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It's a hot, muggy Saturday here at Pendragon Hold, that soggy, sandy patch of pagan sensibility located on the outskirts of Bible-belt lunacy. We are making preparations for our trip, along with most of THE Wife's co-workers, to Ichetucknee Springs tomorrow, where we will all hop on inner tubes and air mattresses and float down the peaceful, refreshingly cold river for several miles. This spring-fed river located in the middle of Northern Florida is so popular that they have had to limit the numbers of people using it, due to the stresses all these floating bodies have had on the environment of the river. I can imagine all those poor minnows and snakes having to dodge that calvacade of overweight rednecks that blot out the sun above and bump into the banks on both sides. Our natural resources aren't so natural anymore once we start tramping all over them.

Our conservative citizens,, mostly of the Republican variety, are out in force spreading falsehoods and distorting the facts, doing anything they can to spread alarm amongst the easily mislead and our senior citizens, making them think that Obama's health plan (which by the time the politicians finish with it won't resemble anything he campaigned for) will cut costs by killing off old people and forcing poor people into a government policy which will "take away their doctors" and other such nonsense. This is not "spin", my friends; what these despicable people are doing is outright dishonest and hateful, and I for one would love to bitch-slap the whole lot of them upside their evil faces. Imagine the horror of making it illegal for insurance companies to deny you care because (gasp) you once got sick, or dropping your policy because you dared come down with something! Imagine not having to pour almost half of your earned income down the black hole of insurance premiums that go up and up and up! Imagine not having to stay at a horrid job for fear of losing health coverage for your family if you go to another job! Those damn SOCIALISTS!

If you know someone who actually believes any of this propaganda, ask them where they got their lobotomies, and if their insurance covered it.........

Oh, and here's a shout out to our friends in the Pacific northwest, a place I always longed to move to, whose weather patterns are getting so totally screwed up that their once green, mild, and wet climate may go the way of the numerous species that are going extinct almost daily now. And Texas, with its record setting drought, well, you guys just might run out of water altogether, and then where will being BIG get you? But of course, being the home of many of our dumber citizens, you will be the first to cry to Uncle Sam to send you lots of federal aid to pay for your drinking water, all your farms having been abandoned, with nothing left to brag about except the dried out remains of the Alamo. I think you should succeed from the Union now and save the rest of us the money. Or maybe we can sell you back to Mexico........

The day I am REALLY looking forward to is when the climate REALLY goes to hell, all the crops start failing, and all of you ignorant, God-fearing maggots finally realize where the corporations, the banks, the insurance companies, and all those good friends of the Republican Party have led you, and you start dragging these bastards out into the streets and start lynching them. Then, when you have finished being the humans you played so well, I would like you to turn the guns on yourselves, and maybe, just maybe, without you to continue torturing her, what's left of Gaia can perhaps one day heal herself.

I kinda envy the cockroaches....NUTHIN is ever going to kill THEM.........

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Now now, be nice to those Texans. They normally thumb their noses, and give the finger, to the Federal Gov't.

August 3, 2009 at 2:34 PM
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August 4, 2009 at 5:17 PM

Hey The Michael~

Just wanted to let you know that the media hype over the PNW might be a bit over the top. What are the odds.

While it was genuinely hot here last week the record we broke was over 40 years old. So it's not as if it's unprecedented. I've lived here for 48 of my 50 years and while it was a scorcher, it was for one day, not enough for me to completely worry about losing the loveliness that is the PNW. Our winter was a bit heavy (again not unprecedented) so it's not surprising that the summer was a bit over the top.

Come on up! It's going to be fabulous for some time to come and frankly, as global warming continues, this is going to be a darned good place to live. Lots of hills that make getting to higher ground an easy thing. It's only downtown that will truly suffer if the waters rise.

We need more cool pagan men up here! Even if they are Married. ;-)

August 4, 2009 at 5:18 PM

"ignorant, God-fearing maggots"??? Michael! Michael! What have you got against maggots. Maggots have a stinky but necessary job and should not be used as a metaphor. We'd be over our heads in decay without them. Get politically correct and publish an apology and retraction.

August 4, 2009 at 7:15 PM

Paul, I have listened to your wise counsel and published a retraction. Thank you for being my devil's advocate.

And Cynthia........unless I can pack up my entire Hold and transplant it, I guess I am nailed down here. Besides, I'm expecting to be the proud owner of beachfront property within the decade!

August 4, 2009 at 10:14 PM

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