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It's been busy here at Pendragon Hold since my last post. THE Wife has been devoting every waking moment to this upcoming Rocky Horror Picture Party she's hosting on the 3rd of October (be there or be rectangular). I have been doing what I can, passing out flyers at work, attempting to explain what a Rocky Horror is to Rocky Horror virgins, while watching with some bemusement the utter joy some of my co-workers have been expressing at the mere thought of attending anything having to do with Rocky Horror. I might even garner the attendance of highly placed Corporate Executives at this shindig, because, after all, this IS the Rocky Horror Picture Show we are talking about here………..

But don't ask me to explain this cult phenomenom, because I can't. I would have much better success explaining why thousands of Americans with mental handicaps show up to protest health care reform, non-existent gun control legislation, and anything else they can dream up as happening to them courtesy of us "communists" who are out to destroy our country. Why would we want to "destroy" our country? Your guess is as good as mine………

A new job has not miraculously turned up in time, thus the offspring has been forced to load up her belongings and move them all back here to the nest. I really feel for her, having such a blow to her self-esteem such as it is, but I also have experienced such turmoil myself, so I can fully understand the angst this generates in a person. Since our whole identities are so tied up in how we make our livings, losing our jobs effects so much of what makes us who we are. There has to be a better way, honestly.

Now that a relatively small segment of the population, recruited by the insurance industry and big pharma and the extreme right wing of the Rush Limbaugh party has totally screwed up the crafting of a sane health care reform package, thanks to the spineless backbones of our democratic party leadership, it seems that what we will end up with is something bearing no resemblance whatsoever to what Obama promised us in his election campaign, so hell bent is this man on trying to gain bipartisan consensus. Watch this so that you can laugh instead of cry.

On the "good news" front, I have gotten the new computer, a Mac Mini/22 inch widescreen monitor combo up and running, and after an occasional glitch or two, eventually remedied, I am now technologically current, CPU-wise, and am enjoying better wireless performance and speedier application performance, whatever that means.

As a born-again Pagan, I have noticed with alarming frequency these witch-hunts that have been happening all over the world. Of course, this is not a new thing, since witches and practitioners of magick have historically been the scapegoats of every populace who ever needed something to distract themselves from self-inflicted problems. We Pagans are probably second only to the Jews in this particular persecution category. When you have peoples who adopt an angry white dude living in a cloud city paved with gold as their Major God, well, this is the kind of shit that goes down. Jealous Gods tend to get jiggy when someone DARES to suggest they don't even exist, or at least the people who BELIEVE they exist get all bent out of shape for them. So, any opportunity a shyster preacher or other sort of purveyor of the "truth" gets to associate some usually defenseless, elderly, and of course female with "the devil", he will jump right on that and "save" the community from that hapless victim of religious hysteria. It is now getting so pervasive that even our politicians are getting in on the act, such as our very own Sarah Palin (you remember Sarah, doncha, the one who keeps an eye on Russia from her front porch and might keep having "gifts from God", aka babies, well into her seventies if she can keep Todd on her leash? One of these African charismatic evangelical preachers brought the "gotta clean out these witches" concept to Alaska and recruited Sarah into the ranks of his "Christian warriors" army, which she in turn is doing her damnedest to insinuate into the very fabric of our government.

I have one thing to say to you, Sarah, and ALL you fucking nutcases with your fear of those who don't buy your God.

THIS pagan doesn't turn his cheek.

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