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THE Wife, ever the creative witch I was lucky enough to marry, is planning a Rocky Horror Picture Show party. Please, please tell me you have either attended one of these late night madcaps dressed as a character in this kinky camp-fest, or at least know about it. If you have no idea what Rocky Horror is, you might as well skip this part of the post.......I haven't got the time to explain it to you.

Anyway, we are planning to host this insane thing on October third, so if you are a fan, a relative, an acquaintance, or a snitch for the FBI, please plan on joining us, appropriately dressed for the occasion as your favorite character, ready to scream obscenities at the screen while throwing foodstuffs and bird seed (instead of rice).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch......I mean, HOLD, the satellite has been installed and we can now get over two hundred channels of of digital drivel, about half of which is not infomercials, the other half maybe worth watching. Thanks to the built-in DVR, I can record what I can't be here to watch, and watch it when I want. I've decided to spend about two weeks experiencing this thing before I decide to cancel our NETFLIX subscription. I might have to keep it.

There was a tree, a rather ratty sort of oak that has been shielding the Western end of our castle (bullshit-speak for doublewide) from the setting sun. The operative word here is WAS. I have already planted a nice little sycamore tree to take over for it, because it honestly was too close to the house and had that "sickly" look some trees can display with half their limbs nude of leaves, looking basically unhealthy. Since a satellite dish needs a clear view of the SouthWestern sky, and this tree stood right in that way of that line of sight, it was deemed time to sacrifice this tree to fuel the future sacred fires of our sacred circle. Yesterday and today I have been busy with the electric chain saw reducing this rather large tree into it's constituent logs and burnable brush, along with bonus leaves for the goats to consume. Billy LOVES oak leaves and is probably sick of them by now.

I'm so close I can almost taste it. I have already purchased a mac mini for THE Wife so that she can have her harmless (as well as brainless) fun with Farm Town and Hatchlings, but now I have decided that instead of hoping I could come up with the $1300 a nice iMac would command, I can get by easily with a refurbished Mac Mini of my own, with some self-installed upgrades of the hard drive and memory, for half the price of the Imac. I will have to provide my own monitor, of course, which I can make as large as I can afford, bigger than the 20 inch I would get with the iMac if I so desire. The trick is finding one on the Apple store at about the same time I have a paycheck not devoted to a mortgage payment or car repair bill or some other financial disaster. MY day will surely come, and soon, I hope. This old G-5 of mine is getting more and more obsolete as I type.

I guess I could rant and rave about something stupid the conservatives did or said these past few days, but I haven't the time or the inclination tonight. There's always tomorrow, and I can guarantee you they will provide more fodder for my ire each and every day we allow stupid people to say stupid things.

Till next time........

Blessed be!

Did You?  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has announced a "sandwich", distinctive in that the bread is replaced by two slabs of fried chicken. Between these two hunks of fried meat is a lot of cheese, bacon (cholesterol, anyone?), and "special sauce".

It's like America is being presented with an IQ test it can't possibly pass.

But hey, it's a free country, right? Here, we are free to load up on the calories, the fat, and everything else we can clog our arteries with and expand our spare tires with. Here, we are free to go somewhere else for our wireless service if we don't like all the fees and surcharges they love to spring on us, all made legal with two year contracts, of course, and since ALL the wireless providers screw us in the same fashion, there really ISN'T somewhere else to go, but hey, we're still free to "go there", right? Then, there's the freedom to pay cash for our medical bills when our "health" insurance companies catch wind of our health perhaps failing us, prompting them to cancel our policies before we can actually use them, even if we'd been paying premiums for decades and never even had a sniffle. And THEN we have the audacity to present ourselves to the emergency room with problems brought on by obesity and poor diet! Shame on us for doing what all those advertisements on television urged us to do!

