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Hello again and welcome to The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, that ongoing saga that enthralls it's readers with tales of...........eclectic wazupitry! Look, Ma, I made a word!

We, THE Wife and I, are coming to the end of our week off of work (with the exception of Friday, in which your hero, THE intrepid Michael, being on call, WAS called, and went into work. As a result, between the one day I actually didn't work, the day I did, and the amount of PTO I had coming, the paycheck will not suffer......THE Gods do smile upon us, indeed they do. No, we cannot call it a vacation, per see, since we didn't go anywhere and see/do/endure anything new, but it was a pleasant week regardless, and we were able to get some projects completed in a leisurely manner.

The only "project" that I personally didn't get to finish off was the overhaul of this computer, awaiting on the arrival of the superdrive. Which brings me to a certain "issue" that someone wanted to highlight. Over the years I have made it abundantly clear that I am an unabashed Mac Fanatic, having used Apple computers since the introduction of the original Macintosh back in 1984, before which all of mankind had been held hostage to the IBM "personal computer", from which evolved the simple moniker "PC". Back then, they provided you with a 15 pound operators manual which if you were geeky enough, would allow you to figure out how to turn the damn thing on, and then, if you had at least a bachelors degree in advanced logic circuitry, you might even be able to figure out how to play a game on it, or program a simple calculation program (addition and subtraction, multiplication might strain the processor). Until that day in 84, I couldn't conceive of any reason to own a PC.

Then came the Macintosh. It was a machine you would laugh at today, with a small, built-in black and white monitor, no disk drive at all, and about 128K (no, not gigabytes, folks, I mean Kilobytes) of random access memory, and a processor which today wouldn't be fast enough to power your vacuum cleaner. Ah, but this baby was friggin AMAZING! It introduced to the computing world the mouse, that darling little point-an-click device we all depend on today to maneuver around our screens. Back before then, you had to use keystrokes and cursor keys to enter commands to do anything, thus you had to learn to become a "power-user", a person with lots of time to memorize all those keystrokes to perform your tasks. Also, the Macintosh introduced bundled software such as MacPaint and Macdraw, which used the mouse to it's best advantage. MacWrite was the first real user-friendly word processor which used the mouse and real, smooth fonts and text to produce professional looking letters and publications easily and without a steep learning curve. The accounting programs made keeping a checking account a breeze, even printing out checks to pay your bills with. And it was a crammed into a cube that could be carried around from place to place, a true forerunner of the "portable computing device", such as our present day laptops, and even the iMac, which can be easily moved around with a minimum of cables and attached devices. That first Mac, with printer and carrying case, set me back a cool 2500 bucks, but thanks to what it did for me at home and at my Navy Reserve unit where I served as an office geek, it was worth every penny. Today, I own a machine that is even more compact yet light-years more capable, at about half the price of that first amazing computer.Now, we Apple freaks like to lord it over our "PC" friends, those of you who use the computers still based on the Windows Operating System that once owned the personal computing world, convinced that we have a system that is more reliable, user friendly, and overall advanced than the Windows system, but I also know that even a BMW or a Rolls Royce can suffer from the occasional mechanical failure. The same thing happens (say it ain't so, Batman!) to our Macs, but I would venture that it happens OVERAL much less often to us than it does to them. We may be a tad less PRONE to these failures than our PC friends, but what makes the Mac platform SUPERIOR, at least in our geeky minds, is the fact that the Apple hardware AND software is made by the same company, with BOTH components designed to work with each other, rather than hoping that the numerous different manufacturers of widgets that can end up in your typical PC can play nice with each other and work as promised, and which very often don't. This is NOT to say that Apple doesn't screw up a software update on occasion or doesn't ever have a bad batch of hard drives or logic boards end up in their computers, but since shit happens, it will happen, even to an Apple. So, you can get all defensive if you want when I make fun of PC's in general, but MY experience overall with Apple has earned them my loyalty, which they can easily lose if they fail to maintain the standards which now commands them 10% of the total desktop market. And, if you HAVE had a pleasant and trouble free experience with YOUR PC, then more power to you, I wish you the best and hope you continue to enjoy the machine of your choice. But no, I have never, in all these thirty plus years of owning Macs, and probably WILL never have to clean a virus out of THIS machine, TYVM! (knock on wood, sooner or later market share will draw the attention of virus writers and then all bets are off)

And now, for the REST of the story...........

