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Ladies and Gentlemen, and I mean that most sincerely, what you are about to witness via the art of linguistics and interpretations of vague symbology and runes, is the Thanksgiving edition of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, the Blog known around the world as that "pompous pontification" no one ever heard of. I know that sounds oxymorish (did I invent yet ANOTHER word?) on a very profound level, but humor me here…..

Yours truly, THE Michael, spent the holiday in the company of a fine group of female super-heroes, the kind of women you want in your corner if you fucked with fate, and fate won. The sick, the injured, the suicidal and the demented, they all come to be cared for by a remarkable cadre of professionals who are willing to put up with some disgusting things in order to make a real difference in the lives of people truly needing someone to care about them. It's MY job to help these remarkable ladies take care of their patients, and I am so proud to be able to take care of "my girls", and get payed to do it.

There's a lot about the health care system in this country that needs some serious overhaul, the paramount consideration being this affront we call health "insurance", which truly IS an oxymoron, when you consider that the true priority of any for-profit corporation is to make money, mostly for it's greedy CEO and upper tier executives, while the patients, stockholders, and providers get bent over and screwed royally. I know that many of you think that a single payer system is some sort of communist conspiracy to "pull the plug on granny" and "take away your choice", but many more of us know this is nothing but bullshit propaganda force fed to those of us with little or no critical thinking skills who deep in their heart only care about themselves and would begrudge the lesser of us even the basic kindnesses, even affordable healthcare.

Caught in the middle of this epic battle between what I consider to be down-to-earth good and evil are the health care workers, the nurses, aids, medical technicians and others who help people recover from devastating medical conditions, and don't own yachts or private jets in exchange for their efforts. Yes, our doctors and physician assistants are in the forefront of this holy calling, but yes, they command pretty damn good compensation for their education and sacrifice, some somewhat in excess, some no where near what is deserved. But, I can tell you this, I would not wish what these people have to put up with for 12 hours straight each work day on ANYBODY who hasn't got the drive, the commitment, and the caring soul to take on these challenges and preserver to the great benefit of the sick and suffering. I know for a fact that most of you would faint or vomit when faced with some of the horrifying sights we deal with everyday and think nothing of.

So, for this Thanksgiving, aside from all the blessings you have been graced with, like still having a job, a roof over your head, food on your table, and good health, I would like you to set aside just a smidgen of thanks for all these nurses and health care workers who give so many people so many more years to sit at a table and give thanks for anything at all, or ease them as gently as possible into Summer-land, where every day is Thanksgiving Day.


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Welcome to another episode of the award-winning blog known around the world and on at least three alien planets as The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold, the first person observations of one man, concerning his wife, family, livestock, pets, and invertebrates. Join us as we allow you a glimpse into the hidden world of a family SO famous, no one can tell you who we are or what we are supposed to be famous for! Now THAT's famous! Take THAT, hotel hussy!

Unfortunately, there's not a hell of a lot to report on in the world of the Hold this week. We didn't go anywhere, we didn't do anything, no one lost their jobs, no one got hired into a better one, and all our animals are safe, sound, and well fed. Me, personally, am quite happy to be able to report on our rather mundane situation, which I consider much more preferable to having to report of some disaster, illness, accident, or silly drama. When I read the news feeds or watch World News Tonight, I seem to find yet one more thing to worry about, thus the rather boring living situation we happen to find ourselves in the grips of is rather refreshing.

Oh, wait......there WAS one incident.


Yep, the pump that evacuates the water in the dishwasher apparently got jammed or something, causing an overflow onto the floor of the kitchen. After cleaning up the gallons of water that really messed up my nice, shiny waxed no-wax linoleum, I did some creative knob turning, button pushing, and water bailing to finally get this labor saving device back to saving us some labor. So, no, we do not have to wash dishes by hand until we can afford to buy a new one. That would be tragic, considering that we are of the generation removed from the one that was forced to actually clean their dishes in a SINK, of all places! Having lost that sacred knowledge to the ages would have placed us in the precarious position of either having to buy paper plates and utensils or having to attend classes on how to operate a kitchen sink and manual dish drying device. I hear those green scrubby things are a real terror to handle.........

Nothing else broke down, but THE Wife's continued abuse of our ancient technology stove with it's steel drip pans and plug in circular heating elements has me thinking I really should replace it with one of those easy to clean and hard to mess up beauties with the smooth tops. Besides, the temperature readout on this one we have now has faded out so badly we have to turn off the kitchen lights in order to see it.

In our continuing report on nothing worth mentioning, the weather here has been rather nice of late, never going over 80, in the day, while getting perhaps a little chilly overnight. We are enjoying that rather narrow band between hot humid misery and cold, clammy overcast grey glum. This I like!

Well, I promised you, my loyal readers, SOMETHING in the way of content, and by Gods, I delivered, didn't I? Well, stick around, because in no time at all (hopefully not to exceed another week or two or three) you will be treated to yet ANOTHER award winning episode of the premier blog the blogging world has said "takes up valuable space that might otherwise be wasted in some other asinine fashion by someone who doesn't even write in English....."