I love the fact that I put my ass on the line for this country, only to discover many years later when I grew mature enough to take my attention off pop culture and high performance cars to notice that most of us hate each other with a passion. I mean, we MUST hate each other if we honestly think that half of this country is out to GET the other half, like forcing them to do things like have affordable health insurance, decent wages, worker protections, legal representation, and decent housing and nutrition. We obviously don't think that "other half" of our country worships the right god in the right way, and thus believe that "we", the ones "right with god", should be able to teach EVERYBODY'S children the word of god in the public class room and avoid exposing them to atheist propaganda like evolution and climate change.

During World War Two, it was obvious who the bad guys were, and NOT because we as the "good guys" actually had a morally superior culture. No, we might not have sent our Jews to the ovens, but we certainly tried to keep our negroes on the plantations for the longest time, and had a conniption fit when those damn liberals made it possible for the Tuskeegee airmen to protect all those bombers from german fighter planes. We didn't chop off the heads of our enemies with swords like the Japanese did; we simply fried two whole cities worth of those yellow bastards with the atomic bomb. We as the world's leading democracy were only slightly ahead of the curve when it came to human and civil rights, and it took a very, very long time for us to actually come to grips with the part of our own constitution that said "ALL men are created equal".

Seventeen percent of Americans believe the Sun revolves around the Earth. A third of Americans can't name all three branches of our government. I would venture to say that many of these same people are the ones shouting at their elected representatives during these town hall meetings. We call this a representative government, only I wonder sometimes who is being represented and why, much less how. Some of these people, like Michelle Bachman, amaze me in that not only were they elected to public office, but that they display many of the symptoms of brain death. For all the millions of dollars being spent on "higher education", I honestly wonder if anybody is really getting their moneys' worth.

So, in retrospect, I didn't actually "serve" my country, I simply kept the Soviets at bay long enough for them to crash and burn. I promised to serve and protect the constitution of the United States of America, from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic, and when all was said and done, I and all those others who took that oath with me failed utterly. Many of us voted for people who had no real idea what our constitution stood for, and we allowed elected representatives to walk roughshod over a concept that took centuries to evolve into what our constitution and way of life has come to stand for. I would like to think that we got our act together when we elected Barack Obama to the highest office of our land, and yet half of us continue to act as if we never got past the sixth grade, and bend over to willingly service those who wish to, putting it bluntly, screw us in the ass in any way they think they can get away with by playing on our basest fears and insecurities, as well as our insane ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills. Now, let me be honest; I like sex, even the kinkier flavors of it, but I never signed up for rape.

Did you?

Three Days  

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How many of you remember 1969? I remember I was fourteen years old and having my ass wiped by a very mean lady by the name of Camille. She came ashore on the Mississippi Gulf coast and rearranged things. She parked tugboats in peoples front yards, bent whole pine forests over in one direction and tore huge oak trees right out of the ground, and removed peoples' houses altogether. No, Camille wasn't a particularly hormonal bitch, she was the strongest hurricane ever to hit the North American mainland up to that point (that we know of). At the time I was a "welfare kid" living with some salt-of-the-Earth foster parents in the back woods and bayous of the MIssissippi Gulf coast area, just east of Bay St Louis. That I am even lucky to be alive is what I remember most about 1969.

However, two even more remarkable events happened that year, one being the Apollo moon landing, and WOODSTOCK. Apollo was just hurling three men into orbit around the moon and setting them down on it without killing them, even getting them back here alive, but Woodstock, now THAT was something downright amazing! For three days, over HALF A MILLION people, mostly young people that worried the old people to death, crammed into a large pasture together to groove to some pretty good music, smoke some pot, make some love, play in the mud, and as far as I know, not one of them tried to kill someone. Even the cops thought it best NOT to wade into THAT crowd and hassle anybody. Imagine that.......

