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Welcome to The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, that special place on the net that reassures you that yes, the new normal is anything but. I'm your host, Alex Pendragon, AKA THE Michael, and I will carefully guide you through the blind alleys and dangerous s-curves that lie ahead. Are YOU in good hands?

Things warm up around here, right before the mercury takes yet another plunge into the freeze zone. I blame this all on Canada, who INSISTS on smuggling frigid arctic air into our tropical paradise where we are happy just to not have to run our air conditioners. I bet if Mexico was smuggling hot, humid air smelling of tostadas into our country, the Feds would be all over it.

If I should just happen to lose my job, I've decided to use the CITIBANK approach to financial disaster. Knowing I'm probably going to lose my home, I'll sell it for whatever I can get for it, you know, a best offer sort of deal, or maybe even auction it off on E-bay. Yes, I know, since I have a mortgage on it, it's not really mine, but what the hell, Wall Street can do it, then so can I.

THE Wife is working hard on preparations for our OSTARA celebration, otherwise known as the Spring Equinox. We're hoping to have some friends from far and near join us as we welcome in a new season of re-growth and renewal, sort of like our nation coming out of the darkness of a Republican led meltdown into a new era of hope and responsibility. Interesting how I always manage to segway politics into a spiritual moment, huh? Well, isn't it ALL politics, in a fashion?

Apple has just updated their Safari web browser, and man does this baby ROCK! It has some fascinating new features, such as Coverflow, a feature you find in Apple's music program iTunes, AND, it is as of now, far and away, the fastest web browser the universe has ever seen. Well, OK, maybe that thought-browser the Paraphlaxians over on Trestoid Three in the Alpha Centauri system use is a TAD bit faster, but not by much. And you use Windows WHAT?

Today, or tonight rather, happens to be Saturday, and tonight I type alone, as THE Wife and Resident Daughter are out somewhere with "The Girls" having a "Purple Night", whatever that means. THE Wife mentioned something about purple Jello shooters and feminine empowerment, whatever that's supposed to entail. So, it's french bread pizza, finishing this post, and off to bed for me, for I have to work tomorrow. (They don't........sheesh)

While at work I happened to overhear over one of the patient room televisions some of Rush Limbaugh's crap presented to some Conservative Something or another Committee, in which they loved on each other for being so conservative and loving America and needing to save us all from the commie President who is spending so much money and not cutting rich people's taxes some more. Get this: Rush says that they LOVE people! Yes, that's EXACTLY what the whiney, can't stand liberal, love it or leave it Mr so-full-of-shit-you-can't-even-breath-around-him said, and the good-old-boy-WE-are-the-REAL-American crowd just ate it up!

I honestly think we have to give serious consideration to partitioning this country into the America we all know and love North of the Mason-Dixon line, and give the country South of that border to these people who will JUST NEVER FUCKING GET IT! There, they can bring back slavery and take away women's shoes and just love their narrow minded little lives, and we can get back to being the America the world has always admired. I, frankly, am just getting fed up with these people always screwing the entire pooch and needing the sane people to come back Republican administration after Republican administration and repair the damage, only it's getting harder and harder to do as we go along. SO, let them have THEIR part of what they think America is or should be and let them run it into the ground so that one day we can perhaps ENTERTAIN the idea of letting them, if they FUCKING BEG US, rejoin the union. Only we need to put an end to this dishonest "loyal opposition" once and for all. If the Conservatives want to participate in DEMOCRACY, then let them form a new party with a new philosophy that really DOES include loving people, and then maybe I wouldn't have to laugh at the very idea of Republicans loving ANYTHING they can't make a buck on.

That's my post for tonight and I'm sticking to it. Blessed Be!

The Return of Mr Clean  

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It's been a quiet, pleasant weekend here at Pendragon Hold, our little acre of sand on the outskirts of civilization, Florida style. This is not the Florida most people envision, such as sandy beaches, Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, Manatees, and space shuttles blasting off from the Cape. Nope, you'd never even know it WAS Florida if it wasn't for the sand beneath your feet and the hot, humid air that only air conditioning can save you and your possessions from. At a cost. Unless it's winter. In which everything is miserable cold and damp......unless it's sunny and wonderfully mild.......wait two days, it's quite a variety.

