Resurrection and other Miscellaneous Miracles  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Hello and welcome to the Friday edition of the Chronicles of Pendragon Hold. This post was created with the assistance of a computer resurrected from the dead, thus it is Christlike and everything posted here from now on is gospel.

It all started with a very brief power surge which caused many of our electronic gizmos and whiz-bangs to reset, turn off, or otherwise wonder what happened. The IMac, which is the center of our electronic presence in the universe, popped off and the screen turned that deathly shade of black. Oh well, I think, guess I have to hit that button on the backside and start her back up again. Only THIS time nothing happened.....nothing at ALL. It just sat there acting rather inanimate. Like, sorry dude, but I've moved on to that G-5 afterlife. You know how you keep pushing an elevator button after the first time thinking doing it again is going to make things happen any quicker? That was me, desperate..........

THE Wife was heading out the door to work when this happened, suggesting that I might want to take her to work to have the car to.....what? Like we have the money to replace whatever got fried inside the computer? This baby is LONG out of warranty. I couldn't understand this; she IS plugged into a surge protector, so what's the deal?

So, being a man, genetically unable AND unwilling to just let this go without a fight, I unplugged her power cord and plugged it back in. Nothing. I started pulling USB and Firewire and all manner of cables from her backside until I got to the last one, the Ethernet cable, and BING!

Just as I pulled that cord, she restarted, just like THAT!


And here I am, blogging on a perfectly fine Apple IMac, as though nothing happened. Well, these things might have their quirks, but in the end, an Apple always comes bouncing back, under circumstances that make most PC's spaz out and walk themselves to the landfill. Which is good because it's going to be awhile before I can afford a replacement. And NO, I will NOT settle for a $299 excuse for a computer just to get back online quicker. If need be, I'd shell out for a Mac Mini just to hold me over till I COULD afford to acquire another IMac, the best desktop made for any amount of money. Hell, this G-5 is so old now that a new Mac Mini would probably run circles around her. That's progress.

In OTHER news...........The terrace (herbs and assorted beans and other veggies) is looking beautiful as is the "bag garden" of tomatoes in the back forty. Yesterday I put in some posts and a stretch of fence reused from the old goat pen fence to support the loofah we'll be planting out by the tomatoes. In case you can't place the word, loofah is a zucchini or cucumber-like fruit that allowed to mature and dry out makes those cool and durable bath sponges they sell in stores, all natural and better than an plastic substitute. Harvested while young, the spaghetti-like insides can also be eaten. See, you leave it to Mother Nature and you can find a natural substitute for just about anything we make these days. We've just developed this arrogant attitude that we can make superior products out of petroleum and/or plastics when truth be told we only end up making things that break anyway and end up in landfills poisoning the environment. Hell, I bet we could make computer cases out of bamboo that would last just about as long as the plastic we use now. I do know one thing, if we don't start getting back to renewable resources, the crap we rely on now will be the death of us all.

What am I saying......the crap we've been using IS killing us........

Well, THE Wife's neck and shoulder problem is back full blown and it's back to BOTOX injections to treat it with again. Her neurologist had referred her to a neurosurgeon thinking a surgical approach to the problem might be possible, but it was deemed not bad enough. At least compared to the risk of surgery. Sigh.....

The septic mound is now a nice shade of green as the clover seed has all sprouted and is growing. My hope is that it stabilizes the sand and provides some nice graze for the goats. I also hope that this summer is nice and wet and not to hot, but this spring was so nice I can't help thinking it is simply a harbinger of a very hot summer. Already there have been wildfires in South Carolina which wiped out some neighborhoods. This country wasn't always catching fire every summer, but we may end up referring to summer as "the burning times". hehe..........what goes around........

Meanwhile, over in Pakistan, a very backwards country full of angry muslims and nuclear weapons, the Taliban have boldly gone forth and begun to occupy more and more territory while the Pakistani army seems hell-bent on acting like nothing is happening. Personally, I think the army would rather the country be taken over by the crazies than to allow a democracy to flourish. I imagine the military would rather not have to deal with uppity wives. Thus, I think we have a situation where we had BETTER suggest to Pakistan that they either deal with the militants aggressively, or we will back India and give them a free hand in dealing with the situation as they see fit, which I imagine would be going in and taking out those nuclear facilities before the Islamists get their hands on them. Gods know that India has taken enough shit from these rag heads.

Oh, and our fresh water is running out, and what we do have left is chock full of hormones, pharmaceuticals, PCB's. and various other chemicals doing strange things to us and the wildlife. So, it stands to reason to assume that those who are responsible for this mess despise their children and want them all to die of strange ailments or suffer from chronic diseases or deformities. Yep, think about it....what CEO of one of these myriad poison factories would continue to rake in the cash knowing his own children and grandchildren were going to pay the price right along with the rest of us? What, you think they don't KNOW? Really? Yea, right. Can you spell MONSTER? I spell it FUCKINGBASTARD myself.

Thus we come to the end of another exciting episode of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, that little acre of sand on the outskirts of civilization, waiting nervously for the next wildfire, hurricane, or monster meteor, and loving every minute of else you gonna do?

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Glad the whiz-bangs and gizmos are back on track.

Home grown loofas - good stuff! Can they be grown in a pot or do they get too large?

April 24, 2009 at 12:55 PM

It's the trellis that matters; these vines grow hog wild! A LARGE pot might support the base of the plant...probably will need to fertilize often.

April 24, 2009 at 2:33 PM

Good to see you back Michael! Things are good over here. All sunshine and no rain! I've got tomatoes and peppers in so far. It's all looking good, even if I have to water every day. I'm looking into rain barrels!

Have a great weekend!

April 24, 2009 at 2:51 PM

Loofah? Must admit that I've never heard of them. Is this your first time raising them?

I'm getting close to planting the garden. But first, I need to get a fence installed and stock up a thousand gallons of water.

April 24, 2009 at 9:16 PM

I always assumed Loofah were dried sea creatures.

I really wish we worked at the same hospital. All of the Baptists that I encounter at my job can really make for a long 40 hours.

April 26, 2009 at 1:02 AM

Zucchini Loofah. Really? Grow your own Loofah? Will there be Obama Loofahs now? I never really liked the idea of a Chia Pet, but a loofah seems functional. I'm Italian, we like to eat our zucchinis though. Just hopping around blogland today....~Mary

April 26, 2009 at 7:34 AM

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