They only charged you $6.00 a day, $8.00 at the gate to attend. You can't even see a movie at the theatre these days for that, especially if you want popcorn. Of course, a lot more people came without tickets OR money than did, but by that time it was too late to worry about it. It didn't matter because something like this hadn't ever happened before (this many people coming together and NOT overthrowing a government or something) and the whole thing just wasn't about money when all was said and done. Subsequent efforts to repeat the experience never really measured up, and they cost a lot more money than the original. Yea, you can BUY a war, but you can't BUY peace, now can you?

We were a different breed of human back then, full of alternative ideas, and hope for a much brighter future than our parents had prepared us for. They fought a terrible war and raised the standard of living for all of their offspring, and we threw it back in their faces, preferring instead to try and get around this idea of money and killing and hating each other for stupid reasons. Only we all grew up. We got jobs. We couldn't stop war just because we wanted to, and many of us became our parents, carrying on this insane need for money and status and petty power politics, poisoning the planet and insulting Mother Nature instead of protecting her. So here we are, heading nilly-willy for an extinction event, forty years after proving to each other that we COULD play nice together, if only we wanted to.

We apparently don't want to, at least not badly enough.

But for three days in August of 1969, we did. I wonder why...........

Pissing on Fire Hydrants  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

National Rifle Association, I want to thank you, by your implied support, for making me realize that I need to arm myself, not just at home, but at work, at the supermarket, in church, and at political rallies. Yep, it is my GOD-GIVEN right, as you constantly assert, to pack heat whenever I find myself in situations when my life and liberty is being threatened, again, at work, at the supermarket, in church, or going to protest those nazi's at town hall meetings who want to murder anybody collecting social security. It's nice to know that if my boss starts yelling at me for sleeping on the job, just showing him my gun might tone down his demeanor. It's nice to know that seeing that I'm packing heat, the ass wipe behind me in the less-than-10-items lane won't make a scene about me having 19 items. And, it's nice to know that I can praise the Lord fully armed, in case some atheist sneaks in and wants to desecrate the church in the middle of services.

Also, I want to be prepared whenever I find myself in a position to "water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants". This can be one of those situations that requires snap decisions, and one cannot react quickly to such opportunities if he has to run home and break his AK-47 out of a gun safe. No, we defenders of liberty know full well that you have to wonder into these situations with a full thirty-round clip of persuasion. We have two amendments to the constitution which allow us to speak our minds, with all the firepower necessary to make ourselves heard.

I love freedom, don't you? Well, punk.........don't you?

Mirror, Mirror......  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

I have been a rabid fan of the updated series "Battlestar Galactica", one of the best written examinations of the human condition I have had the pleasure/pain to experience. There are so many things within this opera that resembles the evolution of my own identity as a man, as a human, it's spooky. Let me explain.

From the get-go, when these intelligent apes began to form tribes, nature and pure chance have conspired to put this creature down, not as a recognized threat to all OTHER forms of life on this planet, although that would come to be realized eventually, but because that's just how life is; it fights to live, and things conspire to kill it. The dinosaurs can tell you all ABOUT that. A rock from space, a sudden shift in climate, runaway volcanic activity; there are ALL kinds of phenomenon that can put a damper on biology. Yet, against all these odds, even against it's own built-in tendency to commit species suicide, mankind persists and now covers this planet like a bacterial slime mold. On top of that, if we can survive just perhaps a dozen more decades, we might even spread this contagion to other habitable planets. We are, after all, infectious little muther fuckers.........

It is only natural for a species that is self aware, to be self-centered, to think of itself as the center of the universe, to transcend all criticisms, to hold itself above all other considerations. Yet, it is only logical to expect that advanced intelligence would temper such selfishness with an understanding of how invested we are in ALL that life we share our planet, and perhaps the universe, with. And, it seems, that as far as that goes, logic is in very short supply upon this planet. Basic animal urges have always prevailed, it seems, and nothing so far proves that anything will change in that regard. Yes, we do have a relative handful amongst us that is capable of taking the long view, yet a pathetically small percentage of these remarkable individuals are involved in positions of power, of being there to steer this species on a sane and safe path into a very dangerous future.