No offense to our Pakistani audience, of course.........

The Truest Measure of HONOR  

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Today is Veterans Day, a day out of a very long year set aside to honor those of us who served their country in one of the branches of the Armed Services. That is a fine thing, yet, as a veteran myself who has never allowed himself to be blinded by blind, shallow, and false patriotism, I consider all the parades and other window dressing to be horribly inadequate when it comes to paying back what we owe this amazing and sometimes tragic population of brave Americans, of all races, creeds, genders, and religious affiliations.

The most egregious (in my humble opinion) transgression we allow these men and women who go into harms way is the way we train them to be warriors. Yes, we are VERY good at creating fighting men and women who follow orders, do what must be done that can and often get them killed, and do it better than any other fighting force this planet has ever known. But what we do NOT do is teach them how to be ordinary citizens AFTER they have been trained to cause harm or kill others in defense of our country. What's really worse is the culture of killer macho we install in our fighting men that does not allow them to show weakness or admit to the psychological injury that their service can inflict upon them. In "this man's army" we equate seeking help, mental or otherwise, with "being a pussy", which is a perfectly pathetic way to demonstrate just how callous we as a society is capable of being. This is a society that acquires its strength from the RULE OF LAW, and untamed aggression, whether that be against a foreign civilian or a soldiers own spouse, is totally counter to that in a sane society. Yea, you might think you are a bad ass, because the Army taught you how to kill, but if you can't put that training into perspective, and return to us able to function in society as a calm, decent, non-aggressive citizen, then we have failed you, and this failure to take responsibility for our warriors is directly responsible for the terrible price our warriors are paying for stepping up and serving their country in times of war.

You MEN out there, or even women, who think that the measure of manhood or macho or adherence to some imagined "warrior code" need to get over your self-centered self and realize that we don't need you threatening your own people with your personality disorders. It's bad enough that we have a generation of "gang-bangers" whose respect for life is so deficient that even children are endangered from their reckless homicidal behaviors. Its even worse that we have soldiers committing suicide in record numbers because they imagine they are worthless as Men, providers, lovers, husbands, or macho-bad-ass soldiers who couldn't handle the violence they were faced with. You "Rambo wanna-be's" really piss me off, and the system that produces you needs to just fucking go away. I want my military to SERVE me, not come back and harm me and my loved ones or harm themselves.

I was lucky. Although I served in a way that I could never talk about, get any credit for, or equate with actually gunning down individual human beings, I had to live with constant danger with blinders on, never really knowing what me and my comrades were doing or what the consequences might be, I didn't have to witness horrific bloodshed such as those who see their buddies being taken out by an impersonal improvised explosive device. My service was not easy, but I was able to deal with it, and came away with a certain amount of pride for having served my country,

Not everybody in uniform these days returns to the bosom of their country, family, and friends without the stench of some insensible horror following them from the battlefield. They truly need effective mental health care, without some stigma being attached to this need. We as civilians would expect no less; why is this not taken for granted for our warriors is amazing.

So, this Veterans Day, please don't just wave little flags at our veterans and think you've payed them off for their sacrifices. You haven't. You might never. But, it would be nice if you would get real and TRY. Let us cry when we have to, allow us to admit to weakness in the face of overwhelming pressures, and for God's sake..........let us be HUMAN.

Blessed be our brave men and women of our Armed Services!

Ladies and Gentlemen.......POMPLAMOOSE!!!!!!  

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OK, it's not all that often that I highlight a celebrity or musical group, since I've always been of the opinion that once someone/something has gotten my attention, they have already achieved some measure of fame/fortune/infamy and do not need my insignificant little endorsement, but, I really DO have to make an exception here. Not for THEIR benefit, mind you, but for EVERYBODY's! These two are THAT good!

The target of today's fawning post is a couple of very talented people who I am assuming are "partners" in some fashion, who have their own channel on U-tube, who create and produce their own music videos which are........amazing! He, this talented amazing guy who plays all sorts of musical instruments and probably is a video savant of sorts, SHE, this sweet/cute/detached sounding vocalist who mesmerizes you with her blank/"I'm having fun here but I'm not going to get all emotional about it" stare as she sings both lead and backup vocals in every song.

This couple is U-Tube PROOF positive that with the ability to play instruments, sing, and know your way around a computer and the net, you can become famous, albeit very slowly and in a well-earned manner that doesn't even include world tours and the ecologically unfriendly price that pays.

So, I present to you this video, hoping like hell these two don't mind me using it here on my blog to "sing" their praises and hope that whoever frequents my blog will give them the attention that I, THE Michael, think they so richly deserve. And no, they did not illicit this review, don't have any idea who THE Michael is, probably never will, and probably don't really care. Not that it matters. Talent is talent. Enjoy!

That "Other" blog......  

