Dear Mr. President  

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Dear President Obama,

I doubt you'll personally read this letter because I know that it has to run a phalanx of staff members before it has any chance of getting anywhere near your desk, but hell, I'll take a stab at it anyway. If this does get read by ANYBODY in the White House, all I ask is that I do not get a form letter with your signature stamped on it in return saying something like "The president shares your concerns; yada yada." I would consider that an insult even worse than no reply at all.

When George Bush was "elected" the first time, I subscribed the event to fraud, plain and simple. The next four years bore out my belief that an idiot had made his way into the White House and that there would be grave consequences for our country, and there were. The SECOND four years of the Bush Administration simply infuriated me, as I could not believe that the American people could actually want to endure four more years of such madness, yet, I could not claim with any certainty that Senator Kerry had lost the election to yet another case of outright vote rigging. After that, I gave up on this country; the majority, having had their brains removed it seems, had chosen our fate, and the America I grew up in, and even swore to "preserve and protect", ceased to exist.

Then, out of the blue, it seems, came an invigorating breath of fresh air, a brash, intelligent, bold young man who promised to return us to sanity, to clean up the mess that Karl Rove and his merry band of right wing fanaticists had left behind, and reclaim our good name on the world stage once again. I was only a child when President Kennedy was assassinated, but despite the fact I did not personally understand the history he made during my youth, my study of his legacy made him the one President I would hold all those who followed up against. President Clinton came in a very close second, in my opinion, despite a few of his personal flaws which I personally feel had no impact on his legacy as far as his service to our country was concerned. Then came our first real non-caucasion presidential candidate, whose promise was equal even to that of JFK. Once again, I cast my vote enthusiastically, hoping against hope that this country had had enough, and was ready for a change, even if it would have to finally grow up and elect a black man for the first time in our history.

Mr. President, what in the hell happened?

I admire your attempt to take the high road and hold out the olive branch of co-operation with that political party across the aisle, and I fully understand the complexities of trying to deal with the damage and bankrupt treasury left over from those disastrous last eight years of the Bush debacle, but c'mon! They don't WANT to work with you; the never INTENDED to work with you, and they NEVER WILL work with you. The republican party has become no less an negative (and might I dare suggest evil) influence on this country than were the Southern States right before the start of the war of succession. I was raised in this South, Sir, and I can tell you that these people have been victims of a long legacy of ignorance, "religious" intolerance, and manipulation by the corporate good-old-boys that seek nothing less than the domination of the average working man for the enrichment of the very few. I used to think that good old American capitalism was far superior to any other form of governance that any other country had come up with, until finally, having lived with it for fifty years now, I have seen the truth of how it operates in the real world.

Health care is NOT a right? Failure to pull ourselves up by our OWN bootstraps is a moral defect on OUR part? It is totally acceptable that our minimum wage couldn't take care of a dog while Corporate CEO's make over 500 percent of the average American wage, and for doing WHAT? What in the hell has happened to our country, Mr. Obama, and why are you even NEGOTIATING with the very forces who have put us in this mess to begin with?

We elected you overwhelmingly with the mandate of your promises; to ensure that no American would ever go bankrupt again because of medical bills; that corporations would no longer be allowed to "fee" us to death and continue to prey upon us with outrageous interest rates and policy cancellations. You promised you would get us out of that travesty called Iraq and put our full force and treasure into killing Osama Bin Laden and dismantling Al-quida (AND the Taliban) once and for all. So how is THAT working for us?

Mr. President, right is right, and any sane and ethical person knows it when he sees it. The noise that these "tea parties" have been making are nothing but that; NOISE, that has nothing to do with what the American people elected you to do, and it is about time you stepped up to the podium and acknowledge it; putting these brain-dead protesters in their place and admitting that what WE, the average, intelligent, patriotic, and hard working Americans, deserve to have what we elected you to do get DONE. You HAVE the votes in congress, Mr. President, so PLEASE quite playing Mr. Nice Guy and GET DONE WHAT WE SENT YOU TO DO!

We are TIRED of hearing what that propaganda machine laughingly called FOX "News" says about anything anymore. Please just do the job we elected you to do and let US have OUR country back. If you sign a health care reform package that does not include a genuine public option, then nothing will really have been accomplished, and you will have failed us. A half-assed shadow of what you promised us is NOT better than no reform at all. It's WORSE, and I know you know that. Is a two thirds approval for the public option not enough?

I can't say this any plainer than that, Mr. President, and I won't say it again. I'm tired and I want to go home. Please, let me.

(The guy who wrote this letter)*
Citizen of the once, and hopefully
future, United States of America

P.S. I am printing this in my blog. No more than eight people will probably read it, but, you never know………..

*I'm not ready to reveal my true identity to my fans lest I be beseiged with masses of pilgrims thirsting for my secret knowledge of life, the universe, and nothing in particular. I'm sure you understand.

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I read it.

October 9, 2009 at 12:21 AM

I read it too. Hey Buf!

October 9, 2009 at 3:42 PM

I read it too. Hey Buf!

October 9, 2009 at 3:42 PM

I really hope this lands on his desk. I agree with you!

October 11, 2009 at 4:23 AM

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