The Resident Daughter has gone down South to visit the non-resident Daughter, leaving us to our own devices. About the most exciting thing to happen these last tow days was the return of THE "BALD" Michael. I gave up on growing out the hair to a length eligible to donate, as after having reached a length just long enough to be totally unruly, it seems to have slowed it's growth dramatically, and I was just getting tired of it. Having discovered last year that I do bald quite well, I had THE Wife go ahead and shear me down to the pate. That's when I discovered that a skin condition I seem to be having a problem with migrated under my scalp as well and it's not that pretty, so it looks like I'm wearing a "do-rag" for awhile at least, till I can turn the full force and fury of medical technology on this "condition".

I really wish I could go into great detail about some structure I single-handedly constructed, some garden I planted, a new animal adopted, or having won the lottery, but unfortunately nothing of such monumental import has occurred these last few days, so you, my loyal readers, all three of you who might grant me a visit this post, will have to settle for a rant, an observation, a pontification, and elucidation of some condition which is decidedly human, yet effects the world we tread upon. So brace yourself. Here goes...........

The economic stimulus package that was finally approved by Congress has now been released to the wild and it remains to be seen how well and how rapidly it will help to ease us out of this mess brought about by the worst of our natures, all in a fit of unregulated capitalism. Of course, there's always a pack of spoilers, this time a few Republican governors, who want to reject their portion of the aid to states included in the package. We all know how hard it's been on many states these past few years, their budgets being squeezed by unfunded mandates and out of control health care costs related to unpaid emergency room visits and a growing population of uninsured. Some states have been hit repeatedly by natural disasters, which thanks to global warming (which really isn't happening) are anything BUT natural, but have caused massive damages to homes and businesses. Anyway, they HATE anything related to democrats (those slimy commie socialists), and are quite willing to have their citizens suffer rather than have to accept help from the Feds to avoid a complete financial meltdown, which, I might add, was made possible by REPUBLICANS! You know, a good many Republican Congressmen were voted out of office by a pissed off and fed-up constituency, and there's NOTHING to say that the rest of you ass-wipes can't join your friends the next round of elections. A loyal opposition is one thing, but childish obstructionism is another. I know that many of you think that we are simply building up a deficit that we can never pay off, but I want to remind you that a DEMOCRAT paid OFF that last deficit, gave us a SURPLUS, which a dip-shit REPUBLICAN pissed away, giving us the biggest debt we have EVER had. Hey, do you think that MAYBE you could pay attention to history and give THIS guy a chance to actually GOVERN, instead of bitching and moaning and thinking that doing it the same way you guys were doing it for YEARS is going to actually FIX this mess that YOU made? Give me a fucking BREAK! It's fucking HILARIOUS to me that we get a president who wants to give the WORKING stiff a tax break for once, and all we hear is that the stimulus doesn't include enough..........what.........tax breaks? Oh, I see, you mean those horrible taxes you RICH people have to pay......awwwwwww.......yes, you are right, we shouldn't be giving people like the CEO's of Exxon/Mobile and Citibank higher taxes to have to pay......that would be so....so.......MEAN!

Sorry........I have to go puke........give me a minute..........

Have you noticed that Mr. Obama is doing his job with a straight face?

In All Things, Moderation  

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Hello and welcome to the Tuesday Edition of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold. I bet you didn't know we HAD a Tuesday Edition, did you? Well, don't feel bad: neither did we.........

I managed to get off a couple of hours early so that I would have time to change and rest up before heading into Jacksonville to see Riverdance, the tickets for which the Resident Twin had bought us as a Valentine's Day gift. It was really an enjoyable production, but having seen the original Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and Feet of Flames on PBS and DVD with Michael Flately, well, it sort of spoiled it for me, except this production WAS a fresher rendition, and featured some dancers who were phenomenal in their OWN right, especially the two African-American tap dancers who contrasted well against the staid talent of the Irish boys. All told, we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to see them live before their American tour ended for good.

