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Now that I've stepped up the frequency of posts to THE Chronicles, it seems I've suffered an equal decline in comments. What a paradox! Perhaps my readers are in shock from info overload and haven't recovered sufficiently to respond to this new phenomenon. Or, most likely, I'm simply more often less interesting than I usually am. I understand this last sentence I just typed, I think. I hope you did to.

THE Wife and the Ex-Resident Daughter made a surprise pilgrimage down South to visit the OTHER Daughter in St Petersburg. Well, actually, the surprise was that THE Daughter was bringing THE Wife along without telling her Sister. They made a point of me not reporting this in my blog lest the cat be let out of the bag. THE formerly Good Twin was pleasantly surprised. I had to work the weekend, so I had to remain behind. This is, I think, perhaps the third time in our 15 year marriage that me and the slightly better half have been parted for any length of time. It's a strange feeling, especially at night when one has a sudden increase in square footage to sleep in. They had a pleasant visit, going to check out a nightclub/store/restaurant place called the Witches' Brew. We discovered the existence of this establishment by a rather circuitous route involving checking out Gothic/Pagan singer/songwriter Wendy Rule's concert schedule, which placed her performing at the Witches' Brew, which of course, we missed. On top of that, THE visited Twin talked THE Wife into another piercing. No, you pervs, it wasn't THERE! It was her EAR! Sheesh..........sigh............

Other than perhaps the garden overflowing with rich, ripe, red organic tomatoes and good progress towards cucumbers and squash, there isn't much else to report on. That being said, Merry Meet............

Merry Part........

Till Merry Met Again!

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I've picked two tomatoes from my vines, and a handful of cherry tomatoes! Now, if we just had some rain...sigh. (0.08" for the whole of June so far!)

June 24, 2009 at 4:13 PM

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