We Actually Visit a BEACH!  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

Hello, sports fans; welcome to an exciting Sunday edition of "The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold", that award winning blog that tells it like it is! Well, actually, we haven't actually won any awards, but darn it, doncha think we OUGHT to?

This weekend we actually escaped the confines of home and made it to the beach. You might not suspect it, but Pendragon Hold is actually fairly close to the Atlantic Ocean, yet we actually see it maybe once every 7 years if we're lucky. It's just far enough away to take some time to get to, but these days, as far as I'm concerned, I am not much motivated to get sun burned, sand in everything, all just to get wet with saltwater. If I had easier access to the deep, with all the scuba gear needed, I might want to get out there more often, but hey, I can see ALL I want of aquatic wonderment from the comfort of my couch via the boob tube. However, THE Wife is not so easily mislead by PBS, and loves to get into the sand and surf and sun and........

So we met THE Wife's pack of lady co-workers and drove to St Augustine Beach, where you can drive your car onto the beach between the surf and the protected sand dunes (where endangered sea turtles drag themselves to reproduce). We bought a kite to fly, a real cool facsimile of an owl, and after putting it together and releasing it to the fairly strong ocean breeze, I lost it after maybe 5 minutes, all due to having forgotten to make sure that the end of the string was secured to the handle! The string let loose, and I could not run fast enough to catch it before the kite settled down into the protected and off-limits area of the sand dunes! Oh well, for a scant and all-so-brief moment, I was almost a kid again........

To the best of my knowledge, our royal canine, Shiloh, had never experienced the beach, and I was really looking forward to seeing how he would react to it. I was actually amazed that I was able to not-quite-have-to drag his ass into the surf, but when the water got to dog-paddle depth for him, he lost all interest, and was happy to get back on dry land. Nope, Shiloh is definitely NOT a dog in love with water. His distaste for getting a bath could have told us that much. I do, however, think he would LOVE playing in snow.......he is, after all, a NORWEGIAN elkhound.

Later in the day they put up a volleyball net and several strangers wondered over to join us for an impromptu game. I ended up with this young asian lass on my side, her many companions with six-pack abs on the opposing side. Other players would wonder into and out of the game as it went along. Let me tell you, though, this girl punked all of us, making perfect serves it seemed nobody could return, and able to dive and save a play time and time again. I surprised myself with much of my game, although I payed dearly for all this activity with a groin muscle pull. It is still somewhat tight and sore today......getting old sucks, guys, don't let anybody tell you different! Of course, THE Wife is not the slightest bit sorry for me, convinced as she is that I was trying to impress the asian chick.......yea, like that could possibly happen in THIS universe.....

It was almost seven in the evening before we made it back to the Hold, and there was a lot of sand to be shaken out of everything we'd brought back with us. Imagine that, transferring sand from the Ocean to mix with sand of the Hold.........ironic. The sand this kingdom rest upon today was once the bottom of that same ocean many, many thousands of years ago. And, thanks to global warming, this spot may once again become a beach to that same body of water, perhaps even in my lifetime.

Due to our negligence during last weeks trip to Itchnetucknee, the camera got wet and quit working, so I had to get another one. The new one has ten megapixels versus the eight the old one had, but the old one was rather nice and I hated losing it. Oh well, toys come and go.........

Well, folks, that pretty much brings all of you up to date on the recent history of Pendragon Hold and it's hardy denizens. I now turn you over to our intrepid political commentator, who is always more than ready to rant, rave and otherwise pontificate on the hilarious happenings and onerous goings-on that is our broke-back political system. Take it away, Alex!

Remember "No Child Left Behind"?

Well, it seems that every child got left behind. Have you noticed lately just how morbidly idiotic a large portion of the American public has gotten? No, actually, this didn't happen overnight; this is the result of years of what the Republicans have done to our educational system. It seems that Americans know less about America these days than those who are clamoring to get in, legally or not. I think it's rather ironic that while foreigners are flocking to our shores to flee the the horrors of their homelands (rather than fixing their problems in their OWN countries like our fore fathers did), we are busy exporting places for them to work back to where they are fleeing from. Well, I hate to let them in on our dirty little secret, but our streets are paved with stimulus money, not gold, and these roads are going nowhere fast. Many of the mega-fortressed suburbs these roads lead to are emptying out fast, their former and very temporary occupants losing their jobs and their sub-prime mortgages thanks to the out-of-control financial speculative markets that the Bush years made possible. Ronald Reagan introduced us to homelessness; Dubya made it an industry.