It seems like every other day, some dip-shit is contributing to the stereotype that muslims are just flat-out homicidal maniacs who worship a God that has an insatiable appetite for blood. THIS news item is especially sad in that the person involved ran an organization that was supposed to combat these stereotypes. If this kind of behavior becomes the norm rather than the terroristic exception, I am afraid it's going to come down to a "last-man-standing" situation between the West and the Muslim world, however "peaceful" they claim their religion to be. I know how hard it is to try and live under the shadow of stereotypes as a Wiccan, what with this persistent propaganda pushed by the fundamentalist Christian world that we are all devil-worshippers, but you will not see that many of my fellow pagans running around causing such mayhem. Yes, we have our fringe as well as any religion, but we actively disown them instead of making excuses for them whenever the accusations start flying that our belief system had anything to do with their misdeeds. I know that "moderate" practitioners of Islam had better get on the stick and do the same or it's gonna end up very, very ugly, sooner than later.

In my constant quest to downsize the expenses involved in living here at Pendragon Hold, I am giving serious consideration to dropping my land line phone altogether and going with VOIP. You can get a Wi-Fi phone that ties in with your internet broadband and use SKYPE to make all your calls for a mere fraction of what it is costing us to maintain local and long distance with AT&T. The phone company has finally come out and admitted that yes, you can maintain a DSL connection and not have a phone line, and the only hesitation I have right now is finding the right phone and figuring out if my cell phone, with it's one-bar signal here at the Hold will suffice if we need to dial 911. I know a cell phone might not pin-point my location in that regard, but I figure if one is too far gone to give the operator our location, the call isn't gonna help much anyway.

There is two very fine things due to happen next month. The first is THE Wife's birthday, which I enjoy mostly for having been the day that brought a very wonderful person into the world to one day be my Wife. The next, simultaneously, will be a visit by someone I have come to know since I became a Blogger. He lives on the other side of the country in another type of environment altogether, but we are very much alike, and I am really looking forward to finally meet him and his wife in person. Not many of us as bloggers get to meet the people we become close too as we share our lives via these blogs, so I consider myself fortunate that he is able to make the trip and visit us.

Other than the above, not much else of interest has occurred here at the Hold. The weather continues to vacillate between mild winter and cool spring/fall, somewhat schizophrenic as weather goes. All I know is that I really wish I had been able to get a decent wood stove installed, as heating this place during these several freezes have been hell on the budget. Maybe the new stimulus package passed by congress (finally, and with no thanks to the FUCKING Republicans) will have some sort of goody included that might help us upgrade the energy efficiency of the Hold. Or not. Keeping our fingers crossed here.

We now return you to your own, probably much more interesting lives. Please come back and see us now, hear?

The FIX is In!  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

l DID IT! It was NOT without trepidation that I opened up the back of my beloved iMac and began to loosen the screws on the optical drive housing. The Airport card went in nice and smooth, but the Superdrive had to be removed from a housing first, as well as taking the faceplate off the old drive and replacing the new one with it, since the old plate had indentations used to line up the drive with the case that the new one didn't. My worst fear would be that the firmware would not recognize this drive, but it has worked just fine. The only caveat was that it asked me if I wanted to use this new burner instead of the old one......well.....yea.......and that was that! I've burned on CD already, and will test the DVD burning first chance I get, but so far, so good. So, it appears that none of these problems are due to any software bugs, since I have not had to wipe and reinstall the system; the system as is is doing just fine. OSX is NOT so easily screwed up.

Once I got the drive in and functioning, I dove back into the network to see if the new card was going to solve my wireless problem, and after using the airport setup program to get both of my Airport Expresses re-configured, everything is right back to where it was, although I still have to test it out with THE Resident Daughter's PC, which shouldn't be a problem.

So, the sky is not falling, the fixes were easy, and all is well with the Mac, and hopefully, nothing will fail for ANOTHER four or five years, or I manage to upgrade to a new machine altogether before that happens. Ironically, this is the ONE model of Imac flat panel desktop that you CAN access the hard drive and optical drive easily; the new ones must be taken to Apple to be repaired, so, maybe it's a GOOD thing all told that I haven't upgraded to a newer model just yet........I guess there are silver linings to just about everything.

