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Welcome to the Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, where triumph and tragedy goes hand in hand; ying and yang, light and dark, joy and sorrow, it's all residing on the same coin we call life. Today the coin flipped tails for our little girl (at least OUR little girl, who would insist she's damn well a woman many times over by now). After having accepted an offer for a job that would have been one hell of a promotion over her customer service job with AT&T, she was summarily let go after one week at her new job, just like that, without any explanation.

This is one of those "right-to-work" states where workers HAVE no rights, so what in the hell does she do? She left a perfectly good job that was paying the bills for another that promised more pay and better working conditions and was totally FUCKED for it. That's what happens in America, where your fortunes can change in the blink of an eye and there's no recourse for it. This is the world of the Republican party, those God-fearing people who make it possible for people to piss on each other, as if this kind of behavior is something Christ was all about, unless of course, it happens to THEM, and then all of a sudden they become strangely liberal. Well, friends, let me tell this country that claims to be "free", you had better have friends or family willing to lend you a hand in tough times, or you are SCREWED. Yep, the gutter is free of charge, my friends.

However, so far, so good here on the home front. Our jobs so far are intact and feeding us and our bills well enough, although we are constantly reminded by events all around us that this can change at the drop of a hat. We hold our hats with clinched fists these days. We take nothing for granted here at Pendragon Hold, and are thankful for every day that goes by without major drama of some sort or another.

The tree I sacrificed to the Gods of video is slowly being put to right. So far I have two humongous piles of brush, one large trunk slowly growing shorter as I take logs off, and dozens of small to medium limbs being reduced to fire logs. I will have to build a custom log rack to accommodate all this fresh wood, to keep off the ground to properly dry out and season. It's good to have physical labor. It keeps the joints lubed and calories burnt. There will be many a fire in the sacred circle for many years to come thanks to this tree. Thank you, tree.

THE Wife is working diligently on the Rocky Horror Picture Party. When this chick gets the rag on for a project, then project better watch out, cause project is gettin' done, and done right. I just hope I can rope enough of my co-workers into coming out and participating in this madness. Tim Curry would be SO pleased, I'm sure.....

Tonight, courtesy of our satellite and VH1 Classics, I am getting to watch "The Band...The Last Waltz" for the first time in years. Levon Helm, Robbie Robertson, Vann Morrison, Neil Young, Joani Mitchell, Neil Diamond, Muddy Waters, Eric fucking GOD Clapton, etc......... Right now, I love my satellite.

Having just gotten over a major electrical issue, which thankfully was resolved quite accidentally (you wiggle, bang, or otherwise smack something upside the head diagnostically under the hood of a car and you can fix just about anything), the car is now having air conditioning problems, which I hope I can fix by adding some freon, which in order to do so I have to remove a wheel AND the inner wheel well skirt to get to the charging port. Whoever designed this system was one evil bastard, and I hope he goes to his grave haunted by his sick idea of "accessibility". Wish me luck.

I'm watching on Animal Planet a story about one of these people who undergo extreme plastic surgery in order to resemble an animal, in this case a guy who thinks he's really a tiger. On the heels of this health care debate we are having in this country, I really question the ethics of the surgeons who cater to this man's self-centered issues, when there are kids out there with birth defects who might never get the help they need due to their socioeconomic situation. Yes, it's a free country, and this is just one more example of how "freedom" is abused, when there are people in this country enjoying the "freedom" of being out of work, being evicted from their homes, and living on the street. Oh, I'm I sounding "socialist"? Let me apologize..........

This is a wonderful world, and it's a fucking evil place if ever there was one. It's a verdant planet occupied by millions of species of ants and ant eaters and lions and tigers and bears all going about their business trying to get out of our way and not succeeding very well. It's a world with blue skies and muddy waters, beautiful sunsets and mass graves. The grass always grows greener on the other side of whatever divides us. And life goes on, or whatever passes for life, here, there, everywhere.

However, since last night, when I started this post, I am happy to report that I can end this episode of The Chronicles on a somewhat happier note. Baby girl has a job interview tomorrow.

Blessed be!

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I hope baby girl got the job! This is what happens when labor unions cease to exist and the fat cats let us live in a dog-eat-dog world.

September 7, 2009 at 4:21 PM

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