, where does this crap come from that government is something, in THIS country of all places, that is out to HARM us? Are you kidding me? Ohhhhhhhhh, I get it.......you thought that government is supposed to be some etherial entity that makes it possible for everybody to get rich if they worship the right God, know the right people, and never expects anybody to pay taxes to support that government, you know, that "thing" that paves the roads and builds schools and things like that.

Yep, somehow we think that there is a money factory somewhere that magically buys our troops bullets and tanks and bombers, keeps the electricity on at all times, and gives joe six-pack insurance to rebuild his house on the beach every year because those damn liberal hurricanes caused by gay people keep blowing through like clockwork. And we think that all those people up there in Washington came from some other planet or maybe even overseas because they are all "special interests", unless of course they are catering to NASCAR, Mountain removal, and deer hunting with AK-47's. Funny how these good old boys demand the right to own a weapon manufactured by "commies". I hope one day they finally win the war against those terrifying deer that your ordinary high-powered rifle doesn't seem to be able to stop.

Right up the road from Pendragon Hold is a State Park. If you go walking (I can't bring myself to consider walking along a perfectly flat trail amongst pine trees "hiking") through this place, you can many times luck out and come across a deer. When I see these creatures, I try to imagine a time when I thought that killing one was "sporting" and was supposed to be enjoyable, despite the fact I never needed to do it to eat. Yes, being at the top of the food chain, I would kill an animal if it meant putting protein in my belly or starving. Things have to get alot worse than they are now before I can see that happening. Chicken breast fillets, be afraid....be VERY afraid!

The price of gas is coming down, and I know why. A bunch of not- quite- as- rich- as -they- used- to- be-movers and shakers told the boys over at Exxon, "Stop taking all the goddamn MONEY!! " So, with their coffers bulging and being flat worn out tying to come up with new ways to spend it all, the Oil barons decided sure, we can back off for awhile. There's always tomorrow......

In Michigan there has been a 34% increase in student homelessness. That's a very large segment of our future having no place to go home to after school. The trend started by the Reagan (Morning in America) administration continues with a vengeance as families, lured into homes they could not afford, lose those homes to insanely stupid kinds of mortgages that no responsible lender should have talked them into. I have had a mortgage with a terribly high interest rate for eight years now, but it was a fixed rate and I'm sure it contributed to the bankruptcy we endured last year. Yet, somehow, we manage to pay our mortgage each month, because by now, rent in a decent apartment, at half the size, is not an alternative. This is Morning in America. I sometimes cry.

On the work front, it seems that I and a new aid recently transferred in are the only two aids left out of a rash of injuries and illnesses. Looks like I might be able to get in some overtime. THE Wife, on the other hand, has become a force to be reckoned with at HER job, as she was responsible for heading off an employee rebellion when personalities clashed, tempers flared, and people threatened to walk. The woman this employer was reluctant to hire initially due to her age, inexperience in this narrow field, and asking wage has become an invaluable part of his business, just as I knew she would given the chance. I am so proud of her.

We are working on getting the shade garden tidied up for Samhain, our most important Sabbat. THE High Priestess of Pendragon Hold has been working hard on the ceremony, and I and the Resident Twin are working on an ornate table we will be installing just outside the entrance arbor to the garden. She's tracing out an intricate woven pentagram and moon which I will burn into the wooden round, which after staining and sealing will be installed on a post to be used for tools used outside the circle, such as my smudging pot. I'll have pictures when we finish it.

I just made the second-to-last payment on the Focus, and hopefully, saving the payments that would have gone to Ford Credit, we will have a decent down payment in a few months to put towards a small truck. All I can do is hope that having established our ability to make car payments despite the economy and a bankruptcy, we can get a another car loan. I know that if the auto manufacturers don't want to ALL go down the drain, they are either going to have to finance their own cars or persuade the banks to loosen the purse strings for the good of the nation. But, American-style capitalism is all about putting the hurt on the competition, not cooperating to raise everybody up equally. Like I said before, in this country commerce is a weapon, and it is being welded like a broad axe.

Tonight Sarah Palin will be playing herself on Saturday Night Live. Maybe she'll explain to us the "New" family values that she brings to the "conservative" movement. Like allowing the hockey playing baby-daddy of your underage (didn't just say NO) daughter to drop out of high school to get a job on the North Slope. Like praising her for having the baby while condemning others for even getting pregnant in the first place, and not mentioning the hypocrisy of it all. For declaring "spiritual warfare" on "witches" while simultaneously utilizing you own unique brand of spell craft to bring harm to others. Yes, Sarah, I want you to play yourself with at least as much accuracy as Tina Fey has. Just in time for Halloween, so that we can truly be afraid.....VERY afraid.........

