Macs, Mania, and Tropical Depression  

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Forgive me Lords and Ladies, for I have sinned. It's been a week since my last confession. Not that I need forgiveness, but I can imagine what it's like to be patiently waiting for a new post at your favorite all-time blog and nothing shows up for what seems forever. Well, hopefully, the content of this edition of The Chronicles will make up for our lackadaisical posting.

It's been a fairly wet week here at the Hold, but nothing like the 40 days and nights all crammed into a month of monsoon we were swimming around in a few weeks ago. At least we get a breather between downpours now. One big benefit of all this fresh H2O is that I haven't had to lug rainwater out to the garden. There's nothing that a garden loves more than pure, organic cloud sweat straight from the bosom of Mother Nature herself. We CAN water our gardens from our well all we need to, but the plants never seem to respond very well to the sulfur content our well water is laden with. We got used to the awful stink of this stuff years ago, but it was dicey there for awhile, what with that rotten egg smell and all. Amazing what humans can adapt to, doncha think?

And so we have already begun to harvest ripe, red tomatoes and even a few yellow squashes. The cucumbers are taking their time, and the loofahs are just now forming their pods. There should be a nice crop of lima beans ready to pick about now, but I have to dig down into the marigolds we planted with them to pick them. We also received a shipment of ladybugs which I have been releasing a few hundred at a time in the evenings, and at least a few of them seem to be sticking around. At least the plants aren't showing any more damage from pests than they have already sustained. So far, so good.

One reason I haven't been posting very often is that now I have to vie for control of the iMac with THE Wife, who has discovered that diabolical face book game called FARM TOWN. She spends something like five hours at a stretch planting virtual crops and harvesting them, and all I can do is shake my head wondering how this activity can be so addictive, at least to women. At least it's free. If she ever discovers one of those online subscription games like WarCraft..........I shudder at the thought!

The Mac mini, low-cost desktop computer.Image via Wikipedia

This has required me to put aside my own desire to acquire a replacement for my G-5 iMac, which is slowly but surely succumbing to obsolescence, for now I have to budget that money towards getting THE Wife her own computer. I'm waiting for a nice refurbished Mac Mini to show up on the Apple Store, which is the only thing I can afford to get her that's not possessed by the demon Bill Gates. Yes, I know, there are a few of you "fans" out there who think that Windows is not the evil piece of zombie code I think it is, but I get to experience both operating systems here and at work and I'm very comfortable keeping MY world comfortably Mac. The Formerly Resident Twin left her hunking huge tube monitor here, and I have spare keyboards, so all we need is the Mini itself and she'll be all set to farm herself silly all night long if she wants. Funny, but she'll actually end up having a much faster and up-to-date system than I have now. However, MY time will come......hehehehehehe..........

It seems that THE Wife's Botox has done the job! No more shoulder pain, and after awhile, the arm pain and weakness eased off as well. However, as is usually the case with my darling partner, some almost always rears it's ugly head in place of the latest thing, and this time she was having a hard time balancing her Paxil (which she's taking for mild depression) with her Ambien, which she's needed to sleep. THE doctor thought maybe another sleep med might work better for her, only this med which was supposed to knock her out ended up revving her up; she ended up harvesting her farm into the wee hours of the morning!

Turns out she reacted to the med exactly the way a person suffering from mild manic/depression would. I always suspected my darling dearest one was a tad bit too happy somedays while turning into (censored) the next. This little episode pretty much proved it. So, her neuro-shaman prescribed her that all-purpose mood stabilizer Lithium. Guess what? Two nights now she's slept like a baby. And I have my normal, ordinary, and very sweet and loving Wife back. It remains to be seem if this holds true after a week or two of being on the drug, since there are side effects that have a bad habit of showing up once therapeutic levels are achieved. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So far, our hospital's patient load, if anything, is increasing, rather than being affected by this struggling economy, which is fine by me, since losing this job would be devastating to this family, what with my age and skill-sets. So, if you happen to live in the Jacksonville area, feel free to eat lots of Hardy's Thick-burgers, and super-size those fries while your at it; it increases my job security!

One aspect of Pagan spirituality is our respect and veneration of our ancestors, whom without we would never have arrived on this wonderful ark in space. However, I think we also need to consider that not all those who contributed to our genetic structure were necessarily forebears to be proud of. For instance, my great grandfather to the umpteenth power could very well have been a party to the extinction of the Neanderthal man. I would not be surprised if many of my great great grandparents owned slaves. Or, perhaps, I am descended from one of Ghenghis Khan's dungeon masters. See, there are all kinds of possibilities to disown those very people whose existence were necessary for my own. That, however, does not negate the overall gratitude I owe those who went before, for if the concept of reincarnation, with it's attendant growth and spiritual learning curve is valid, then every one of these people simply had to learn through the art of living and learning and doing it all over again, and again, and again, till one day, maybe, they get it right and earn the right to merge with the cosmic collective, and I myself am in the very same boat, given the opportunity to live my life removed from the taint of the dark side. So, ancestors, thanks for the chromosomes, and I hope that you made the grade. Salute!

Thus ends another long-awaited yet oh-so brief episode of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold. Remember, it's best not to allow your spouse to wrangle your goats, lest you behold her riding a big, hungry Billy across the yard, hanging on those horns for dear life, while he heads straight for the forbidden bushes, and all she can do is scream for is comedy, life is sweet.

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We picked tomatoes today. But,the truth is these are year-old tomato plants that I transplanted from the sun room to the garden and they had green tomatoes when planted.

Glad to hear your garden is doing well.

June 15, 2009 at 11:42 PM

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