The Frailty of Wooden Trees and Iron Men  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Welcome to The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold. I'm your host, THE Michael, AKA Alex Pendragon, the Lord Holder, grounds keeper and dishwasher of this fine sandy estate located on the outskirts of cookie-cutter suburbia, where the car is king and sidewalks lead to nowhere. Pull up a chair and sit a spell.........I got some fine yarns to spin for ya............

Just when it seemed that this impromptu monsoon season had finally ended, it seems that the regularly scheduled thunderstorm season has taken it's place. At least we are getting some fine glimpses of Sun in between downpours, and the yard only floods maybe once a day instead of a week at a time. Now that the rain barrels are full to the brim of fine organic H2O, we continue to be soaked in it. At least our water table thanks you, oh great and mighty Thor. NOW CUT IT OUT!

A few days ago we adopted a new tree. Yes, a tree. A sycamore tree, to be exact. Pendragon Hold came with a whole mess of oak trees, of various species, some deciduous, some not. Of course, Mother Nature being the joker she loves to be, the varieties of oaks that do not drop their leaves in winter are all the ones planted on the Southern side of the house where frankly we could have used the kind that DO drop their leaves, letting the Southern sun warm up the house in winter while providing shade in summer. The only other trees we have that are NOT oaks are a skinny little pine and an equally skinny magnolia of some sort back in the goat pen area. SO, in the interest of diversity, as well as providing a little DECIDUOUS flavor to the Hold, we have begun a program of culling out those nasty oaks which, having grown fast and are now dying young, need replacing with nice trees with healthy canopies which they drop come fall. Sycamores are renowned for their speed of growth, their huge potential size, and their really large leaves, perhaps the bane of fine-trimmed lawns, but a bonanza for our compost piles and mulch supplies. See, we do not reject out of hand that "refuse" that Gaia graces us with; we find uses for the gifts she gives us, such as leaves for compost and mulch, dead wood for our fires, and shade for our castle (a "manufactured" castle, but our castle nonetheless). Next we will be looking for some nice red maples to add a little autumn color to our otherwise greengreengreen color scheme. The scraggly pin oaks that we end up taking down will provide us with a bounty of firewood for years to come, so their lives and contributions to our own will not go without our gratitude and due note.

The garden thrives with all this rain, although the pests have now lay siege, and everyday we go over every plant attempting to remove and kill whatever worm or aphid we can discover. I just ordered some ladybugs and hope to press them into service very soon. In the meantime I am happy to report that we have the potential of a bumper crop ripening on the vines as we speak, and even have one tomato turning red. Several of the plants that we tried again in the terrace garden however have fallen victim to the wilt which appears to be ensconced in that soil, although several plants have resisted the disease and might bear a crop after all. All the other herbs and beans are growing very well.

The clover I sowed on the mound has greened up and spread nicely to the point that I was finally able to allow the goats a crack at it. This is all due to the incredible amount of rain we have had this month, and due to the all-too-easily-drained nature of Florida sand, it requires almost daily watering to keep the clover sustained, but it's worth it in terms of what this planting is doing for the soil and the forage it is providing for the goats. Hopefully in the future I will have this back forty rehabilitated with sustainable growth of beneficial clovers and legumes that can bring the soil up to par again.

Oh, and I think I have finally gotten photographic evidence of our domination by that alien species, the feline. What...... you actually think you OWN these creatures? HA! I now know what lies deep in the intentions of these foul creatures by the seemingly innocent yet twisted habit that MY undercover overlord has been observed partaking in. My fellow humans, here is an actual picture of a cat partaking of HUMAN TEA. Yes, that's right! She sits patiently waiting while the tub is filled with hot water, waits for me to lower myself into this water and seep awhile, and do I describe this..........DRINKS THE WATER NOW INFUSED WITH THE ESSENCE OF HUMAN! Oh, the humanity! Soilent bath water is PEOPLE!!!!!!

Having listened FAR to long to my darling Wife's laments over having lost her most precious purple iPod Nano, I broke down and bought her a refurbished iPod Touch, a newer and even more capable version of my own. She is thrilled at the applications she can download to it and play with, including the books she can download to the Kindle book reader application. But, that's ok. They are coming out with a new model with even MORE bells and whistles here shortly, and all I have to do is wait for a refurb to show up in the Apple Store........hehe.......

