Comfort Zone  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

When I gained a new audience that comprised members of my long-lost family, it immediately began to occur to me that many of them, based on their social/political/religious creeds, might not be all that comfortable visiting my blog only to be confronted with many of my views which might not meld very well with theirs, even to the point that they might feel judged or challenged for those closely-held beliefs. Now, I am NOT a person who feels that his own personal beliefs need be censored for ANYBODY's comfort, but then again, I never considered it necessary to get "in their face" with my personal take on reality either. I figure if having to chase evangelicals of all stripes off my porch is a personal irritant, then I can emphasize with any one of my cousins thinking the same about people of MY stripe (even tho you will rarely find a pagan who finds it necessary to proselytize). Thus, in order to show SOME measure of respect, at least, I have decided to move the Political/Spiritual aspect of my musings over to a new space, Full Moon Over Pendragon Hold, where those of like or tolerant mind can come to visit if they so choose, while those NOT in synch with my psychosis are spared from having to think they need to listen to my rants which might be offensive to them in one fashion or another when they visit us here at Pendragon Hold. Again, I am NOT giving into self-censorship out of any obligation, simply my desire to be more welcoming to those relations of mine who tread a different path then mine. And, all things considered, I do love these people. So, IF you are so inclined, wonder on over to the first edition of "Full Moon". I hope it never gets to hot for you.....hehe.

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