After an almost two-week cold snap that drove our electric bill to astronomical heights, it is suddenly warm and toasty again (outside thermometer is registering 81) and rain is predicted for the weekend. I know I bitch and moan alot about the fake winters down here, but after seeing what those ice storms have done to the good folks up North, I think maybe I will shut up about it. Yes, I have this nostalgic fondness for snow, but I know some folks have been getting too damn much of it, and if I remember correctly, REALLY cold temperatures can be painful and expensive to live with, if not downright fatal. I got reminded of that when I got this last months' power bill. OUCH!

Well, Valentine's day looms, and it seems THE Resident Daughter has gotten us a very nice present; tickets to see the farewell performance of RIVER DANCE! Yea, we's white fokes and Irish dance is about as rough as we roll. Michael Flately, who made the production the world famous wonderment that it is, has moved on now, but I still imagine it's going to be a night to remember. I know I wouldn't last three minutes trying to dance like that, and I can imagine the pain and injuries those wonderful dancers must endure to be in that show. Salute!

While on "vacation" last week I found enough "warm" time to get the old tiller tuned up, gassed up, and running. The area that we usually put our main vegetable garden is on somewhat of a slope, so I tilled a big swathe of it up and raked the sand out into a more level plane. I still have alot of work to do before I can get that whole area leveled back out, but I have enough done to host this year's stab at growing. Instead of purchasing a couple of dump trucks worth of actual soil and dumping it into raised beds, I decided to try out a new method that involves simply taking bags of garden soil, splitting them open, and planting right in the bag. After the growing season is over, I'll dump the bags right there, till it into the substandard sand beneath them, and do it again for several seasons until I figure the dirt in the garden plot is enhanced enough to plant directly in, with some compost enhancement, of course. Hopefully this will help keep the wilt away from the tomatoes and make it easier to control the pests as well. Now, if I can only get that chicken coop built..........

There's not much to grouse about world-events wise, although terrible things continue to happen. One thing I DO have to be happy about though is how well our new president is performing, considering the pressure he is under right now, right out of the gate. I don't think any other president save Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt were faced with such dire consequences, but this young man seems to have been born to this, eerily so, in fact. As pointed out by my good friend, Donn, of Homo-sapiens fame, many people have thought that Kennedy and Lincoln had so many similarities in their lives that the latter might have been the reincarnation of the former. You know, they may be right, and he's back once again to see if he can straighten this mess of ours out once and for all, without getting wasted by some nutcase gunman (or professional hit men, for that matter) before he's through. If he is, then I say welcome back, Abe, I'm behind you 110%!

This is Alex Pendragon, AKA THE Michael, and I thank you for your visit, and now return you to your busy lives.

Even Bentleys get the Blues..........  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Hello again and welcome to The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, that ongoing saga that enthralls it's readers with tales of...........eclectic wazupitry! Look, Ma, I made a word!

We, THE Wife and I, are coming to the end of our week off of work (with the exception of Friday, in which your hero, THE intrepid Michael, being on call, WAS called, and went into work. As a result, between the one day I actually didn't work, the day I did, and the amount of PTO I had coming, the paycheck will not suffer......THE Gods do smile upon us, indeed they do. No, we cannot call it a vacation, per see, since we didn't go anywhere and see/do/endure anything new, but it was a pleasant week regardless, and we were able to get some projects completed in a leisurely manner.

The only "project" that I personally didn't get to finish off was the overhaul of this computer, awaiting on the arrival of the superdrive. Which brings me to a certain "issue" that someone wanted to highlight. Over the years I have made it abundantly clear that I am an unabashed Mac Fanatic, having used Apple computers since the introduction of the original Macintosh back in 1984, before which all of mankind had been held hostage to the IBM "personal computer", from which evolved the simple moniker "PC". Back then, they provided you with a 15 pound operators manual which if you were geeky enough, would allow you to figure out how to turn the damn thing on, and then, if you had at least a bachelors degree in advanced logic circuitry, you might even be able to figure out how to play a game on it, or program a simple calculation program (addition and subtraction, multiplication might strain the processor). Until that day in 84, I couldn't conceive of any reason to own a PC.