Yes, given my preferences, I'm glad I was born human and not kangaroo. It's been a good life, relative to the kind of life a human can end up living. Yes, there are scores of humans I love, am very fond of, and/or respect. However, the fact remains that just like a German in 1942 having to make a conscious decision to BE a Nazi, and to think that was a correct decision, or to be a Cambodian forcing his own parents on a death march to the countryside during that genocide, we ALL have decisions to make all during our lives that have an effect on ALL life on this planet, and chances are, we will most often make the WRONG choice. Small, innocent choices, indeed, which in reality will all add up to the ultimate wrong when the chickens come home to roost. Knowing this, painfully, as I do, I am now more than capable of having precious little sympathy for my species as a whole. Within us dwell monsters, as evil and terrifying as the picture we painted in our nightmares of that shark in the movie "Jaws". Despite all the wonder, the joy, the love we are capable of, look at the horrors we balance all that with. Is it REALLY worth it? Is it TRULY a balance?

And am I above all this? HELL NO. Every DAY I make decisions that upon reflection would cause me shame, if I were to dwell upon the contributions these minor altercations are going to have, however minute, in the end. Even the lifestyle I enjoy, even as seemingly lower-class as it appears to be, requires that others on this planet, human AND animal, suffers to some degree. This applies equally to ALL of you, and you can disagree all you want, or protest your good intentions, but in the end the truth of our impacts remains what it is.......the truth.

Thus, like the heroism's and tragedies, outrages and petty victories that are played out in the Battlestar Galactica series, what we witness in this saga is our reflection, a sad and ugly reflection of who we are deep inside, stripped of excuse, intention, Godliness, or lack of any redeemable value. I see my species, I know my species, I cannot make any more excuses for my species ; do not make up a God or a Devil to blame for all my species failures, and I do not ask for the commutation of the sentence we so aptly deserve, which I know, thanks to our nature, will be visited upon us, if not in OUR lifetime, then in our children's. Next time you see that proverbial crazy man carrying around the "END IS NEAR" sign, give him the respect a prophet with clear vision deserves. His is perhaps the only truth we will witness in these, our all-to-short and tragic lifetimes.

There's Naive, Then There's STUPID.......  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

With the death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, there has been examinations on NPR radio of her contributions, the most famous being the establishment of the Special Olympics, and her efforts on behalf of the "intellectually disabled".

Now THAT got me to thinking.

Like most Americans I am well aware of the mentally disabled amongst us, most often which are those born with Down's Syndrome, who although can learn life skills and can function fairly well, still cannot be left to their own devices, and are forever dependent upon their families or the government to support them and keep them safe. But "Intellectually" disabled?

No, no, no, no NO!

This is a really off-the-mark mislabeling of a real and quite pervasive deficit that more and more Americans are suffering from. In order to be "intellectually" disabled, you have to have the CAPACITY to be INTELLIGENT in the first place. Now, in most cases this is an affliction suffered by those who drop out of high school in pursuit of the glories of Foot ball, Basket ball, drug dealing, or flipping burgers at McDonalds. These people otherwise have the brainpower required to learn, to succeed in non-criminal enterprises, and to develop critical thinking skills given the motivation and desire to do so.

There are other means in which otherwise normal and capable people can appear to suffer from some mental deformity, usually having to do with political or religious affiliation. As we witness now on the news everyday, crowds of people claiming to be alarmed at terrible things our government wants to do to us are being deployed by the Republican Party and special (and threatened) interests to disrupt and overwhelm with hysteria those town hall meetings that congressmen are trying to use to communicate the facts of health care reform to their constituents. Any THINKING person with a shred of common sense and yes, INTELLIGENCE, can see right thru this charade, yet the hysteria seems to be spreading. Yes, the people getting worked up by all these lies and propaganda are quite CAPABLE of grasping the facts, except that they are "INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED", and thus can't participate in reasonable discourse without getting violent.