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Maybe it's just me, but even though I posted a new "insightful and thought-provoking train wreck" on that "other blog", the new post is not being reflected on the blog list, at least on MY view of it. Aready one rabid fan HAS left a comment, so at least somebody is following my more "sensitive" blog, but just in case, I thought I'd, you know, "mention" that you "might" like to wonder over there and take a gander, unless of course you really don't want to deal with THAT aspect of my world, which is why I seperated it out in the first place, because I LOVE YOU ("YOU being, well, you know who you are....grin). And please, do not let this ornary little post get in the way of my last one here, so scroll down and make sure you caught it..........CHEERS!

A Perfectly Proper Post-Mortem, Pendragon Style  

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Welcome to a slightly delayed edition of The Chronicles of Pendragon Hold! I'm your host, Gomez Ad…….I mean THE Michael, the Patriarch of this humble abode on the edge of redneck suburbia. Today I deliver the promised Halloween edition of this sage saga, if only because we only returned from Tampa yesterday and I was somewhat to tired to think much less do justice to this august blog.

THE Wife, this being the most special time of the year for her (and the entire clan), really put her heart and soul (and lungs and pancreas and….) into getting us both ready for the costume contest that is hosted every year (this being the 3rd annual Witchstock Festival, I believe) by the Witch's Brew, a really cool little metaphysical shop in Old Palm Harbor, Florida, as well as other merchants who front the main street. Simultaneously, the Non-Resident Twin and her husband, whom we affectionately refer to as "Rolling Thunder", prepared themselves with matching costumes, the theme being "The Addams Family", Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Fester. Presented here is photographic evidence of the crime, certified authentic, genuine, and downright scary by the Tampa Bay Forensics Department, although they will deny having had anything to do with it, or even having seen it.

Of course, in any epic contest between contestants bent on winning at all costs, there is always controversy. The Controversy was that from the moment we rolled, strolled, and levitated onto the street, we were getting enthusiastically positive response from spectators, attendees, and zombies, who knew EXACTLY who we were supposed to be dressed up as, rather than having to guess (Like, uh, you're those guys from Day of the Dead, right?) like you sometimes have to do with badly conceived get-ups. Lots of people with cameras just HAD to get our pictures; this has to be like only the seventh time in my life I've been treated like paparazzi bait! OK, maybe the fifth. Would you believe maybe twice?

But of course, there were other worthy opponents in the ring that night. One lady (I'm assuming) had on this home-made robot costume that you KNEW had lots of love put into it's construction, and there were plenty of other folks who did wonderful jobs using their creativity rather than buying some expensive outfit off the rack. Here's, however, what went down by the time they announced the winners..….

The Robot lady won first place (and I begrudgingly admit that maybe she should have) but (Huh?) apparently had had enough of that band (I'll tell you about that band in a minute) and left early, so the award was passed down to the second place winners by default, and THIS is were the utter tragedy occurred. WE, The renowned Addams Family, beloved by the entire crowd all evening, DID NOT place at least SECOND!!!!!! THE HUMANITY! Wednesday, to say the least, was really frowning after hearing this news. Uncle Fester didn't smile. Morticia was MORTIFIED, and I, Gomez, spit out my cigar and would have lit a stick of dynamite had it been real and functional! Or I had a lighter on me, which I didn't because I quit smoking…….damn……..

Nope, folks, a couple who OBVIOUSLY had access to professional grade costumes who were supposed to be Alice (of Wonderland fame) and the Mad Hatter (oh, so THAT's what the hat was about) took second, which made them first by default, which means we won second place (while the crowd chanted "Off with their heads!"..….not OUR heads, mind you….) which earned us a cute purple trophy complete with flying witch and $50 cash money. Now, really, in a perfect world, we would have won first place hands down, but something tells me we had crossed the veil into a slightly altered reality that night……….spooooooky………..

But, it was fun, and we had a ball, DESPITE the band! These guys started off all right, apparently playing the songs they had performed the longest, but as the night wore on, it was quite apparent that they were getting into "haven't quite nailed that one down right" territory which strayed further and further into downright awful! Like that sound resembling nails on a chalkboard awful? Now, the lead singer was not that bad, all told, and each band member probably wasn't all that bad individually, but it just wasn't coming together as a group. Well, I can't play ANYTHING, so I suppose I shouldn't toss stones……….like hell I can't…….I coulda thrown BRICKS!!!!

The Witch's Brew was a really nice little shop, with other-worldly merchandise on one end and delicious treats and drinks on the other, and I wish them the best in this harsh economy. The proprietor was a very friendly woman who was brimming with positive energy. They even host drums circles, tarot readings, and other spooky things inside and out on their patio. I wish we had something like that around here.

As of late I've been having sleep issues, and Friday night I did not sleep one wink, so by Halloween night I was pretty wired but no less enthusiastic. I ensured myself at least SOME recovery by taking a sleeping pill last night and I did get some rest. Even Shiloh the Wonder dog seemed bushed by his adventure in the car and the strange new place with strange new dog butts to sniff.

So, here we are back at the redoubt, and no doubt this will be one Halloween to remember. It's a new year for us pagans, and we wish you and yours a truly happy new year as the wheel of the year turns through all the seasons.


Please Stand By  

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Little tired tonight, but stay tuned and tomorrow I shall deliver the goods......or bads.........