Then came the Macintosh. It was a machine you would laugh at today, with a small, built-in black and white monitor, no disk drive at all, and about 128K (no, not gigabytes, folks, I mean Kilobytes) of random access memory, and a processor which today wouldn't be fast enough to power your vacuum cleaner. Ah, but this baby was friggin AMAZING! It introduced to the computing world the mouse, that darling little point-an-click device we all depend on today to maneuver around our screens. Back before then, you had to use keystrokes and cursor keys to enter commands to do anything, thus you had to learn to become a "power-user", a person with lots of time to memorize all those keystrokes to perform your tasks. Also, the Macintosh introduced bundled software such as MacPaint and Macdraw, which used the mouse to it's best advantage. MacWrite was the first real user-friendly word processor which used the mouse and real, smooth fonts and text to produce professional looking letters and publications easily and without a steep learning curve. The accounting programs made keeping a checking account a breeze, even printing out checks to pay your bills with. And it was a crammed into a cube that could be carried around from place to place, a true forerunner of the "portable computing device", such as our present day laptops, and even the iMac, which can be easily moved around with a minimum of cables and attached devices. That first Mac, with printer and carrying case, set me back a cool 2500 bucks, but thanks to what it did for me at home and at my Navy Reserve unit where I served as an office geek, it was worth every penny. Today, I own a machine that is even more compact yet light-years more capable, at about half the price of that first amazing computer.Now, we Apple freaks like to lord it over our "PC" friends, those of you who use the computers still based on the Windows Operating System that once owned the personal computing world, convinced that we have a system that is more reliable, user friendly, and overall advanced than the Windows system, but I also know that even a BMW or a Rolls Royce can suffer from the occasional mechanical failure. The same thing happens (say it ain't so, Batman!) to our Macs, but I would venture that it happens OVERAL much less often to us than it does to them. We may be a tad less PRONE to these failures than our PC friends, but what makes the Mac platform SUPERIOR, at least in our geeky minds, is the fact that the Apple hardware AND software is made by the same company, with BOTH components designed to work with each other, rather than hoping that the numerous different manufacturers of widgets that can end up in your typical PC can play nice with each other and work as promised, and which very often don't. This is NOT to say that Apple doesn't screw up a software update on occasion or doesn't ever have a bad batch of hard drives or logic boards end up in their computers, but since shit happens, it will happen, even to an Apple. So, you can get all defensive if you want when I make fun of PC's in general, but MY experience overall with Apple has earned them my loyalty, which they can easily lose if they fail to maintain the standards which now commands them 10% of the total desktop market. And, if you HAVE had a pleasant and trouble free experience with YOUR PC, then more power to you, I wish you the best and hope you continue to enjoy the machine of your choice. But no, I have never, in all these thirty plus years of owning Macs, and probably WILL never have to clean a virus out of THIS machine, TYVM! (knock on wood, sooner or later market share will draw the attention of virus writers and then all bets are off)

And now, for the REST of the story...........

We had a nice little circle this moonlit night, THE High Priestess and I, and we took the opportunity to consecrate our new robes and bless the alter for the new year. THE Wife did a fantastic job making our robes, and although they are not lined with real gold and silver and the finest silk, I bet ours do the job just as well as those weird looking Bishop get-ups. Hehe.

I remember back a long, long eight years ago when DUBYA stole the election and promised to be the "uniter". He and his Republican good old boys decided instead to be the "deciders" and made a mockery of bipartisan governance. Now, we have been left with the biggest mess an administration has ever been capable of leaving the American People, and our very first President of color is expected, and has taken on the task, of cleaning it up.

