Do NOT Bail out GM.......Here's Why......  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

You'd think that now that George Bush and his Neo-Con-asswipes are going to be sent packing in disgrace, that I'd have nothing more to complain about. You'd be committing an error. While surfing the web for information on the latest hybrid vehicles, I came across this nugget: Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

This STUPID SUV is a prime example of our ongoing waste of vision and engineering expertise in this country. A technology that is supposed to enable us to drastically cut back on our carbon emissions is slapped into a monster conveyance that NO sane person has any need of, so that the person who has THAT kind of money to waste on an automobile can....what? Feel GOOD about themselves? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Aside from he fact that this big bag of shit will only go a smidgen further down the road than the "regular" version, this behemoth costs as much money as I paid for ALL OF PENDRAGON HOLD, for crying out loud! Am I the only one who thinks that somebody's sense of "value" is terribly twisted? This is not a luxury yacht, or even a lear jet, but a stupid status symbol on four fucking wheels, which will not in most cases rarely transport more than one person who will drive this huge piece of crap as though they are immune from the rules of the road and will expect everybody else to just GET THE FUCK OUT OF THEIR WAY!

There's nothing wrong with this vehicle or the person driving it that a nice RPG wouldn't cure.

So are they going to FINALLY start building those AFFORDABLE hybrids that us working stiffs can afford to buy and escape the ransom imposed on us by the oil companies who know we have to get to work SOMEHOW? Not anytime soon enough, that much I know. This is still the greed capital of the world. Only we are all broke.

No, Obama is NOT going to turn this into a socialist country and enforce any meaningful measure of economic justice, but It would truly warm the cockles of my heart if people would pull these assholes out of their opulent palaces on wheels when they catch them at stop lights and toss a molotov cocktail into the bastard. Why should these people FUCKING KILL US ALL in comfort and luxury?

Again, emotions run high here at Pendragon Hold, thus I cannot be blamed for losing control and posting another rant despite my anti-rant policy. No, again, the devil didn't make me do this.............

Tina Fey did it.

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They've just put someone away for a large number of years for torching a couple or three of the monster bastards. That's just all wrong - perhaps we should all get out there and do the same. Direct action which sounds good, to me.

Terri in Joburg
Where we have exactly the same assholes driving those vehicles. Perhaps we should torch them, too.

November 7, 2008 at 11:10 AM

here here! Rant on!

November 7, 2008 at 3:48 PM

Oh man, I had one whopper of a verbal fistfight in the supermarket parking lot one day. Guess I'm pretty feisty, because I took on a New Jersey dude, complete with accent and gold chains. But I wasn't gonna let anyone in a big-ass SUV hit my little economy car! (I got in the last word, and it was a zinger.)

November 7, 2008 at 8:13 PM

I get especially irate about Hummers. On my first date with my boyfirned we were talking about SUVs (he drives a Honda Civic hybrid) and he said, "And the bigger the car, the madder I get." Saying yes to the second date was an easy decision for me.

November 9, 2008 at 9:02 AM

The BIGGER the Truck the smaller the f____!

Ten years ago when the Feds donated a Billion Dollars to the big three for developing efficient vehicles Japan and Korea said Holy Crap and raced ahead and did it on their own.
The Big Three fiddled with it for a year and incredibly started churning out SUVs in record numbers! WTF?

Just as the Banks are sitting on all of that bailout money and not lending...surprised?..the Big Three would just waste it on Executive bonuses.

How many times must the great unwashed get stuck with the bill while tha fat cats preen themsleves in the sunlight???

The painful lesson is that neither Adam Smith or Karl Marx were right. I suppose that if we lived in a real Democracy things might be different.
In eastern Canada 1 in 7 jobs is connected to the Auto Industry.
Isn't that specail.

November 10, 2008 at 3:08 PM

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