No, NPR, please do not insult these unfortunate citizens who through no fault of their own entered this world with genuine mental deficits that prevent them from fully functioning in the wider world without guidance. Most often these are genuinely sweet, gentle persons who despite their shortcomings still manage to bring joy to their families. If you want to harness this term "INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED", please apply it in a more accurate manner, to those bozo's with brains who refuse to use them.

P.S. Yes, I have researched this term on the web and it is meant to refer to those who we usually refer to as mentally handicapped, but I personally think the phrase is used in error.

We Actually Visit a BEACH!  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Hello, sports fans; welcome to an exciting Sunday edition of "The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold", that award winning blog that tells it like it is! Well, actually, we haven't actually won any awards, but darn it, doncha think we OUGHT to?

This weekend we actually escaped the confines of home and made it to the beach. You might not suspect it, but Pendragon Hold is actually fairly close to the Atlantic Ocean, yet we actually see it maybe once every 7 years if we're lucky. It's just far enough away to take some time to get to, but these days, as far as I'm concerned, I am not much motivated to get sun burned, sand in everything, all just to get wet with saltwater. If I had easier access to the deep, with all the scuba gear needed, I might want to get out there more often, but hey, I can see ALL I want of aquatic wonderment from the comfort of my couch via the boob tube. However, THE Wife is not so easily mislead by PBS, and loves to get into the sand and surf and sun and........

So we met THE Wife's pack of lady co-workers and drove to St Augustine Beach, where you can drive your car onto the beach between the surf and the protected sand dunes (where endangered sea turtles drag themselves to reproduce). We bought a kite to fly, a real cool facsimile of an owl, and after putting it together and releasing it to the fairly strong ocean breeze, I lost it after maybe 5 minutes, all due to having forgotten to make sure that the end of the string was secured to the handle! The string let loose, and I could not run fast enough to catch it before the kite settled down into the protected and off-limits area of the sand dunes! Oh well, for a scant and all-so-brief moment, I was almost a kid again........

To the best of my knowledge, our royal canine, Shiloh, had never experienced the beach, and I was really looking forward to seeing how he would react to it. I was actually amazed that I was able to not-quite-have-to drag his ass into the surf, but when the water got to dog-paddle depth for him, he lost all interest, and was happy to get back on dry land. Nope, Shiloh is definitely NOT a dog in love with water. His distaste for getting a bath could have told us that much. I do, however, think he would LOVE playing in snow.......he is, after all, a NORWEGIAN elkhound.

Later in the day they put up a volleyball net and several strangers wondered over to join us for an impromptu game. I ended up with this young asian lass on my side, her many companions with six-pack abs on the opposing side. Other players would wonder into and out of the game as it went along. Let me tell you, though, this girl punked all of us, making perfect serves it seemed nobody could return, and able to dive and save a play time and time again. I surprised myself with much of my game, although I payed dearly for all this activity with a groin muscle pull. It is still somewhat tight and sore today......getting old sucks, guys, don't let anybody tell you different! Of course, THE Wife is not the slightest bit sorry for me, convinced as she is that I was trying to impress the asian chick.......yea, like that could possibly happen in THIS universe.....

It was almost seven in the evening before we made it back to the Hold, and there was a lot of sand to be shaken out of everything we'd brought back with us. Imagine that, transferring sand from the Ocean to mix with sand of the Hold.........ironic. The sand this kingdom rest upon today was once the bottom of that same ocean many, many thousands of years ago. And, thanks to global warming, this spot may once again become a beach to that same body of water, perhaps even in my lifetime.

Due to our negligence during last weeks trip to Itchnetucknee, the camera got wet and quit working, so I had to get another one. The new one has ten megapixels versus the eight the old one had, but the old one was rather nice and I hated losing it. Oh well, toys come and go.........