Only bipartisanship is still a foreign concept to (what part of YOU LOST EVERY FUCKING ELECTION THIS TIME AROUND don't you understand?!) the Republicans, who still stubbornly insist on holding onto failed policies that only served one constituent, and that was rich people. This emergency stimulus package that Obama and the Democrats have crafted to get this country back on it's feet and it's citizens back to work doesn't, it seems, include enough tax cuts to suit them. Now, we all know that Obama promised LOTS of tax cuts, only this time he promised them to US, the majority of the American people, hard working folk who don't, on average, earn those six-digit salaries that people like CEO's and sports heroes make. No, the Republicans want the rich folks to get even MORE tax breaks so that they can take their enormous profits and PISS some of them down on us, the common folk. Like Exxon/mobile did. Huh? Yea, don't you know that even just last year, Exxon posted the most profit ever recorded by a company of any size? And of course, you can see how all those BILLIONS of dollars got trickled down to us, right? NO? Hmmmmmmmm. Could there be something WRONG with conservative philosophy? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Fuck the Republicans. I say we do what we need to do to fix this poor, wrecked country of ours, so that we can raise or faces once more to the world and proclaim our pride of citizenship, and get back to the business of being the envy of the world once again. The alternative, my friends, is to just give it back to them "real Americans", you know, the one that Sarah Palin claimed were lurking there in the back woods of America (and up there in Alaska), and let the whole damn thing go to hell once and for all. YOU know and I know that conservative philosophy is a philosophy of denial, of exclusion, of hatred and ignorance, and that it's only consequence would be a nation of two classes, of haves (having damn near everything) and have nots, slaving away to avoid starvation, never to know any sense of dignity or worth. I thank the Gods and the final awakening of the American people for our new president, and I pray every day for his safety and success, for our benefit, for our sake. If the Republicans insist on getting in the way, I say to bad, they are nothing but bumps in the road and we have some damn good shock absorbers this time around. ROLL ON!

So, it's back to work for the Pendragon Clan. It was a nice week, tending to our own rest and recovery, the needs of the homestead and the heart, and now we return to the task of earning our living with a tad more vigor than usual. I hope YOUR days in this challenging year ahead are days you one day can look back and smile upon as the days you dodged the bullet. I know I'm ducking as best I can.

Blessed be, all seven of our followers, and everyone else who happens by.......

Holly King versus Oak King  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Hello and welcome to The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold. I'm your host, Alex Pendragon, AKA THE Michael, and I run this joint, or at least THE Wife allows me to think so. We are both taking a short little stay-at-home vacation, or at least THE Wife is; me, I'm not sure, since I agreed to be on-call at the hospital on the two days I wanted to take off. I blew my PTO (Paid-Time-Off) hours on my back injury last month and thus had to alter my plans to have a bona-fide vacation with THE Wife, instead agreeing to be available to work if needed, thus I MIGHT have to go into work tomorrow or the next day or both. Thus is life in a cruel economy.

Bless her soul, THE Wife is getting used to this never-getting-to-go-anywhere situation we find ourselves in these days, instead catching up on projects around the house such as sewing our new robes for our circle ceremonies (and here are the pics I promised) and working out with the Wii fitness program. My attentions have been on this ailing computer of mine, and I have ordered a new airport card* as well as a new superdrive to try to get her back into shape. I was fortunate to be able to find a new airport card with a third-party dealer, and the superdrive I found on Amazon is actually an upgrade of what I had, at a VERY good price. The new one will burn the new double-layer discs. I am going to install the drive first and reinstall my OS, since I think that my airport problems might be due to some snarky software updates from Apple. It WILL kinda piss me off royally if it WAS totally a software problem caused by Apple and my Airport card was just fine after all, but I won't know one way or the other until I get this new drive installed and can redo the system from scratch. Such is advanced technology, which also gave us DDT and the Hydrogen bomb. Go SCIENCE!

The weather is FINALLY acting as though it was winter here in sunny Florida. It supposedly froze last night, and is due to be even colder tonight, with high winds really making things nasty. This time we put the delicate plants back into the shed and I have taken the usual freeze precautions, like dripping faucets, etc. However, this sinking of the mercury is NOT going to be kind to our wallet, since our heat is all electric. I really wish I had taken advantage of that wood stove for $275 last year that went up to around $400 this year.

