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Posted by Alex Pendragon

I truly believe that I am a man born far after my time. Indeed, with all the hardships imagined of occupying some era rife with deprivation; no supermarkets, no malls, no FedEx or cell phones, prepaid or otherwise. No planned obsolescence, no mass marketing, no mass hysteria, no Holy Roman Mass performed at a drive-in theatre. No Islamic fundamentalism, no baptist angst, no Catholic guilt, no same-sex marriage. No, it would indeed have been a different time, with different matters to be attended, no time wasted upon one's butt in front of a monitor, rather precious time spent in crafting letters with quill and parchment, attending to the gardens and livestock of the homestead if one presumed to eat....ah.......and to ponder what wonders might await man in a glorious future now that science would surely lead our way towards a certain purity of existence rather than a daily struggle which aged men beyond their possible years.

It is the terror, which I cannot allow myself a full measure to experience, that I live in the end times, which makes me think and speak in a slower and richer fashion, a method once considered polite and common, if only amongst the upper crust, or the educated if not particularly fed with silver cutlery. I would wish to speak in this manner in all times, save that it would allow one to think of what he might wish to say, and to add some pleasantry to it's delivery, if nothing else. But alas, I do not, nor does anyone within my acquaintance, expend the energy in such fashion when the tongue is thus wagged, and all the more a shame for it, I must impart. However, perhaps for this brief time, as I write this post which is an exercise strictly of the fruit of my ponderings, and no report of anything of import, you might think to enjoy this mannerism and not think it a chore to understand, for if you, my dear reader, could only feel the joy with which my fingers perform this hapless exercise, then this would indeed be the post you might visit again some time if only to share in that joy, shared with all who might gather a wit as to what is so pleasant about it to begin with.

As you can see by now this whole exercise is a big ado about nothing, a venture into what perhaps might have been a tinge of culture in a simpler time, now simply silly in an era of web logs and inter-nets, world-wide-webs and URL's. Men and Ladies in those days were no less prone to the folly of politics that brought about warfare between men for various reasons never fully justified, and even now, Men of ill will carry on tradition, a tradition of evil embedded in our genes from which we many never free ourselves save our own extinction.

However, Gentlemen, and gentler Ladies, I bow to you this night in proper courtesy, and wish upon you most well, that even as our world falters at our own hands, we still can speak a few words to each other in a much gentler, kinder, and loving way, if ever we were capable of such a thing, we animals who think, yet cannot seem to think most proper to suit our own best interests.

I now return you to the 21st century. Be well.

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I counted 102 words in the longest sentence and 2 words in the shortest.

June 7, 2009 at 11:40 PM

Dear Sir, must we needs return to the 21st century? For 'twould be a far better fate to die of lockjaw after suffering a dreadful cut than to be untimely mow'd down by a Hummer whilst occupant of same didst blather upon his cellular telephone.

June 13, 2009 at 8:36 PM

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