Well, folks, that pretty much brings all of you up to date on the recent history of Pendragon Hold and it's hardy denizens. I now turn you over to our intrepid political commentator, who is always more than ready to rant, rave and otherwise pontificate on the hilarious happenings and onerous goings-on that is our broke-back political system. Take it away, Alex!

Remember "No Child Left Behind"?

Well, it seems that every child got left behind. Have you noticed lately just how morbidly idiotic a large portion of the American public has gotten? No, actually, this didn't happen overnight; this is the result of years of what the Republicans have done to our educational system. It seems that Americans know less about America these days than those who are clamoring to get in, legally or not. I think it's rather ironic that while foreigners are flocking to our shores to flee the the horrors of their homelands (rather than fixing their problems in their OWN countries like our fore fathers did), we are busy exporting places for them to work back to where they are fleeing from. Well, I hate to let them in on our dirty little secret, but our streets are paved with stimulus money, not gold, and these roads are going nowhere fast. Many of the mega-fortressed suburbs these roads lead to are emptying out fast, their former and very temporary occupants losing their jobs and their sub-prime mortgages thanks to the out-of-control financial speculative markets that the Bush years made possible. Ronald Reagan introduced us to homelessness; Dubya made it an industry.

I am not the product of higher education; most of my "wisdom" was garnered by a life of simply paying attention to my surroundings and noticing that something wasn't quite right. What wasn't quite right was all the rules I had been raised to believe in, and the results that following these rules would produce, which was supposed to be all those things that made up the American dream. Two car garages, sports cars and SUV's with more horsepower and curb weight than could ever make any sense, a house with more square footage than whole villages in Africa could muster, crammed onto tiny lots subdivided on former wetlands now buried and subtracted forever from the ecosystem, all the electronic gadgets and toys I could ever hope to engage in my limited time, and as many kids as artificial fertility treatments could enable my good Christian wife to produce. Ah, yes, a dream indeed.

Dream my ass; these last forty years have been a nightmare! The American capitalist system seems to operate on a cyclical system of prosperity followed by recession, with a permanent poverty class, a constantly fluctuating middle class, and a small but powerful, self-perpetuating upper class. Also, it appears that this particular class of American capitalism thrives on selfishness, this need to pit every citizen against each other, by differences in their social status, their income, their religiousness, and even their preferred brand of computer. Here in these "right to work" states, the mantra has always been that you NEVER discuss how much you make with your co-workers, because how else does a system of favoritism, sex and age discrimination, and nepotism thrive so well? How can men and women make the same wage for the same work if they are not allowed to "show me yours and I'll show you mine"? Our capitalist overlords WANT us to divide ourselves into opposing camps, Democrats versus Republicans, rich against poor, Apple versus Microsoft, because it diverts our attention from the true source of our woes; those who enrich themselves at our expense, usually in any outrageously unfair and/or illegal way they can think of. Look at what finally results from the Obama health care reform effort and you will see the influence of people who want their piece of OUR pie. What really make me sick about my fellow citizens is that as long as they BELIEVE they got THEIRS, they are more than willing to see me without MINE. Social Justice in THIS country is called socialism, keeping your mouth shut and doing your job until such time as your job can be shipped off to India is called PATRIOTISM.

The only people who can ever get anywhere close to seat in the hallowed halls of congress these days are RICH people, or slimy friends of rich people. Apparently, there are just enough well-to-do idiots in this country to fill all of our representative positions; but imagine; what if you had to pass an I.Q. test in order to run for office in this country?

Imagine, having to know full well that Medicare IS a government-run program! Imagine, having to know full well what the bill of rights are! Imagine, knowing how stupid it would be to tell a Navajo to go back where he came from! Imagine, having to know where Iraq is on a map BEFORE you are sent there! Imagine being required to have critical thinking skills!

John, I try to imagine, I really just isn't working anymore...........