I hope you have enjoyed this weekend edition of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, where family values are savored, not sold to the highest bidder.


Posted by Alex Pendragon

Welcome back to The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold. I am your host, Lord Alex Pendragon, Master Harper and Grand Administrator of this humble little acre of sand tucked away in the far corners of metropolitan North East Florida. May your visit be worth the bandwidth you burned through to get here.

This is day two of my usual three-day struggle to occupy my time between twin twelve hour shifts I am forced to work in order to fund my existence. To think that once I could have spent all that time working my maize crops or hunting wooly mammoths. Now I open cans of niblets and marinate chicken breasts, and somehow, it just doesn't seem to be as satisfying.

Today is one of our paydays, so I get to pay bills online and shop for groceries (hunt and gather) and try and figure out how far behind we have fallen this week. I hear that the entire world is on the brink of economic catastrophe, but what I would like to know is this: when HASN'T the whole fucking world been on the brink of financial catastrophe? World hunger and homelessness were alive and well last I heard. I can see it from here, no more than two paychecks away.

Somebody outright robbed my good friend (or so I claim) Donn of one of his posts, which reminds me of the citizen who did the same thing to every post my other good friend (again, I make claims), The Buffalo ever made, claiming them to be his own. People amaze me. It seems to me it takes alot more energy to steal someone's intellectual property than it does to just make something up yourself. I just create this shit on the fly myself, and people seem to be happy enough with it. Yes, I know, you gotta remember shit as it happens and describe it in so many words, but, c'mon, if you people can yack all day on cellphones while driving Ford Expeditions while putting on eyeliner and lipstick, you can write something for your own blog without stealing it from somebody else. You can't? Well, fine then, go kill yourself. Before someone else does.

Another friend of mine (I know, I seem to have alot of friends, don't I?) on the other side of the world made the mistake of climbing on a motor bike with an attitude not compatible with respect for fine machinery. She was taught a lesson in humility, which I attempted to warn her would happen. My lesson came a little late, as it seems my ability to send psychic messages straight to someone, bypassing their comment section altogether, is on the fritz. I apologize for that. However, I am proud to report that I did not stoop to telling her I told her so, as some other miscreant would have done. Nope, folks, I am above gleefully lording it over some one when my humble and wise counsel is not heeded. Nope, not me.............

I have this strange feeling overcoming me that someone very much wants to bitch-slap me about right now......now....who would want to do such a thing?


I'm listening to Pandora and wondering WTF this thing is playing me Christmas music..........I HATE Christmas music!!!!!!!!

OK, I just shut that travesty off and cranked up iTunes shuffle.....which is playing me "Night Flight" by Led Zeppelin. Sanity has been restored to my universe......

I took THE Wife to our biweekly lunch at Panera's, where we shared a two-fer, her getting the harvest salad, me the corn chowder soup. Damn good stuff for less than ten bucks. I remember when ten bucks got you a whole bag of groceries. I know, that was back in the Paleolithic...........

Thus ends another exciting episode of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, that little acre of sand located somewhere between Tim, Buc, and Two. May your own personal bail out checks arrive in time, and may your return visit to our humble blog always be as exciting as it was this time. Where else would you see a man being subjected to Christmas music this early in the year?

Late Bloomers and Songs in my Head  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

It's a quiet, wet day here at Pendragon Hold. Both of the girls are working, and I am slothing off here on my third day off, preparing to return for a bout of weekend weirdness at the hospital. The three green pepper plants in the terrace garden are, long after all the other plants have given up the ghost and gone to seed, putting out peppers like crazy with winter fast approaching, as though laughing in the face of the reaper. I admire them so much I dread the idea of ripping them out come time put the entire garden bed to rest for the coming season of darkness and misery.

Just Because

Do you ever wonder whose face makes the moonlight?

Do you ever look up and find your face there?

Is it any wonder we find ourselves laughing

With your tongue at my lips and your hands in my hair?

I don't need a reason to savor the Mystery.

All we need to is open up one eye...

I don't need a savior to keep me from tumbling

I'll only kneel for my lover's delight

I don't need a church man to show me what's holy

When I see you in the doorway surrounded in light

I don't need a guidebook to paint out my story

I don't need a road map to find my way back home...

So why? Tell me why! How long? How long? 
What if "why" is just because?