If you have wooden floors, then you are all most probably aware of the infamous dust bunnies that go scurrying across the floor, driving you mad as you attempt to corral them with a broom. Well, let me tell you, those things are NOTHING compared to these damn animal-hair HEDGEHOGS I have to contend with around here. Seems like every day, thanks to the prodigious shedding of both our dog and cat, we can collect enough animal hair tumbleweeds to construct a whole new yorkie with. Then there's the fine sand which Shiloh, the wonder dog, loves to bathe in and bring into the house with him. Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read on MSNBC that the actor David Caradine of "Kung-Fu" fame was found hanging by his neck in a Bangkok hotel room, suicide being suggested. Bullshit. He was there filming a movie. So he just up and decides to hang himself, in his luxury hotel room. Yea, right. He was murdered, and I wonder if anybody is going to seriously investigate his death. Think about it.....David Caradine committing SUICIDE? I don't think so.

Does anybody reading this blog still seriously think that President Obama is NOT doing an excellent job? If not, I want to congratulate you on the excellent lobotomy you underwent. You got your moneys worth, my friend.

Enough politics; if I continue down that path this post will be three times longer and packed to the brim with angst. We're all headed for extinction shortly so what does it matter..........

In the MEANTIME.........I want to send out my best wishes to our blogger friend who suffered a stroke. As a healthcare worker I see the effects of this kind of affliction all to often and I can testify that it is the most frustrating of almost all things that can befall a human being. With proper care and diligent rehabilitation, great progress and recovery CAN be made against all but the very worst stroke injuries, so pliable and plastic is the human brain, but in the meantime the serious damage to one's ability to ambulate and communicate is truly challenging. I truly believe that as long as one does not waste energy blaming these things on divine will or lack of it, and focus on what reality and hard choices now demand of you, you CAN overcome and return to a good life with a reinforced sense of what is truly most important in one's life, which is the quality of life itself and the love one can find while living it as best one can. Blessed be, dear friend, and do not hesitate to accept all the help and love you have available to you, for many of us lack some if not all of both, which is the only reason despair can exist at all.

Till next well, and please; harm none.

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7 slick comments

First: Oh No! Is it someone we know? The blogger friend? Can you say who?

2nd: We got 5.1" of rain yesterday! So I can understand what you are saying about Thor stopping already. I NEED to set up some rain barrels. For now, I use the water in the dog pool to water the garden, but lugging pails of water to the garden sure puts some miles on my butt!

3rd: Wow on the tomato! I've got about 5 tomatoes on the vine right now but none are turning yet. I've got to get out my red Christmas balls to fool the birds. I hope it works. I put in two cherry tomato plants this year. They have beautiful clusters of marble size green tomatoes on them. I just can't wait until those turn red!

Finally: That pic of your undercover overlord is too funny! I have one...she has figured out how to push up the handle of the kitchen sink and fix herself a running drink! I have to line up the handle and the faucet before I leave so she doesn't let the water run all day.

Glad all is going well with you over there. We're setting up for our normal afternoon thunderstorm routine too. Oh, on a wonderful note...the fence is finally finished, the bulldog is contained, and we are free to work on the rest of the list! Which includes sailing, finally!

June 4, 2009 at 3:58 PM

Quite an enjoyable read, this.

June 4, 2009 at 7:08 PM

Jules, go visit our good friend Donn at HOMOESCAPIENS; he reported on the stroke and is keeping us all informed.

June 5, 2009 at 8:39 AM

I'm with you re Caradine. I thought it sounded more than a little suspicious when I read it. Subsequent information makes me even more skeptical.

June 5, 2009 at 2:28 PM

Enjoyed the news from the Hold!

June 5, 2009 at 8:23 PM

Apparently Mr Caradine had the cord not just around his neck, but around his hands & genitals, as well. How would one manage all that & and if a suicide, why..? I'm not buying it, and I never will.

June 6, 2009 at 10:58 PM

sorry about the rain although I'm damn envious of your garden - already bearing fruit! I just planted mine this weekend - tomatoes, runner beans, squash, leaf lettuce, and a few other things - wonderful now that I am hoping the soil is cleansed after the banning of teh pestricides 5 years ago.

and Carradine it looks like, hung HIMSELF ..another victim of auto erotic choking play ...

June 8, 2009 at 8:33 AM

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