Snarky Wi-Fi and How I Learned to Love the Ethernet Cable  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

It's a cold, wet, miserable day here at Pendragon Hold, and we just might have another mild freeze tomorrow morning. I'm contemplating wether or not I should round up the plants once again and shelter them in the shed, or just let them take their chances this time, considering it's only slated to get down to 30 degrees.

The old iMac is starting to act up again, and it ain't pretty. The airport wireless network started slowing down on me and on top of that the superdrive seems to be out of commission altogether (that's the thingy you burn CDs and DVDs with, for all you PC people). I ended up having to get another wireless router so that THE resident Daughter could remain connected while I just got an extra-long ethernet cord and hooked up to the modem directly. I think the airport extreme card inside the computer is going bad on me, and guess who's computer is so old and obsolete that they don't make those cards anymore?

THE Wife cannot for the life of her understand why a computer that's only perhaps five years old at the most should be having problems or that I should be suggesting it's time to replace it. Apple makes damn good stuff but you can only go so long before the advances in the newer machines have just left you behind. This baby was a powerhouse back when it was introduced with the Motorola G-5 chip, but almost before it was plugged in and warmed up, Apple decided to go with Intel chips and slowly but surely this machine is not keeping up with the hardware requirements for new software. I've been happy with her for this long, but she's getting long in the tooth and it really doesn't matter if she does what she's asked to do if she up and dies and can't do ANYthing anymore. THAT I can't work around.

However, the fact remains that I don't presently HAVE the money for a brand-spanking new iMac with the thinner frame, the Core 2 Duo chips running circles around this old G-5, with twice as much faster memory, and the ability to run windows programs even better than a PC, as well as a built-in web cam, and a larger screen (20 inch vs my 17 inch). I purchased this one as a refurbished model and I plan to do so again when I have the cash, but we are still talking no less than a grand. I still have this year's property taxes to pay as well as other projects I really need to get started, so..........sigh.........if this is the worst thing that happens to me this year I will be incredibly fortunate.

Several hours later:

I did some surfing and it seems you CAN get an Airport Extreme card from a third-party reseller after all. Most for sale are used but I managed to find a new one, which I ordered. On top of that, there is a disk burner available for my iMac that is actually better than what came with it, in that it will also burn the new double layer disks, plus burn everything faster. THAT I will have to put off for a paycheck or two, but it's nice to know I can get one. Looks like I might be able to keep old Nelly Bell here running a bit longer. Darn!

I have been watching our new president for days and I am amazed at how competent he seems with his new job, as if he's been running powerful democracies for years. I honestly think that he was sent to us at just the right time, for he seems to have the best ideas a leader could come up with during this crucial time in our history, including getting our good name back into the good graces of our fellow Earthlings. Now tell me, wouldn't it piss of the old white guys if THIS amazing young man actually walked away with a genuine peace treaty between the Arabs and Israel? I think the Jews had better get serious with whatever deal this President can wring out for them, because based on their behaviors lately, the State of Israel is losing friends fast and I don't think the Lord Jehovah is going to be able to keep their bacon from getting friend for very much longer. When you have people from the saner areas of the international community accusing the IDF of outright human rights violations including the clear-cut murder of civilians, you really need to examine what side of the line you find yourself. At this rate, Israel is going to spend every dime of the Karmic bank account they earned from the holocaust. And yes, Hamas is even more to blame for stirring this mess up to begin with, but playing into their sick games with massive overkill doesn't cut it these days. Both of these tribes need to just grow the fuck up.

The economists are all upset that in response to an economy going down in flames, most Americans have cut back drastically on their over-the-top spending, which, ironically, almost guarantees the recession getting worse. Well, that's what happens when you base your economic health on ever-mounting credit card debt, encouraging everyone to spend, spend, spend instead of saving and spending sensibly, and making everybody want things that should never be manufactured to begin with just because they are "cool". Tell me, why do electronics have to become obsolete before the consumer even plugs them in or turns them on? Why is fashion the driving force behind design when maybe owning something that actually does the job it was designed to do for a good period of time would be a smarter idea? Remember when people were encouraged to trade in their cars for next years model? Why? The damn car that hasn't even lost that show-room smell yet has PLENTY of miles left to it and why would the new model be THAT much better? It might make plenty of money for the car dealers and the bank, but throwing that much value away for design's sake is just not sustainable. What we need to do is re-tool this economy so that it isn't based on mindless consumption, but rather on quality of life and impact on our environment. Try and make a bubble out of THAT, why dontcha?