I don't need a doctorate to speak with authority

40,000 years we've been painting in caves

I don't need an answer to each of my questions

When the nape of your neck just won't let me "behave"

I don't need a bible to swear on my conscience

I don't need a stranger to know I'm not alone

So why? Tell me why! How long? How long? 
What if "why" is just because?

I don't need a downbeat to dance in this moonlight

With the drum in my bones I'm naked here too

I don't need a lighthouse to find my way over

Filled to my brim with the wanting of you

I don't need a maestro to count out my measure

I don't need a songbook to howl up at the moon

So why? Tell me why! How long? How long?
What if "why" is just because?

I don't need a reason....

Copyright 1/6/97 Christopher Bingham

That ^ was one of my favorite songs, performed by Gaia Consort, one of my all time favorite pagan bands. I thought you might enjoy the lyrics as much as I do.


Posted by Alex Pendragon

Welcome to a darker episode of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, where life takes it's twists and turns and we hold on for dear life.

After a short dry spell that was stressing out our three pepper plants, the rain has returned to Pendragon Hold, in more ways then one. THE Wife has seen her Neurologist, who after viewing the results of her MRI and nerve conduction tests, has handed her off to the local NeuroSURGEON. Yes, it's THAT bad; the scan showed that discs C-5, 6, and 7 have deteriorated to the point that now the spinal sheath has a tear in it and who knows what other damage has been done. We only have one Neurosurgeon in this area, and once he reviews the data, can decide whether or not he can do anything surgically. Apparently, there is, as his office just called with an appointment, more than three weeks from now. That was the first available.

We have at least a few Pagan friends out there in blog land, and of you, I am asking that during your next circle or whatever vehicle you utilize to invoke, that you ask of the Goddess and the God to show kindness to this woman, who has shown kindness to all who have had the good fortune to know her. Those of you who adhere to belief in Jehovah, or Yahweh, or whatever you want to call your God, I value your prayers just as much, for I know them to be just as powerful a form of magik as any we have practiced. And all you atheists out there......well.......if nothing else, I simply ask that you don't conclude that she's toast and that nothing you could visualize could help her. Just think good thoughts and whether you believe it or not, it will add to the power. Trust me on this.

There is plenty enough out there in the world right now to fear. There is plenty enough darkness gathering for me to pontificate on that I could go on a rant that could last a good five pages easily if I was inclined to do so. However, the observations I have made in the past regarding this gathering storm have been so spot on I could claim prophet status and establish my own religion, thus there's nothing more to be said about it. The chickens I so well warned us all of have come home to roost and the best that can be expected is that these geniuses running the country somehow discourage the Chinese from taking us out while we are down. I know if I were Chinese I sure as hell would.

The human condition is such that we soil most everything we touch. Commerce, instead of a method of exchanging goods and services, is used as a weapon, a tool of predation upon each other. Men who attain positions of power waste it upon themselves with opulent rewards for bad behaviors which contribute to the collapse of an entire financial system, costing jobs and homes and even lives as those who have lost everything take their own. We hold no one responsible for these bald-face assaults on our society, and thus no one trusts anyone and it's every man for themselves. I am sad to have been borne into this time in history, after all that our forefathers endured to give us better.

Well, it seems I ranted anyway. I apologize. It's a hard habit to break.

Weekend Edition  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Welcome to the early Saturday edition of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, that acre of sand somewhere in the bible belt where men are attempting to wrap their empty heads around the concept of having their Commander-in-Chief barefoot and pregnant, if not in the kitchen.

Today is fairly busy as Saturdays go. The wife is soldiering on through some serious pain brought on by what might be a pinched nerve or bulging disk or both. She won't know for sure till Monday when she sees her Neuro-Shaman. I'm putting the finishing touches on cleaning the laminate floor, getting all the dishes washed, the clothes washed and dried, and whatever we need to do to get ready for our guests tonight. You see, we do all this because humans for some strange reason can't allow other humans to see what slobs they REALLY are when guests aren't around to see it. Well, actually, we keep the place pretty clean and halfway tidy, but THE Wife gets medieval on the dirt when company's coming.

I love the party shuffle jukebox feature on my iTunes. I hear stuff I forgot I had, it's been so long since it got played. The last songs played have been:

Peace Now - Gaia Consort
Paradise By The Dashboard Light - Meatloaf
Shambala - Three Dog Night
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly
Just a Girl - No Doubt
One Week - Barenaked Ladies
Closing Time - Semisonic
(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
It's the End of The World As We Know It - REM

and so on and so forth........

Cool, huh?