I am not the product of higher education; most of my "wisdom" was garnered by a life of simply paying attention to my surroundings and noticing that something wasn't quite right. What wasn't quite right was all the rules I had been raised to believe in, and the results that following these rules would produce, which was supposed to be all those things that made up the American dream. Two car garages, sports cars and SUV's with more horsepower and curb weight than could ever make any sense, a house with more square footage than whole villages in Africa could muster, crammed onto tiny lots subdivided on former wetlands now buried and subtracted forever from the ecosystem, all the electronic gadgets and toys I could ever hope to engage in my limited time, and as many kids as artificial fertility treatments could enable my good Christian wife to produce. Ah, yes, a dream indeed.

Dream my ass; these last forty years have been a nightmare! The American capitalist system seems to operate on a cyclical system of prosperity followed by recession, with a permanent poverty class, a constantly fluctuating middle class, and a small but powerful, self-perpetuating upper class. Also, it appears that this particular class of American capitalism thrives on selfishness, this need to pit every citizen against each other, by differences in their social status, their income, their religiousness, and even their preferred brand of computer. Here in these "right to work" states, the mantra has always been that you NEVER discuss how much you make with your co-workers, because how else does a system of favoritism, sex and age discrimination, and nepotism thrive so well? How can men and women make the same wage for the same work if they are not allowed to "show me yours and I'll show you mine"? Our capitalist overlords WANT us to divide ourselves into opposing camps, Democrats versus Republicans, rich against poor, Apple versus Microsoft, because it diverts our attention from the true source of our woes; those who enrich themselves at our expense, usually in any outrageously unfair and/or illegal way they can think of. Look at what finally results from the Obama health care reform effort and you will see the influence of people who want their piece of OUR pie. What really make me sick about my fellow citizens is that as long as they BELIEVE they got THEIRS, they are more than willing to see me without MINE. Social Justice in THIS country is called socialism, keeping your mouth shut and doing your job until such time as your job can be shipped off to India is called PATRIOTISM.

The only people who can ever get anywhere close to seat in the hallowed halls of congress these days are RICH people, or slimy friends of rich people. Apparently, there are just enough well-to-do idiots in this country to fill all of our representative positions; but imagine; what if you had to pass an I.Q. test in order to run for office in this country?

Imagine, having to know full well that Medicare IS a government-run program! Imagine, having to know full well what the bill of rights are! Imagine, knowing how stupid it would be to tell a Navajo to go back where he came from! Imagine, having to know where Iraq is on a map BEFORE you are sent there! Imagine being required to have critical thinking skills!

John, I try to imagine, I really do........it just isn't working anymore...........

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6 slick comments

I can still imagine it - in fact if I were stuck with all reality all the time I'd like throw in the towel... happily even.

August 10, 2009 at 1:46 AM

Funnily enough, it's almosy exactly the same way here in South Africa.
Probably due to the fact that this country has always looked up to America to show the way in terms of the good life.

Millions of Africans still believe that the SUV, the mansion on the former wetland etc., are what they most want out of existence.
Gods, it's so sad.

Terri in Joburg

August 10, 2009 at 4:36 AM

You know what? I <3 your blog!

consider yourself awarded!

In other news, Eventually Capitalism will collapse, just like Rome falling, and the best I can do is try to hold out long enough to get really good at canning my own garden and wildcrafting edible weeds. It won't be pretty, but some of us are at least aware of the coming transition.

August 10, 2009 at 11:48 AM

I read somewhere that they tested those children who went through the No Child Left Behind programs and that they tested BEHIND all the kids that didn't. Ironic? Yep. I believe in the health care reform stuff, but there are things in this 'bill' that scares the bejezus out of me.

August 10, 2009 at 12:51 PM

Thanks, Mab, that was a really cute award and we here at THE Hold will treasure it always!

August 10, 2009 at 11:09 PM

Once every seven years? I think I get to a beach more often than that. Visit the beach more often before it's flooded and the shore is in the midst of condos.

August 11, 2009 at 12:29 PM

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