Our new Commander-in-Chief is finding it hard to fill cabinet posts due to the habit of so many nominees thinking that paying taxes is something they might get around to sooner or later. He campaigned on a promise to enforce strict ethical standards, and darn if it doesn't turn out that there's a whole lot of politicians there in Washington who haven't been as ethical as they should have been, and even worse, they were Democrats! Gasp! However, if I were the Republicans, I would keep my mouth shut about that, since if my memory serves me right, it's awful damn hard to find a conservative in that town who even knows how to spell ethics.
I really do admire Obama's embarrassment and willingness to take responsibility for not having fully vetted these nominees. Bush never took responsibility for ANYthing he screwed up.

We've both been working every day on our Wii Fit, and so far, we have not made great leaps and strides in weight loss, but this is only our first week, and we have been unlocking new exercises and Yoga poses as we go. We need to throw in some treadmill as well, because as "Fit" as these routines can make us, we STILL need to burn some serious calories if we are EVER gonna get ahead of this extra weight we've collected.

THE Wife made me clean up my desk today, something that simply throws everything off for us (Men). Yes, there is a rhyme to our reason, a method to our madness, a genuine need for this apparent disorder which in reality is a highly complex filing system that fits right in with our ability to do 5 things at once while appearing to not being able to hear our wives trying desperately to distract us. I wonder how many award winning authors are married?

On the religion front, it seems like God's right hand man, the Germanic Pope, is once again in hot water with every person on the Earth he can't excommunicate. It seems that Mel Gibson's Father, the Bishop Williamson (don't ask me how a guy with offspring ends up being a CATHOLIC Bishop) doesn't believe any Jews got gassed by the Germans, and this rather obtuse belief comes out AFTER the Pope rescinds his excommunication for being a little too right-wing as Catholics go. The Pope explains that he was only trying to "rehabilitate" the wayward Bishop by "bringing him back into the fold". Yea, right. I suppose you could "rehabilitate" Hitler for perhaps being a little too hard on those people who murdered Christ. I suppose you could "forgive" Osama Bin Laden for "misunderstanding" Christians and every other innocent person him and his minions have murdered. Tell ya what, Pope Pathetic, how about we "rehabilitate" GOD for killing all those millions of people during the flood, or all those children during passover? Yea, sounds like a plan to me.........

While I'm on THIS rant, why didn't God NUKE new orleans like he did Sodom and Gamorra, instead of just fucking it up royally with a monster hurricane, during the BUSH administration, of all times? I need to ask the Baptists about that, such experts in what makes God tick as they are.........

Oh, and Mr Obama has clamped down on CEO's of major corporations accepting government bail-out money by capping their salaries at "only" $500,000! Imagine that, a hard-working CEO having to settle for only half a million clams for a paycheck..........how terrible! I mean, with the price of heating oil these days, how is a CEO going to heat one of those mansions through the winter. What, are they expected to shut down their 5 hot tubs? Hell, the family dog might even be forced to move out of his heated dog estate and come inside with the....the......shudder...HUMANS! The INJUSTICE!

Instead, why don't we get rid of CEO's all together, let us workers do our jobs for decent pay and benefits, and spread all that CEO butter over OUR bread instead? Imagine the returns the shareholders will be getting when it isn't all going into on big fat ass pocket? Imagine having a happy, healthy workforce producing superior products at competitive prices? Naw............conservatives would be leaping out of their country club windows in droves. This is America, where everyone deserves every penny they suck out of the skins of hardworking stiffs like you and me.

They gave George Carlin the Mark Twain Award tonight. See, George, there's life after death after all!

Well, I may or may not be working tomorrow, so I will leave you all with the following sentiment, delivered by one of the sweetest songs I know........

May there always be someone who loves you
May there always be work for your hands
May you always be dealt with with kindness
as you travel throughout this land
May there always be food on your table
and always a friend you can hold
May your body always be able
and your spirt always be bold

May the road rise up to meet you
May there always be wind at your back
May your journey never be lonely
and we pray that you keep coming back

May your path be loving and gentle
with the children be wise and be kind
if your heart is heavy with sorrow
remember it's all in your mind

May the road rise up to meet you
May there always be a wind at your back
May your journey never be lonely

And we wait
for you
to come back...........

*Airport: Apple version of Wi-Fi