We had a nice little circle this moonlit night, THE High Priestess and I, and we took the opportunity to consecrate our new robes and bless the alter for the new year. THE Wife did a fantastic job making our robes, and although they are not lined with real gold and silver and the finest silk, I bet ours do the job just as well as those weird looking Bishop get-ups. Hehe.

I remember back a long, long eight years ago when DUBYA stole the election and promised to be the "uniter". He and his Republican good old boys decided instead to be the "deciders" and made a mockery of bipartisan governance. Now, we have been left with the biggest mess an administration has ever been capable of leaving the American People, and our very first President of color is expected, and has taken on the task, of cleaning it up.

Only bipartisanship is still a foreign concept to (what part of YOU LOST EVERY FUCKING ELECTION THIS TIME AROUND don't you understand?!) the Republicans, who still stubbornly insist on holding onto failed policies that only served one constituent, and that was rich people. This emergency stimulus package that Obama and the Democrats have crafted to get this country back on it's feet and it's citizens back to work doesn't, it seems, include enough tax cuts to suit them. Now, we all know that Obama promised LOTS of tax cuts, only this time he promised them to US, the majority of the American people, hard working folk who don't, on average, earn those six-digit salaries that people like CEO's and sports heroes make. No, the Republicans want the rich folks to get even MORE tax breaks so that they can take their enormous profits and PISS some of them down on us, the common folk. Like Exxon/mobile did. Huh? Yea, don't you know that even just last year, Exxon posted the most profit ever recorded by a company of any size? And of course, you can see how all those BILLIONS of dollars got trickled down to us, right? NO? Hmmmmmmmm. Could there be something WRONG with conservative philosophy? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Fuck the Republicans. I say we do what we need to do to fix this poor, wrecked country of ours, so that we can raise or faces once more to the world and proclaim our pride of citizenship, and get back to the business of being the envy of the world once again. The alternative, my friends, is to just give it back to them "real Americans", you know, the one that Sarah Palin claimed were lurking there in the back woods of America (and up there in Alaska), and let the whole damn thing go to hell once and for all. YOU know and I know that conservative philosophy is a philosophy of denial, of exclusion, of hatred and ignorance, and that it's only consequence would be a nation of two classes, of haves (having damn near everything) and have nots, slaving away to avoid starvation, never to know any sense of dignity or worth. I thank the Gods and the final awakening of the American people for our new president, and I pray every day for his safety and success, for our benefit, for our sake. If the Republicans insist on getting in the way, I say to bad, they are nothing but bumps in the road and we have some damn good shock absorbers this time around. ROLL ON!

So, it's back to work for the Pendragon Clan. It was a nice week, tending to our own rest and recovery, the needs of the homestead and the heart, and now we return to the task of earning our living with a tad more vigor than usual. I hope YOUR days in this challenging year ahead are days you one day can look back and smile upon as the days you dodged the bullet. I know I'm ducking as best I can.

Blessed be, all seven of our followers, and everyone else who happens by.......

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wasn't getting defensive, was teasing you-sheesh, SORRY

February 8, 2009 at 11:21 PM

Regrettably, I don't believe the government's efforts to turn the economy around will be effective.

February 9, 2009 at 12:07 AM

sounds like a good week all 'round and good for the extra work - always comes in handy.

you've sure given a powerful argument for the fruit - what a concept - new interfaces, new technology that WORKS with what came before!

February 9, 2009 at 8:15 AM

I'm with Buff. I can't see where spending ANOTHER $892B, right after they spent $700B, will do much more good. There is the saying about throwing good money after bad, and you can't fix a problem with money. We gave the banks money and they did nothing with it. Now they want to give more money to free up the other money. And where is the advantage to me, the little guy, the one who scraped and struggled to pay my bills on time, not late, in full? Oh yeah, that's right, I got some stimulus money, $600, right? Guess where THAT went? To the insurance carrier for my homeowners insurance, which doubled last year. The same carrier who just sent me a letter saying they are dropping my wind coverage and I can join the State wind pool. For $2000/yr. The only thing that money stimulated was Allstate's weenie. Bastards!
I hate we're throwing good money after bad, but feel my opinion carries little weight, in reality.
Beautiful full moon last night eh?

February 9, 2009 at 1:23 PM

Its only money!

February 11, 2009 at 4:38 PM

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