We'll be having a few of THE Wife's co-workers over tonight simply to sit out in the shade garden by a nice fire. The weather has been relatively nice, and this is the time of year you can go outside and not lose five pounds of water sweating.

Right now I am waiting for the mop-and-glow to dry so I can get the furniture back to it's proper places. I'll post again tonight if something sufficiently Earth-shattering occurs. Not that I expect the killer asteroid to arrive......

Just in Case.......  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

In the interests of being "fair and balanced", I want to correct a picture posting I made to my blog last post. I found a photo of Sarah (let's kill wolves) Palin in a bikini holding a gun (which is actually, on close inspection, an air gun) by a pool. Now, when I googled this picture, it never actually occurred to me it might be photoshopped, if only because it seems such a natural pose for Palin to be captured in. We ALL have pics like these we might soon as well have never had taken, but seem fun for the moment.

I really need to pay more attention when it comes to pics, because I really should have known damn well that this was a photoshopped pic. One of my readers asked, and so I double checked, and sure enough, someone claimed credit for the deception and even provided the original shot, which I pose here.

I'm not apologizing to Sarah Palin, as I think the photo is honest in how it depicts her mindset. But I AM apologizing to YOU, my readers, for being so lax in posting the pic without double checking it's authenticity and at least informing you of the parody. Thank you, Anne, for keeping me honest.

So, dear readers, I promise to try and at least notify you that a photo is fake if it really could be construed as being real. It fooled me at first glance but shouldn't have.

And I still think Sarah Palin is a bloodthirsty, bigoted redneck with an understandable vocabulary who is just dying to usher in the Rapture, because, after all, she loves all of us. Especially us witches.

Lug Nuts and Numb Nuts  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Today was a day. I had a project scheduled; replacing the brake pads on THE Resident Daughters' auto-mo-go. So, of course, it wasn't that easy.

I have changed the brake pads on my own auto's for quite a long time now, and expected this one to be a piece of cake. And, it would have been, except that when I got to the right-side wheel, one of the lug nuts decided it didn't want to come off. Apparently, the numb-nuts who put on this last set of tires was pretty careless with the air-ratchet, cross-threading the nut as it went on. So, all that could be done short of a complete bolt replacement (a costly proposition) was to break it off altogether. Poor girl had that done and I finished the job, but it seems that the money I saved her doing the brake job will probably be made up by having to replace that wheel bolt. Life sucks that way.

Aside from that I had to seek out things to keep me occupied. I raked up some leaves into piles to be shredded at some future date IF I can get the old shredder to start up again. It IS getting rather long in the tooth. However, I DO have this electric leaf vacuum/shredder that isn't exactly heavy-duty, but can do the job with a little patience. I also rounded up the dust-bunnies grazing on the laminate floor and did dishes and laundry. Help me, I think I'm a house-husband.

Tonight I am preparing a gourmet meal consisting of thawed out chili. Nope, I did NOT slave all day over a hot stove........today we have microwaves and I use them to pretty damn good effect. And tonight is the debate between Sarah (Blood Thirsty Born-Again Soccer Mom) Palin, and Joe (Long Winded but Well-Meaning) Biden. If Joe doesn't wipe the floor with this ditz, he needs to go home, put a gun in his mouth, and end his miserable existence. It's time to get serious, Joe, a whole planet is at stake!

It is going to be a perfect night for a fire, but unfortunately the fire that needs to be watched tonight is the one between the two vice-presidential candidates. It starts at nine, and lasts for two hours, so there goes the night. It's times like these I wish I had a TiVo, but I don't. Hey, I have a TV, so self, shut TFU!

So, all told, things are good here at Pendragon Hold. They could be better, but they could be far worse. Life is like that. I like Life.


Posted by Alex Pendragon

Damn, almost forgot to post! So, what happened today.......hmmmmm.........I know, I know!!!!!

I finished off the lower ramp. Now there's a shiny new lower section that does not in any way resemble the rest of the 8 year old deck which has turned old and grey. However, give it a few years of weathering and it will blend right in, I'm sure. The piece of plywood that stood in for these boards has been retired after providing stellar service and will be turned out to pasture with our thanks and gratitude.

Other than that, all I did was wash some clothes, load the dishwasher and turn the knob, dry some clothes, and fold some clothes, as well as steam some shrimp for THE Wife and Resident Twin when they got home from a hard days' work.

Oh, and I tied out the goats.

OH! And guess what? I SLEPT LIKE A BABY! And I plan on doing it again tonight!

Life is sweet, cause I can steal catchphrases from Buffalos and get hugs from from very kind people.........cause I'm "speshull"!