A Post about Posts, Post Holes, and Damn Good Customer Service  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

It's been Hold Improvement here at Pendragon Hold. For most of the day, yours truly has been digging post holes, hauling around heavy sacks of concrete, and running back and forth getting fence posts and fencing. In one fell swoop (which is actually probably going to take a few swoops at least, work-day wise) I am finishing off the back of the goat pen bordering my neighbors yard, which Houdini goat continues to penetrate when I forget to plug in the electric fence, extending out past our septic mound and across to where the picket fence surrounds the terrace garden. This will give the goats a grazing area to romp around in while keeping them away from the main garden area and the rest of the yard which I haven't re-fenced with new woven-wire fence yet. The idea is also to allow them to ravage one sector of the back forty while the other sector recovers from their ravaging.

This lousy economy has really brought customer service back to the forefront, and I for one welcome it. I purchased a huge, hunking 330 foot role of 48 inch goat fence from Tractor Supply for around $300, and discovering that I couldn't get it into our little Focus, the guy who brought out the fencing for me volunteered to haul it out to my house in the back of his personal pick-up. No charge. THAT was pleasant enough, but when I went back and purchased a metal gate for another $50 the next day, ANOTHER guy there brought it home for me in HIS truck, once we discovered it was just slightly too large to get into my car. I offered as to how much I appreciated the deliveries, and he returned as to how much they appreciated my business. Imagine that. Home Depot would have offered to rent me a truck. So, please, if you notice small businesses such as these in YOUR locality going the extra mile without being asked, then spend the extra dollar or two it might take to patronize them rather than the big chain stores, because the little guy has always struggled against the Chain monsters, even when times were relatively good, and deserve our loyalty now more than ever.

Last night we had a pleasant Beltane ceremony and a dinner for a guest and THE now-non-resident Daughter. The temperatures are climbing and it hasn't rained in more than a week now, so it was a pleasant night, dry, not too cool, with a stray drop of rain falling on occasion.

THE Wife has been in quite a bit of pain these past several weeks, with pain and numbness descending down her arm. This is after a neurosurgeon declined to attempt to treat her surgically. Her neurologist is ready to treat her with another round of Botox, which is the only treatment which has worked for her, so of course all of a sudden the insurance company wants to "pre-approve" the treatment, so I have no idea when we're going to be receiving the drug. I hope like hell it's soon.

I wish I had more to report concerning the goings on here at the sandy edge of civilizations, but things have been fairly quiet and uneventful, all told, which is good, actually, since I would not really care to be reporting on the local death toll from H1N1, attacks by displaced Somali pirates, or why black helicopters are circling our home in the night. That would be more atmosphere than I care to handle right now. But, hey, you never know..........that dragon egg I dug up in the back yard; I swear that crack in it is new...........

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Michael, why would the insurance company have to pre-approve a repeat of a treatment for an on-going condition? Looks like they would want to approve new treatments or treatments for new illnesses. Hope they come through quickly and it alleviates the pain.

May 3, 2009 at 12:46 AM

I agree about going to the small guy as much as possible although in all fairness, the home depot people need their jobs too. Customer service? Not sure what that is anymore...

I"m sorry about your wife's ongong pain also - nothing worse than living with chronic pain; hope the medicatin issue gets resolved soonest.

May 4, 2009 at 3:40 AM

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