The two citizens of the female persuasion had to toil today, so I'm cooking them a nice dinner tonight; breaded, baked tilapia, macaroni and cheese (THE Resident Twin's all-time favorite) and succotash (so that we aren't forced to choose between corn and lima beans). This is not the every damn day gourmet cuisine that some people manage to create but it fills our tummies and isn't too unhealthy (yea, I know the mac and cheese is questionable). I am so looking forward to spring when we can get some organic produce going, and I hope we can outwit the bugs this year. I'm gonna use the "plant right in the bag of dirt" method for a few seasons so hopefully the tomatoes won't suffer another episode of wilt. I'm also thinking of mixing up the varieties, even throwing in some repellent plants like marigolds and citronella to try and confuse the pests. I refuse to use toxic chemicals on what's going into my body. I'm sure my tissues are saturated enough with the crap they put on the produce I have to get at the supermarket. I will be so happy to see this nation getting back to local production and marketing of produce instead of getting everything from mega-farms on the opposite end of the country or even overseas. Hell, I don't even trust the stuff they are shipping in from Mexico.

I hear on World News Tonight that a single mother of six living with her parents got fertility treatments, and had EIGHT babies, all terribly premature, of course, and I wonder to myself......WTF?! Would somebody PLEASE tell me why the clinic shouldn't be shut down, the doctors all charged and their licenses to practice revoked, and child protective services move in and check this strange family out. They say she filed for bankruptcy last year......and WHERE did she get the humongous amount of money these treatments cost? There are so many things wrong with this picture it's not even funny. And to think, the state can deny her a drivers license if she's unfit to drive......but unfit to parent? This planet defies all logic.

Once again I have regaled you with facts much stranger than fiction, with a few laughs tossed in (you DID observe the LAUGH NOW sign in the upper right hand corner of the blog, right?). Thanks to you fine few, my fingers get a good workout, thus I have no fat fingers, but now if I could only figure out how to harness the power of this blog for the REST of my tubby little body.........hmmmmmm.....

Till next time, if there IS a next time...Blessed Be!

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It is a shame that Puters grow old and die..because they seem more magical than mechanical, I can barely comprehend how this contraption actually IS magic.

I was listening to an old Genesis album and one song, Blood On The Rooftops, has a line the Arabs and the Jews boy, too much for me. We live in new countries and our forefathers evicted the previous owners who had been here for tens of thousands of years. Israel is losing support and my guess is that the whole Jesus connection is waning...and when you look on the map it's such a tiny piece of property.

Let's face it, there will never be Peace there..until all the religions die but that won't happen..unless our new alien insect overlords finally arrive. The first thing that they would do would be to vaporise the holey sites in Jerusalem. Enough.

Planned obsolescence..our whole economy is based on shit wearing out or going out of style. waste waste waste and even so much food is wasted 30% of us are now obese..a culture of waste and waist.

That fertility story is obscene. Did you see the size of the staff? WTF were they thinking? That is bullsh*t from the getgo..they had 6 kids!!! but don't talk about stem cells..oh no..i read that ordinarily only 3 eggs are implanted..they must be experimenting on this woman? I think that if you can afford 8 kids knock yourself out but this is brutal...and this couple lives with her parents!

Only in America my friend, only in America.

January 31, 2009 at 5:22 AM

You really need to eat some more meat!

February 2, 2009 at 12:00 AM

I agree - pisses me big time that computers are so archaic in about as much time as it takes to get it home and turned on ...

and that woman - don't even GO there - that is OUTRAGEOUS- she is obviously touched in the head - I mean she HAD six at HOME with her parents and she goes and gets fertility treatments!!

First that some doctor woudl even give a woman with six children already treatments.

Then that they allowed her to carry all those embryos (most competant doctors agree that it is TOO MANY - dangerous to mother and Babies)- wonder who's footing the bill for all the hospital care those babies need and are going to need?

Because they call the poor wee mites" healthy" but that is a relative term - will be interesting to see how the babies actually turn out - poor things.

February 2, 2009 at 6:52 AM

Michael, I'm interested in knowing how you set up your garden for the bags of soil mix and how it works. I've never tried it but I've read that it's a good approach.

February 2, 2009 at 2:33 PM

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