Strange Days Indeed........  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

It seems it's not safe around here (here being planet Earth) for celebrities fifty or over these days. I'm kinda hoping it's the fame that's killing them, seeing that I'm fifty-something myself, but no where near as famous. Last year I unilaterally declared my fame to all within eyesight of my blog, but apparently not a lot of people lay eyes on this blog, and those that do kinda went, "Yea, right!", so I guess I can rest easy if the reaper is THAT selective this year.

Having sort of grown up with Michael Jackson (yours truly remains THE Michael), I was somewhat indifferent to him, especially since he decided he didn't want to be black anymore, shortly after the Billie Jean era, when his "skin condition" got the best of him and he acquired a Kirk Douglas chin and a pert little nose that almost ended up falling off his face altogether. Whatever you think of Michael, it remains that he was an extremely talented freak, not that it was entirely his fault. With an upbringing like his it's no wonder he had issues. I pretty much expected him to follow in the steps of the first "King", Elvis, at least making it to Vegas in a last attempt to get his finances in order before he overdosed on pills that physicians who swear an oath to do no harm are more than happy to prescribe. Instead, he drops dead ala' James Dean, a tad bit before his time. Shame.

Then there's the OxyClean dude. Famous for his loud and enthusiastic sales pitches, here's another fifty year old gentleman who managed to nail down an iconic place in media history before HE drops dead, again, in his tracks.

So, what, is this some weird kinda rapture going on? If it is, I pity all those fundamentalist whack jobs who have being praying and cheering on this biblical event, which wouldn't be playing out exactly the way they had bargained on. And I pity US, who have to keep putting up with them. If there was a God, he'd be ROTFL right now.

Thank the Gods there isn't.........

Meanwhile, back here at the Hold, fifty-something Me is waiting for this guy who damn near killed my goats to show back up wanting to know if my insurance company is going to pay for the dings in his mother's car. Well, unfortunately, I have one of those bare-bones policies that only covers the house itself and what's inside, with no liability for what goes on around it. In retrospect, THE Wife insisted that the guy shared a big chunk of the blame for this accident, since he HAD to have been going a lot faster than our posted 25 mph speed limit to not see the twins in time. Besides, these critters have been all around this acre for years now and plenty of people have yielded to the goats on many an occasion. We have animals all up and down this road. You'd expect people to take the appropriate care. That could have been CHILDREN in that road.

So, the best I am prepared to offer him, when he DOES come back around, is to perhaps pay his deductible, if that happens to be reasonable. Other than that, we don't have the deep pockets he might be looking for. So, he can either accept my offer of SHARED responsibility or he can PROVE that what happened occurred how he claims it did, if it did at all. I'm a reasonable man, but I'm not a sucker.

THE Wife's new computer, a refurbished Mac Mini, is up and running, and she's tickled purple! On top of that, a friend of hers will be giving her a nice little computer desk to put it on, for free. I'm so impressed with the performance of this itty-bitty Mac, I might just replace this getting-long-in-the-tooth iMac with one, although I'll want to perform some surgery and install more RAM and a bigger, faster hard drive. RAM on the open market is a lot cheaper than what Apple charges for it, and the stock hard drive is only a 5400 rpm model, which slows the system down considerably. Many people pry the thing open and install their own 7200 rpm drive, again, cheaper. Actually, I might just plug in a Firewire 800 external drive, which is actually faster than the stock internal. NAH.........that would be TOO easy! Now THE Wife can farm her virtual spread (Farm Town) all day and night if she wants. But, I will NOT feed her. I gotta draw the line SOMEwhere........

I might have shown you the ex-resident twin's wood burning work before, but let me tell you, today I scored an Andy Warhol, a Piccaso, a Leonardo Da........well, ok, maybe not THAT highfalutin' artistic, but I L O V E I T !!!!!!!!! Take a gander at this box she burned for me and tell me YOU wouldn't love to have one of your very own! Well, it's MINE, you hear me, MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!

It's a Green Man, in case you don't recognize the pattern.........

