In Sickness and in Health, The Saga Continues........  

Posted by Alex Pendragon

As our several loyal fans might have gathered from my last post, it has been a busy and emotional week here at Pendragon Hold, this acre of sand of the edge of conservative hysteria. My tummy hurt, which is being investigated with chalky milkshakes and X-rays, my sinus headaches have become excruciating of late with these latest changes in barometric pressure, and I have suddenly found myself swimming in a sea of long-lost cousins. Leave it to THE Michael to combine warm-and-fuzzies with the latest ailment-of-the-week!

I have had problems with the sinus passages right over and behind my eyes for awhile now, but I usually have dealt with the pain and pressure with a couple of sudefed/ibuprofen tablets, but this last week that treatment seems to have become painfully inadequate. Sleep is becoming harder and harder to come by, which is probably not doing my otherwise cast-iron immune system any good.

The good news so far is that the Protonics the Doc prescribed for me seems to be doing the trick, chest pain wise. That, combined with what might have been a negative barium-swallow study, seems to point to simple GERD as the source of my discomfort. The pills are already having an effect on that, so this trip into medical mayhem may not become the nightmare I feared it might. Knock on wood!

THE Wife has already planned ANOTHER wild adventure for us involving Halloween and a trip to Tampa to visit the non-resident twin and a pagan shop local to them which hosts a wild costume party every year. She is working on getting us dressed up as the Adams Family, me Gomez, her Morticia. She thinks of them as the most romantic, if not darkly humorous, couple that ever graced the boob tube. I have to admit that Gomez was a maniac after my own heart…he he.

On another positive front, the RESIDENT twin, AKA now as THE Dotter, starts her new job tomorrow, at the very place where THE Wife toiled for five long years of retail hell before she was able to escape to the much saner job she enjoys now. Hopefully, she'll be able to leap right back onto her more-than-capable feet and resume the life of independence she so craves AND deserves.

Returning to the subject of cousins, already there is talk of a reunion, which due to the fact that we are scattered ALL about this great nation of ours might logically be hosted in Texas, which presents me with a dilemma. Aside from getting the time off and affording the gas money, the one car we are driving now, the now famous Ford Focus, is really too old to be trusted to drive that far without risking a breakdown. We have been planning for awhile now to try and save up a down payment on a new (although probably slightly used) small pickup, which we sorely need to haul materials with for use around the property. But, a small pickup is not exactly the kind of vehicle you want to drive across the US and back again. So, instead, we might investigate the availability of a train route to our desired (and as of yet not nailed down) destination. A little more time-consuming, yes, but much more relaxing and probably more economical overall. We'll see.

OK, this is the next day, and I am attempting to finish off this post in a drug (over-the-counter-so-chill!) induced fog brought on by over-the-top sinus pain and no sleep whatsoever. This is getting old. I was supposed to work today, but I am so zombied out I truly would have been more suitable as a patient rather than a care-giver. Besides, calling out sick is something I rarely ever do, because I really can get all the time off I need with my generous PTO (Paid Time Off) my job gives me, and I happen to believe in Karma, as in, calling out for no good reason will seek balance in this universe and come back to bite me in the ass sooner or later.

So, this is your sleepy, weary host Alex Pendragon, AKA "THE" Michael, wishing you a fun-filled, productive, enriching, and healthy day. And if you DO have one, never take it for granted……..

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3 slick comments

Gomez is a great costume for you! And your wife as Morticia, bring on the romance!!!
By the way, the train will be a great way to travel if you can get the time to do it. We did it a while back and it was fun!
Love you cuz!

October 14, 2009 at 6:20 PM

Train rides rock! I used to take one from here to Chicago, back home to visit. It was grand fun.

Sinus problems/pain SUCK! I know exactly how you are feeling. I get that too, or live that, most every day. Is there a cure? If you find one, please let me know. Until then, you do not suffer alone!

I think your Halloween plans sound marvelous! You two will make a wonderfully dark couple! Have a great time!

October 15, 2009 at 12:49 PM

thanks guys......Halloween is a big thing here at the Hold. However, I looked at the train and it don't go there.....gotta go all the way to Chicago and THEN back down.....stupid......

October 15, 2009 at 5:32 PM

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