A Retraction  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Ladies and Gentlemen, or whatever your inner child decrees you to be, I, THE Michael, Lord Holder and Chief spaghetti maker here at Pendragon Hold, have a retraction to make. It seems that during my last post, I used the word "maggots" in a less-than-positive reference towards Republicans. This was brought to my attention by one of my loyal subscribers, who remarked, and I quote, "ignorant, God-fearing maggots"??? Michael! Michael! What have you got against maggots? Maggots have a stinky but necessary job and should not be used as a metaphor. We'd be over our heads in decay without them. Get politically correct and publish an apology and retraction."

Sigh.........My faithful readers, he is right, I should apologize to these poor creatures who we owe so much to, whom without our world would certainly stink so bad we could not exist without gallons of French perfume or High Karate after-shave to cover the stench of rotting garbage and road kill that we humans leave scattered across this great country of ours.

I am sorry.

But as far as you piss-ants showing up at your congressional representatives question and answer sessions on health care, simply to insult them, disrupting the forums so that ordinary citizens can't ask a serious question, in a sad attempt to derail health care reform...........well, let's just say "maggot" is much to kind a word.


Posted by Alex Pendragon

It's a hot, muggy Saturday here at Pendragon Hold, that soggy, sandy patch of pagan sensibility located on the outskirts of Bible-belt lunacy. We are making preparations for our trip, along with most of THE Wife's co-workers, to Ichetucknee Springs tomorrow, where we will all hop on inner tubes and air mattresses and float down the peaceful, refreshingly cold river for several miles. This spring-fed river located in the middle of Northern Florida is so popular that they have had to limit the numbers of people using it, due to the stresses all these floating bodies have had on the environment of the river. I can imagine all those poor minnows and snakes having to dodge that calvacade of overweight rednecks that blot out the sun above and bump into the banks on both sides. Our natural resources aren't so natural anymore once we start tramping all over them.

Our conservative citizens,, mostly of the Republican variety, are out in force spreading falsehoods and distorting the facts, doing anything they can to spread alarm amongst the easily mislead and our senior citizens, making them think that Obama's health plan (which by the time the politicians finish with it won't resemble anything he campaigned for) will cut costs by killing off old people and forcing poor people into a government policy which will "take away their doctors" and other such nonsense. This is not "spin", my friends; what these despicable people are doing is outright dishonest and hateful, and I for one would love to bitch-slap the whole lot of them upside their evil faces. Imagine the horror of making it illegal for insurance companies to deny you care because (gasp) you once got sick, or dropping your policy because you dared come down with something! Imagine not having to pour almost half of your earned income down the black hole of insurance premiums that go up and up and up! Imagine not having to stay at a horrid job for fear of losing health coverage for your family if you go to another job! Those damn SOCIALISTS!

If you know someone who actually believes any of this propaganda, ask them where they got their lobotomies, and if their insurance covered it.........

Oh, and here's a shout out to our friends in the Pacific northwest, a place I always longed to move to, whose weather patterns are getting so totally screwed up that their once green, mild, and wet climate may go the way of the numerous species that are going extinct almost daily now. And Texas, with its record setting drought, well, you guys just might run out of water altogether, and then where will being BIG get you? But of course, being the home of many of our dumber citizens, you will be the first to cry to Uncle Sam to send you lots of federal aid to pay for your drinking water, all your farms having been abandoned, with nothing left to brag about except the dried out remains of the Alamo. I think you should succeed from the Union now and save the rest of us the money. Or maybe we can sell you back to Mexico........

The day I am REALLY looking forward to is when the climate REALLY goes to hell, all the crops start failing, and all of you ignorant, God-fearing maggots finally realize where the corporations, the banks, the insurance companies, and all those good friends of the Republican Party have led you, and you start dragging these bastards out into the streets and start lynching them. Then, when you have finished being the humans you played so well, I would like you to turn the guns on yourselves, and maybe, just maybe, without you to continue torturing her, what's left of Gaia can perhaps one day heal herself.

I kinda envy the cockroaches....NUTHIN is ever going to kill THEM.........