The Return of Mr Clean  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

It's been a quiet, pleasant weekend here at Pendragon Hold, our little acre of sand on the outskirts of civilization, Florida style. This is not the Florida most people envision, such as sandy beaches, Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, Manatees, and space shuttles blasting off from the Cape. Nope, you'd never even know it WAS Florida if it wasn't for the sand beneath your feet and the hot, humid air that only air conditioning can save you and your possessions from. At a cost. Unless it's winter. In which everything is miserable cold and damp......unless it's sunny and wonderfully mild.......wait two days, it's quite a variety.

The Resident Daughter has gone down South to visit the non-resident Daughter, leaving us to our own devices. About the most exciting thing to happen these last tow days was the return of THE "BALD" Michael. I gave up on growing out the hair to a length eligible to donate, as after having reached a length just long enough to be totally unruly, it seems to have slowed it's growth dramatically, and I was just getting tired of it. Having discovered last year that I do bald quite well, I had THE Wife go ahead and shear me down to the pate. That's when I discovered that a skin condition I seem to be having a problem with migrated under my scalp as well and it's not that pretty, so it looks like I'm wearing a "do-rag" for awhile at least, till I can turn the full force and fury of medical technology on this "condition".

I really wish I could go into great detail about some structure I single-handedly constructed, some garden I planted, a new animal adopted, or having won the lottery, but unfortunately nothing of such monumental import has occurred these last few days, so you, my loyal readers, all three of you who might grant me a visit this post, will have to settle for a rant, an observation, a pontification, and elucidation of some condition which is decidedly human, yet effects the world we tread upon. So brace yourself. Here goes...........

The economic stimulus package that was finally approved by Congress has now been released to the wild and it remains to be seen how well and how rapidly it will help to ease us out of this mess brought about by the worst of our natures, all in a fit of unregulated capitalism. Of course, there's always a pack of spoilers, this time a few Republican governors, who want to reject their portion of the aid to states included in the package. We all know how hard it's been on many states these past few years, their budgets being squeezed by unfunded mandates and out of control health care costs related to unpaid emergency room visits and a growing population of uninsured. Some states have been hit repeatedly by natural disasters, which thanks to global warming (which really isn't happening) are anything BUT natural, but have caused massive damages to homes and businesses. Anyway, they HATE anything related to democrats (those slimy commie socialists), and are quite willing to have their citizens suffer rather than have to accept help from the Feds to avoid a complete financial meltdown, which, I might add, was made possible by REPUBLICANS! You know, a good many Republican Congressmen were voted out of office by a pissed off and fed-up constituency, and there's NOTHING to say that the rest of you ass-wipes can't join your friends the next round of elections. A loyal opposition is one thing, but childish obstructionism is another. I know that many of you think that we are simply building up a deficit that we can never pay off, but I want to remind you that a DEMOCRAT paid OFF that last deficit, gave us a SURPLUS, which a dip-shit REPUBLICAN pissed away, giving us the biggest debt we have EVER had. Hey, do you think that MAYBE you could pay attention to history and give THIS guy a chance to actually GOVERN, instead of bitching and moaning and thinking that doing it the same way you guys were doing it for YEARS is going to actually FIX this mess that YOU made? Give me a fucking BREAK! It's fucking HILARIOUS to me that we get a president who wants to give the WORKING stiff a tax break for once, and all we hear is that the stimulus doesn't include breaks? Oh, I see, you mean those horrible taxes you RICH people have to pay......awwwwwww.......yes, you are right, we shouldn't be giving people like the CEO's of Exxon/Mobile and Citibank higher taxes to have to pay......that would be!

Sorry........I have to go puke........give me a minute..........

Have you noticed that Mr. Obama is doing his job with a straight face?

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It is going to royally piss off a whole batch of right wingers if it all works. I hoping.

February 23, 2009 at 12:03 AM

I'd LOVE to go into great detail on our new dog and the challenges he provides, but I'm too tired of chasing him back in the yard, trying to keep him occupied so he doesn't think he needs to go out of the yard, trying to keep him from chasing any and ALL small furry creatures in our yard and the neighbors....etc, ad nauseum.

Great rant.

February 23, 2009 at 3:18 PM

Rant on THE michael. :)
It really is strange how politics work. I suppose I always semi-rationally could understand how in theory the rich keeping all their money means they spent more which means the economy works...
but I am so glad that my own views are finally being addressed by a President who is not afraid to tell it like it is, and go forward against the nit-picking tide of has-beens-in-office.
Poly = many
tics = blood sucking insects.
Politics. Sheesh!

February 23, 2009 at 4:16 PM


February 25, 2009 at 12:15 AM

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