AND, as if I wasn't having enough trouble with these goats, I come home a few days ago to notice, much to my dismay, that Billy, big, horned, GREEDY Billy, was in my neighbors front yard, their dogs barking up a storm and him bleating like "I don't LIKE it here, I wanna come HOME!!!" For some reason, thank the Gods of hooved beasts, he stuck near the fence he had managed to jump over, wanting to get back into familiar territory. I ran around, grabbed him by the horns, and dragged his aggravating ass back to his pen. My neighbor lady was rather bemused and nonchalant by the whole episode, and informed me that she had brought Billy back home the PREVIOUS day when he jumped the back fence of the goat pen into her back yard. So THAT explains how Billy had gotten into the mound area outside the pen! And here I was thinking I'd had an Alzheimer's moment leaving him out the evening before!

So this weekend I spent stretching more fence across the BACK of the pen, over the neighbor's chain link fence which wasn't keeping Billy out. On top of that I restrung the ELECTRIC fence as a double precaution. I have a great neighbor, but I really don't want to push my luck!

At work, our performance reviews are coming up, and my Boss, who by the way won the position she had been filling as INTERIM director of CCU (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!) and she's hinted that mine is going to be positive, It's nice to know we get to keep a director I have a lot of respect for, and won't have to go thru the trauma of breaking in and outlasting yet ANOTHER one. Life DOES have it's bright spots, even during somewhat stormy times........and while we are on the subject of storms, the hospital called a code BROWN, which is, no, not a shit storm, but for dangerous weather, due to the water spout that was spotted heading up the St Johns River. We had one just like it a couple of years ago. Fascinating thing to watch, and no, it didn't cause any real damage anywhere, sticking mainly off shore. No harm done.

Meanwhile, overseas, the Iranians are turning out to be their own worst enemies. THEY had to go and have themselves an ISLAMIC revolution, and now all of a sudden, they actually want to have elections that mean something. I mean, c'mon guys, haven't you learned by now that only DEMOCRACIES have DEMOCRATIC elections where the candidates are actually ELECTED, and not really appointed by the true powers that be? We here in the bastion of true democracy learned the hard way that you can't take democratic institutions for granted, because if someone thinks they can pull as fast one, they WILL. The Shi'ite Popes all want you to be good little muslims and go home and shut up about it. They didn't want your candidate to win and so of course he didn't, no matter HOW many of you guys actually voted him into office. So, you want a REAL democracy? Get rid of this theocratic bullshit. Politics and religion make piss-poor bedfellows. If you want the REAL deal, it's gonna cost you blood. A LOT of blood. The kind of blood that generations of Americans bled to preserve OUR democracy. Just wanting it doesn't work. Just ask the Russians. They had it for a few years and lost it again. They don't want it bad enough. So, they don't get it. What they get is this sham of a "democracy" called Putin, and YOU get the ayatollahs. So TAKE back your country or go home and weep for your lost friends, and wait for the bosses to come talk to you. We here in the West are rooting for you but you have to do it yourselves. And another thing.....enough already with the "Death to America!" Talk about disrespect........well, fuck you too!

Well, imagine that, another HUGE episode of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold. I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back to see us again. I'm sure there's plenty of drama right over the horizon............

Blessed Be!

P.S. Donn, you feeling ok, dude? You ARE fifty, ya know....AND famous......wink.......

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just read the last blog too - sucks about the guy- radiator? bullshit- sounds to me like he has it in his head to milk you for whatever he can get! I would certaintly fight him on that - and point out his recklessness hurt your goats! You have some grounds as I am sure your goats around there are well known - so it is a KNOWN hazard.

keep us posted.

June 29, 2009 at 8:14 AM

oh Michael, Michael, make it too easy, poor guy was probably taking advice from your blog ;-)....straight from the chronicles of pendragon hold AND I QUOTE:"I have had to drive like a bat out of hell over these bumps to keep them from pounding my suspension into putty. (You see, my theory is that if you drive fast enough, you actually spend most of your tire-contact time on the tops of the bumps, instead of allowing the tires to descend into each rut and produce the associated stress."

June 29, 2009 at 11:15 AM

Love the box. Does she sell somewhere?

June 29, 2009 at 2:05 PM

Thank you; I knew I could count on YOU to hoist me by my own pretard........

June 29, 2009 at 7:53 PM

I think you meant petard :-)

June 30, 2009 at 12:16 AM

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